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Missionary trip, 10 weeks in Oct.-Dec. 1951, to South Africa

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23. Missionary trip, 10 weeks in Oct.-Dec. 1951, to South Africa.

[Best account in “A Prophet Visits South Africa” by Stadsklev.]


E-41 Moving into Africa, quickly. I stopped, that was the only place that I knowed I was going to Durban, that's where she was from. I promised God I'd go. When I moved into Durban, Brother Bosworth and I just made scrap on the way there, but truth is truth. I moved in, we was having a wonderful meeting. And God had done so many marvelous works, I tell you, it was enough to alarm anything. Even two Dutch Reformed ministers, Brother Jackson, here acquainted with what I'm going to say. Two Dutch Reformed ministers was arguing.

I have the shirt, they--they done sent it to me, Brother...?... It hasn't arrived yet, and neither has the zebra skins, or anything has arrived. But they sent this shirt in. This Dutch Reformed went over and told another, said, "This is the day of our visitation. And you should hear."

The other Dutch Reformed said, "He's nothing but a spiritualist."

The other one said, "Did you ever see a spiritualist heal the sick?"


He said, "I will go out and pray for your soul," one saying to the other. The one went back to the yard, knelt down, and got under a peach tree, and begin to pray, "God, have mercy on his friend's soul." And when he did, he said, "Down before him came the Angel of the Lord in a whirl." And in there, it moved back, and an Angel come and laid His hand on his shoulder, and told him to return to his friend. And when he went back in he said, what had happened. And here the next day, it come out, this minister turned around and looked and there on the man's shirt was the scorched print of the Angel's hand laying on his shirt. Hallelujah.

Headlines through the biggest paper in South Africa. Is that right, brother? There the brother, sister knowed him. Standing there, there it is...?... pretty soon, it's sent to me now to be translated over into English. There the ministers eyes like this. And they took me down there and took my left hand, and laid it on the left hand just perfectly covered it exactly.

Well, the man was standing there, with the man and the shirt, and the minister looking at him. And a second from then, oh, not a second, I'd say, three minutes from then, there, he said, "Something struck him like fire on his back, and there was the Angel of God, Who he said was in a whirl, just exactly have been exposed, testifying, he was telling the man the truth." Signs and wonders of everything...

Finally he told me, said, "You're going down around Cape Town, and down through that way, and making an itinerary."

I said, "That's all right with me, Brother Baxter. We're having a wonderful time here, thousands and thousands and thousand are coming." I said, "Why not stay here?" I said, "Where is Durban?" I thought Durban was in Rhodesia. My wife was writing me, Durban, Southern Rhodesia. And that's like writing Hammond, Canada. See? It's another nation.

So I was... I said, "Where should we..." I said... Brother Baxter said, "Well, they got an itinerary set for you to go way down through there."

I said, "That's all right with me, doesn't matter."

Listen closely, now. I'm going to close just in a moment. So that night, I remember, when I went in to pray. The Angel of the Lord come near me, He said, "Don't go down there." Said, "Don't you go." He said, "You stay right here in Johannesburg for two more weeks. Then go over to your place for a rest, to go hunting." Which the man had already fixed up. Then He said, "You go to Durban, and stay a month."

I said, "Yes, Lord."

Said, "Tomorrow they're going to pull you out to a doctor. But don't pronounce him well, because he's not going to get well." And said, "Don't you do that." And said, "Your manager tomorrow is going to show you a peculiar bird, a flying." Said, "And then you're going to find a native bead salesmen, setting on the side of the road with a skinned placed on the side of her head." That's just the way it happened the next day, just word by word.

I said, "Brother Baxter, I'm not going down there."

"Well, their national committee," said, "you're... got to go."

I said, "Oh, no, I don't. No, no." I said, "I only do what God tells me to do." And I said, "I don't go, but where He tells me to go."

"Oh," but said, "you think the Lord speaks to somebody else besides you?" One of the committee men said.

E-44 Now, now my brothers, I'm not throwing off on preachers; you're godly men. You're doing a lot for this meetings and so forth, there's godly preachers, but if you ever want to get in trouble, just get muddled up with a bunch of preachers. That's right. That's the reason I keep clear of them. That's right. Now, that's right.

They said, "The Lord speaks to us, as well as He speaks to you."

I said, "Korah had that same thought, one day." That's right. I said, "I know..."

He said, "Well, the Lord told us to make that itinerary."

I said, "Maybe He did. But He told me not to take it. Now, you can decide for yourself. I'm not going." And I went on back in. And here done come the cars.

Brother Baxter said, "Brother Branham, you're--you're going to have to make some kind of a move."

I said, "Well, I'm not going."

And he said, "Well, I'd at least go to this one, then we can get it later," said, "they're already out here waiting."

And I said, "Brother Baxter, remember, in the Name of the Lord I speak. It's not God's will."

He said, "Well, Brother Branham, it's great now."

I said, "I don't care what they say down there; God told me not to do it." And went on down.

I started in with Mr. Schoeman, the chairman. I said, "Mr. Schoeman look, God is telling me not to do this. You are deliberately taking possession and doing things that you shouldn't do. Remember."

He said, "Brother Branham, I'm just one of the committee. The committee says, we've got to do it. We promised Brother So-and-so, we'd bring you there. We promised Brother..."

There--there you are. Uh-huh! "No matter what you promised Brother So-and-so, God told me not to do it." And I said, "I--I'm not going."

So he kept on, went a little further, about sixty miles out of town, going little Klarksdorf. Is that the name of the little place, Klarksdorf? Going down through there. We was going along. I said, "Stop, Brother Schoeman. Just stop. Let the rest of them catch up." And then here they all come up, caught up.

Brother Schoeman walked back said, "You have to go talk to him. He's still determined he's not going to do it."

Brother Baxter come over there, and he said, "Brother Branham," Brother Baxter is listening at me now, said, "Brother Branham," said, "I believe if they've got that committee already formed, you should go ahead."

I said, "Brother Baxter, listen to me." Now, it goes to show, I will show you the lesson of it. No matter if he's my manager, he's a good man, a religious man, a fine man, a Christian man, full of the Holy Ghost. But God is my Guide. And God was trying to get that to me.

He said, "Brother Branham, as he already, here's what you're saying. You saying you're going out to Jackson's farm to hunt, like that."

Said, "I didn't mention hunting."

He said, "Them--them brothers think millions of people laying down here suffering and you go hunting."

I said, "If I never seen another gun, or never fired another gun, it doesn't matter to me. God said so." He seen that break between there. He kept me under too long, it would be like I was about three years, laid up for eight months. Couldn't stay too long. I said, "God said so. And I must do it."

E-46 So they argued and argued around there. And I walked over there and got hold of some of that, I guess it was wild locust, is it? Is that what? It kind of looks like a locust, I guess. I pulled some branches off the trees, walked back out there, where those ministers was standing. And threw it over their feet like that, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, if we go down, even to Klarksdorf, you'll suffer the results. You got me here. I haven't even got money to pay my way back. You--you got me here, and I can't go back, 'cause I couldn't go back. He told me to ahead to Johannesburg. You got me sewed up here." I said, "You'll see, as Paul said one day, you should've listened to me." See?

I said, "There God's a blessing, there even the Medical Association called me up the next morning, wanted to take me out to breakfast."

Said, "Brother Branham, you've done more for the people here in South Africa than half the missionaries that come over here in fifty years, already." The Medical Association... They dismissed the hospitals and they come by the stretchers and everything else. Yes, sir. Said, "We believe Divine healing the way you preach it."

I said, "Sir, I'm not a fanatic. I always tell what's truth."

He said, "We like your way of doing it. We believe that that's right." Said, "We're Christian men, and we believe it. And we give you the right hand of fellowship." And there it was. You see the pictures in the books where the ambulances, the nurses, was lined everywhere. Anybody wanted to come could come to the meeting. All right.

Then I went on, and then we started on down. When we got to Klarksdorf that night, oh, my. It was a discredit to the place. There was the people lined up on the hills and everything else, not enough room to take care of them in the city, no place to eat, no place stay. And I stayed at a ministers house. And just about time they got ready to bring me to the meeting, you know what happened? A tropical storm hit that country. I'm telling you, and from about seven thirty, till about ten thirty, it was one constant roar and flash and lightning. You ain't had no storm around here. You ought to see an African storm, one time. Oh, my. Like to have drowned everybody. We come back up to the building where we was, and I stayed right in the house. After they done dismissed, and Brother Bosworth went over and got some people over in a little building of some sort, was playing for them to come back up, I walked in, and I said, "Do you believe me?"

"Well, that was just a storm. That could happen."

I said, "All right." Let it be like that.

And the next night, they liked to froze to death, a blizzard swept through, come back up there and I said, "Now do you believe me? Tomorrow night we will have an earthquake." See? I said, "We're out of the will of the Lord." I said, "You just might as well..."

They got to arguing. "Well, we promised Brother So-and-so."

E-48 And now here, not to no discredit... F. F. Bosworth, sitting there, is one of the... Is as good a friends, and as close a brother to me as there is in this world. That old man has become a part of my heart, like me, he to be my daddy. But just as God trying to let me know that you can't put, in this kind of a spirit, or gift, or this kind of a gift, you've got to follow God.

Brother Bosworth come to me, and he's a witness standing there; he said, "Brother Branham, I think you are wrong." He said, "I believe if you'll go down that way, around Cape Town, you'll see the exceedingly, the abundantly, the best you've ever seen in all your life." And there sets Brother Bosworth as a witness.

I said, "Brother Bosworth, as long as I've been with you, and you seen those visions and seen how they come to pass, and I tell you now in the Name of the Lord, that it is not God's will for us to do that. We're to go Durban, not down to Cape Town. And you mean to tell me..."

Said, "Well," he said, something or another about I wonder if it could have been a false vision. One..."

I said, "Well, Brother Bosworth." There's nearly my--my--my--my second daddy, the man that I loved, the very bosom. And I looked and I said, "Oh, God, "Have mercy." Fifteen thousand miles away from home, and there my manager and Brother Baxter, and Brother Bosworth, and everybody, I said, "God, what can I do?" I walked back in there, I said, "Brother, I'm trapped. But not in God. I tell you in the Name of the Lord: I shall not take that--that way there."

They said, "Is it..." Well, somebody thought up, "Could it be then the permissive will of God?" Well, when something was named about the permissive...

"Oh, well."

I said, "God might permit it, but it ain't His will."

Well, when the permissive will, you know what happened, Brother Bosworth, everybody, "Well, go in and ask Him. Go in and see."

And I walked in, and my poor little boy setting here behind me, we was sleeping in the same room. Little Billy come in and put his arm around me, he said, "Daddy, don't you listen to them preachers. You listen to what God's a telling you, daddy."

And I said, "Pray with me, Billy." We knelt down. Of course, he got tired, he don't know much about it, so he went to bed. I stayed there. A long towards three o'clock in the morning, I raised up. I felt It just like a standing there. He moved around this side.

I said, "My Lord." I said, "What are these men telling me out here?"

E-50 He said, "Go with them, go on." But said, "you'll pay for it." Said, "You're trapped, but you--you'll pay for it. Go on with them, and I will give you the permission to go, but remember, you'll pay for it." And said, "For that, go, wake up your boy." He honored Billy. He said, "Go, wake up your boy," because Billy had the truth. And He come said, "Go, wake up your boy, and tell him in the morning, it's going be a pretty day. The storm and things will clear away. And in the morning it'll be a pretty day. And they'll want you to go pray for the sick at Sunday school. I will bless it." He said, "And Billy is going to come after you, and a man, a young fellow in a little black car, and he's going to pick up another boy on the road. On a road back, there's going to be a native, a colored man, we'd call it here, standing by a eucalyptus tree, near a bridge, fixing to strike another one. He has got a white safari suit on, fixing to strike another one with a stick. Tell your boy that. And tell those men that, so that they'll know that it's THUS SAITH THE LORD."

I woke Billy up and I said, "Billy, boy, God has honored you, son. And here's what shall come to pass. And I told him." I went into Brother Bosworth. Is that right, Brother Bosworth? If that's right, raise up your hand so the people can see.

I walked into Brother Bosworth; I said, "Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, all the rest of you, Brother Stadsklev, all of you here. THUS SAITH THE LORD, God told me to go ahead with you, but it's His permissive will, and it'll never be successfully. God wants me to go back to Johannesburg, then up to Brother Jackson's, then over to Durban for a month." Little did we know then that they had the segregation all through there, didn't know it until we got to Durban. They didn't have the segregation in Durban, the only place in South Africa they didn't have the segregation; where the natives could come in. Then that's what we went for. And then, when we got...

We started off the next morning. It was a pretty morning. Got up, they went down, and sure enough they sent back for me to come in Sunday school, I done preparing myself, didn't eat, and waiting for the Spirit of the Lord. And when Billy come in, he said, "Daddy," and I looked out there.

I said, "Where did you pick up that boy?"

Said, "Just as you said, standing down on the corner."

E-51 We got out and got in the car, Billy sitting in front. Nobody speaks to me while we're going along, under the anointing, no one talks. And then, going down, Billy was happening just rubbing his hand across the back of my hand, laying there, he was patting my hand. He said, "Daddy, looky there."

And there standing with a white a safari suit on, a native, standing near a eucalyptus tree by a bridge, fixing to strike another one with a stick. I said, "You remember, what I told you this morning?" The little fellow cried. I said, "There it is, Billy. That's the right a way to go, but we'll pay for it."

And Brother Bosworth, as a witness of God, the very next meeting hell broke loose. Is that right? Trouble set in. And it was that way till we got plumb to Durban. And there Durban, where nearly a hundred thousand people had gathered for the meeting, and so forth, and there's where the thirty thousand converts was, in a day. On the road around, I got a great... Brother Baxter got sick first. He really got sick. Billy got sick. All of them got sick, all--all of my bunch. Billy and I, and Brother Baxter. Then I got sick, and I really got sick, I mean. I was so sick, I couldn't even get to the pulpit hardly, I'd stand just so weak, oh, so sick. My. And come to find out I had caught African ameba.

726-197 Letter just come in the other day, Brother Ligger writing a--a book on the Durban meeting. He said, "It's never been compared. Africa never had a shake like that. Over one night's time this dark land of Africa had a shake that they never had before in their life." That's right, down amongst the heathens.

I look down there, I seen those poor Negroes, precious people, seen the way them people was treating them like--worse than slaves. Seen a little old boy there that... And I... Worked there, and I said... That boy, you just... You women couldn't do as much in a two days or three days, as hard as you could work, as that boy had to do in one day. He'd sleep on a pallet out by a little old washroom (about four foot long and four foot wide), curled up there. And he got a pound a month; that's two dollars and eighty cents. And he didn't get to eat the scraps from the table, a bucket of mealy meal; third of it, breakfast; third of it at dinner; and the other third that night at supper. Worked till ten, or eleven, twelve o'clock; get up the next morning take care of the baby and everything else, and polish the steps and wipe off the boss's car. And the big, old, fat mother do nothing but set around there and click her fingernails and drink tea, lazy, no-good.

That poor boy had to work like everything. He had a cough, and he looked like he was just about cold, like "Hauh, hauh, hauh." One day I looked across there, I said, "Don't you ever have that boy... Why don't you bring him to the meeting?"

"He's a Kafir." [] That means a "rogue." No wonder they blow up at that name. I would too. That man's my brother. And there he is. He's not a slave. His color is nothing to do with it. He's my brother. There he was like that.

I walked out, I called him, "Thomas." The boy could speak three languages. And I said, "Thomas?"

He turned around, fell on his knees and put his hands up, said, "Yes, master."

I said, "Get up. I'm not your master; I'm your brother." I put my arm around him. He looked over at me like that, and great big tears coming down his cheeks. I said, "Thomas."

And the Holy Spirit come and there was a vision. I told him something. And he said, "Yes, master. That's true. That's just what it was."

I said, "Thomas, the cough has left you; you'll never have it no more." And he didn't.

People slipping money in my pocket; I had about a hundred and eighty of those pound notes (means two dollars and eighty cents). And I was afraid to give it to him, afraid the boss would find him with that, they'd think he stole it and then they'd beat him to death. Then I--I said to the boss; I said, "I--I love that boy. Let me give him some money."

"Oh, no, no. You'll spoil him."

I said, "You're pretty well spoiled. (See?) What are you laying around here? And you do nothing. That boy does all the work and you let him half starve to death. He's got a--a widowed mother and afflicted sister, and then you let him have a dollar--two dollars and eighty cents a month." I said, "You'll reap someday for that. There's two million whites and about a hundred million colored. You'll have an up rise."

Said, "Don't you say that in America, what goes on here."

I said, "Who's going to tell me to hold my peace? Only God." Said, "No wonder the people's got a complex, being treated like that." [] There you are. And I took up for them.

One day a couple ministers, collars turned around, little mustache, they come up to Rhodesia. A little old green pilot flew me into one of them tropical storms, then went a two-mile, I was like high in the air, flipping around. We didn't know whether was upside-down; the plane turning over and over and over. And finally it... We didn't know whether it was going down or up. And finally it throwed us above the storm. And I was so sick at my stomach when we got off.

Couple of those ministers, Pentecostal ministers, got in a car and was driving me on down to Pretoria. I come down from Southern Rhodesia; and I got down there and I was sick anyhow. And Brother Baxter setting there, sick, and Billy Paul, sick. And here we was driving right down through the compound; that's where the colored people that does something has to leave their tribe, some tribal sin, and they come in there. And they won't let them come in the city, so they just live under tin or anything they can, very dirty and things is true.

728-211 And there they went down through there, and I seen a sign there, said, "Twenty miles an hour." And them men was going sixty-five miles an hour. Them poor old mothers running out there grabbing them little babies, little tots, naked, out there in the street, and from about two years old up to five or six: grabbing them little fellows, and screaming. He come pretty near killing four of them at one time.

I tapped him on the shoulder, I said, "Hey. What's the matter with you?"

He turned around, said, "What did you say?"

I said, "I said, 'What's the matter?' Slow that thing down."

Said, "We got orders to get through there on time."

I said, "I give you orders to stop it." And he said... I said, "Don't you have no feeling for them people?"

"What people?"

I said, "Them little babies out there you nearly run over."

Said, "That's Kafirs."

I said, "Shame on you. Call yourself a Christian?" I said, "Don't you know that mother thought as much of her baby, if you'd have killed it, as your mother would've thought of you?" I said, "She may be ignorant and unlearned, but a mother's love cries out for her baby. You ain't got no business for doing a thing like that. And you call yourself..." I said, "Another thing, that sign said twenty miles an hour; my Bible said, 'Give Caesar what's Caesar's." And he ducked his head. I said, "You slow it down to twenty miles an hour and treat them people like they were your brother." I said, "Shame on you, anything like that." Oh, my, they blowed up like frogs eating buckshot. But it didn't make any difference; I got my word in, my punch.

And we went around them people knew that I was for them, to bring them the--the message of the Gospel. And God...

They come in there. And mix them up, and put the white over on one side, and the colored, and there the colored... Didn't even speak one word to them or nothing. The Holy Ghost would go out among there and bring out the sick and the afflicted and the cripples, and heal them, and let them set over here in their big inferior complex built up over there. Shows how God deals with the humble in heart.

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