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Second time prophet saw Jesus

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17. Second time prophet saw Jesus. [Date 07-22-51] [Communism is a spirit.]

E-45 (…) It's just so easy to condemn and condemn others. Sometime ago we was having a meeting up here in somewhere in--in, I believe it was Pennsylvania, I believe around Erie, or somewhere there. No, it was over in Ohio, Toledo, I believe it was. And we were having a great meeting in some arena; thousands were there, and we couldn't get in and out, and hardly. And they keeping me way out in the country in a motel. There was a little place across the street there that we were eating at, was a lovely little place, it was Dunkards, you know, Amish or Dunkards, whatever they are. And the little ladies that worked in there were such clean, nice acting little ladies. And we were having a wonderful time just a eating there and had such a dandy time.

Well, come Sunday they all closed up and went to church. So that's the thing to do.

Well, I was left out there. And Mr. Baxter, the manager, some of them going on in to speak. And so Billy, and them, had gone to give out prayer cards. And I was there. And I thought, "Well, I'm just a bit hungry. I haven't eaten now for two days. I believe I'll just go get a sandwich, because I'm going to speak this afternoon." It was on Sunday. And usually on Sunday afternoons I usually tell the life story, or speak to them.

Then I thought, "Well, I'll find..." I looked across there, and I said, "That's a place that's a restaurant." Just an ordinary place, and I walked across there, and this is shocking.

Brother, when as soon as I walked in the door, there was a policeman standing there with his arm around a woman, playing a slot machine. Gambling's illegal in Ohio. And there was the law that's suppose to uphold righteousness gambling himself. And he was a man as old as I am. So he must've been married and had a wife somewhere else. What a disgrace.

I looked back there, and there was a young lady at the table waiting on some boys, and they was all drunk. And the way that young lady was acting, letting them boys act to her, it was a disgrace. And I thought, "Looky there, if it isn't from a--from paradise into a rat den, almost."

Listen, let me tell you. Don't you worry about Russia coming over and whipping the United States. Don't you worry about some nation coming over and whipping us. We're whipping ourselves. All morals is a breaking down. Yes, it isn't the robin that pecks on the apple that hurts it; it's the worm at the core that kills the apples. That's what gets the apple. So it isn't some other nation; it's our own-self.

Communism is not Russia. Communism is a spirit. That's right. And it's sweeping this place and honeycombing it. You know that to be true. All right. May have more to say about that some other time.

But notice, this woman when she was setting over there at that table, that young woman, I thought, "Oh, my." And I looked over here and seen an old fellow setting there, and there set two fellows drunk, one with a great big long army overcoat on, and a dear old mother setting there, old enough to be my grandmother. And the clothes that the woman had on, little bitty short clothes, and a poor old wrinkled arms and flesh... And she had on this here manicure, ever what you call it on her lips, you know. With that... I know that's not the right stuff. I can't, ever what it is; it's paint. And she had it all over her--her lips like this. It was blue, blue-looking, you know. And she had her... And I looked at the poor old thing; she was setting there with a cigarette, smoking it.

E-50 And I looked, and I thought, "Oh, my." And two old men... I said, "God, why don't You just strike this thing off, and just wipe it off the map. If me, a sinner, could look, and just, and despise such as that, how can Your great holiness look at such a thing as that and stand it?" I thought, "O God, my little Rebekah and Sarah are going to have to come up here, one eight, and the other one three." I thought, "How they going to come up here and see such as that? What will it be in their day? God, why don't You just clean the thing up?"

And then God taught me a lesson. That's right. You know... The two men got up and went to the rest room. And I was standing there looking around. And I thought, "O God, looky here. What is it?" Nobody that waited on me; I was just standing at the door looking around, kinda dark back towards the door.

And the Holy Spirit said to me, "Come over here." And I went over, and as I set down, I looked. And I saw like the world, and it was revolving around. And around this world was a rainbow. It looked like a--a streak of red, like a rainbow going around and around the world. Then I went right into that, and when I was standing there in that, I looked and I seen Somebody standing just above it with His arms out like this. It was our Lord. And I noticed myself, and every time I'd go do something wrong, just then according to grace, according to the Word... The Father would have took my life right there. But Christ... Every time I would do a sin then, it would [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] it would hit Him like that. He'd shake His head like that. In other words His Blood was acting like a bumper on the automobile. It was protecting me from death. And I thought, "Oh, I see."

And I--I seen It come again and there was an old Book laying out there, my name written at the top. And it was a sinner's book smutted up. And my name was at the top. And I'd sin; it'd be recorded against me; God would've took my life. But the Blood of Christ protected me. Every time It would hit, I'd see It like that. And I'd see those scars on His face from them thorns, and the Blood run down His... bat His weary eyes.

He'd look back at me, say, "Father, forgive him." And then, I'd go along I'd do something else, and there it would come again like that. He'd say, "Father, forgive him."

E-52 And I thought, "Oh, I see." If that's the reason God can't take the life of those people, sinners, because they are yet protected. They have a chance yet. The Blood of Jesus is still protecting them. It's like a bumper to the world. I said, "Oh, I see. I see, Lord, what You mean." Yeah, the Blood of Jesus Christ covered the world like this, and every man while you're here, you're still a moral, free moral agent. If you reject it, and reject it, and then you die, and your soul goes beyond that, then you've judged yourself; God don't have to judge you. See? If you die without the Blood of Christ, you're a sinner and you're lost. If you accept the Blood, then you're in Christ, protected.

And then I seen Him as my sins kept a beating Him. I got so broken-hearted I come crawling up to Him. I laid down like this; I said, "Lord, look at my name up there." I said, "Is that my name?"

He said, "Yes, that's your name."

I said, "God forgive me. I didn't mean to make You suffer like that. I--I didn't know my sins were hurting You so bad like that. When I did things, You protected me with Your Own life. Please forgive me?"

He took His hand in His side, like that, and wrote across there, "Pardoned," and put it back behind Him like that to remember it no more. And He looked down at me. He said, "Now, I forgive you, but you want to condemn her."

Then that made things different. I come out of the vision. I looked over there that poor old woman setting there, toddling, trying to smoke this cigarette and couldn't even get it to her mouth, toddling like that. I said, "Lord God, please forgive me. I'll not be critical anymore." I walked over to where she was, and I said, "How do you do?"

She looked up and she said, "Oh, how do you do?"

And I said, "Could I set down a minute?"

She said, "You may." And I--I set down and looked at her. I thought, "Somebody's mother, no doubt." I thought, "Something's behind that life; I don't know what it is." And I said, "Lady, excuse..."

She said, "You want a smoke?"

And I said, "No, ma'am; thank you."

She said, "Would you have a drink?"

And I said, "No, ma'am; thank you." I said, "I am a minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ." And I said, "I was standing there and condemning you, and asking God why He didn't take your life." And I told her what had just happened, right there.

She said, "Oh, I know who you are." Said, "You're that preacher down there."

I said, "That's right." And I said, "What's behind your life?" And that poor old thing begin to tell me of how she'd been mistreated or run out like that, how she'd belonged to a church one time, and had went astray. I said, "Have you got children?"

Said, "I got two daughters, married. Both of them are Christians."

And I said, "And you setting out here, aren't you kinda ashamed of yourself?"

She said, "I am, sir."

And I said, "Don't you want to accept Christ?"

E-56 I begin to talk to her, and took her by her poor old feeble hands, and the tears running down... She throwed that cigarette on the floor, and knelt down there, and humbly come to the Lord Jesus Christ. What a difference when you look at yourself one time. Who are we? Where'd we come from? There she got up wiping the tears from her eyes. She said, "I'm ashamed of myself, sir."

I said, "Now, mother, go put on your clothes; go to church. Get some good church, and--and affiliate--get yourself affiliated with it, and be a loyal member of Christ's Body." I said, "For this day there's hundreds setting yonder wanted to come into a prayer line or so forth, and here the Holy Spirit deals with me, to you, and me standing here criticizing you. And God, as me, as a minister let me know, that where am I?" Who'd I... Who am I? Where'd I come from? What about me? I may not have done that; I may not have done them kind of immoral things, but I'm still a sinner in the sight of God, and the Blood of Jesus Christ had to protect me. And I accepted it, and she accepted it.

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