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Teaching on heavenly Angels

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16. Teaching on heavenly Angels. [Healing]

E-51 And now, friends, do you believe me? Then listen to what I'm telling you. Jesus Christ the Son of God healed everyone of you at Calvary. And I, or no other man, can do anything about it, no more than point you to Jesus Christ, the Sacrifice of God, Who was wounded for your transgressions, bruised for your iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we were healed. Then I speak the truth. It's in Christ and not in me, or not in the Angel of God. This Angel of God has nothing to do with the healing, only to vindicate what Almighty God has done for you, according to your faith. The Angel does not heal; It only shows and sees visions. It's a messenger sent from God. How many understands now? Your healing is complete already if you'll just only believe it.


E-27 Now, before God sends a message to the earth, God sends Angels sometime as message--messengers to the earth to bring His message. Do you believe in that? God has Angels.

Now, sometime ago someone called my hand on that, and said, "Brother Branham," a great fundamental brother, he said, "there's only one flaw that I can find with your message to the people."

And I said, "What's that my brother? If it's not Scriptural, then I'll get rid of it and repent."

He said, "Well, you're always referring to an Angel, and said, 'The Angel of God met you and told you so and so.'" Said, "Brother Branham, don't you know, that God doesn't use Angels to direct His church?" Said, "The Holy Spirit directs His church."

I said, "That is true, but God also has Angels, ministering spirits sent from God."

And he said, "Oh, Brother Branham, that was Old Testament doctrine." Said, "You mix the New Testament with the Old."

I said, "One's just the shadow of the other." And I said, "You've got to have the Old Testament. It's just a shadow of the New. And the Old Testament, and both of them together, confirms God's attitude towards the people."

Paul said in Hebrews the 12th chapter, "Seeing that we're compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every sin, every weight, and the sin that does so easily beset us."

Now, he said, "Well now, Daniel had Angel, and so forth." But said, "The New Testament does not support Angelic beings coming to individuals after the Holy Spirit has come."

And I said, "Oh, brother, I different with you." I said, "I believe that the Holy Spirit is here. He's the One that fills us. And our life is not our own, but it's the Life of the Holy Spirit in us that makes us Christians." I believe that, that ever fiber of a Christian's body is controlled by the Holy Spirit. I believe that your eyes are. You can't help when you look to see an evil, but if you lust after it, you've already committed adultery. You turn your head. The Holy Spirit makes you do that. Is that right? You might be tempted. Temptation is not sin. Heeding your temptation is sin. See? You can be tempted. Christ was tempted like we are, but never sinned. So the Holy Spirit is God that helps us bear out the truth of God, and we're written epistles read of all man.

E-29 Now, he said, "Now, what about the--the Angels in the New Testament?"

I said, "Why, look at the--Mary, the virgin, she was visited by an Angel."

He said, "Oh, but that was before the Holy Spirit came."

I said, "Then I'd like to ask you this. Do you believe that Philip had the baptism of the Holy Spirit?" All of us do that, don't we? "Why, when Philip was down in Samaria with a great revival going on, it wasn't the Holy Spirit Who come and called him out to the desert Gaza; It was the Angel of the Lord (Is that right?), the Angel of the Lord."

Why, we all believe that Peter had the Holy Ghost, don't we? He was the chief spokesman at Pentecost at the inauguration of the church, and we know he had the Holy Ghost. But when he was in prison, and they were going to cut his head off the next day, and they were having a prayer meeting down at John Mark's house, Who was it went up there to the prison and loosed him? The Holy Spirit? The Angel of the Lord. And It was in a form of a Light. Is that right? Came in the window, raised him up, loosed the shackles, passing him by the guards, opened the gates. And Peter thought he was dreaming all the time until he got outside. Oh, I tell you; to be packed away under the power of God means something. You lose your own senses and everything when you're carried away by the power of God.

Now, that was the Angel of the Lord. The great Saint Paul surely had the Holy Ghost. And he taught the Holy Spirit. And he said in Galatians 1:8, "If an Angel from heaven would teach any other thing, let him be accursed."

And when Paul was out on the sea, and fourteen days and nights of no moon or stars, he went under the gallery to pray and come up shaking his hands. I can see him screaming and saying, "Be of a good cheer." Oh, my. What's happened to that little fellow? Why, he said, "The Angel of God, Who's servant I am, stood by me last night saying, 'Don't fear Paul. You must be brought before Caesar, and lo, God's give all them that sail with you, to you.'" He said, "Wherefore, sirs, be of a good courage for I believe God that it'll be just the way it was spoke to me: the Angel of God Who's servant I am." Now, that was an Angel of God. The whole book of Revelations was wrote by an Angel, and God does have Angels.

E-32 Now, and before God sent Jesus to the earth, He sent an Angel. And an Angel come to a home: Zacharias and Elisabeth. They were great renown believers, Christians as to call. And that's the kind of a home that an Angel can get to.

And you know what I think today the reason that we don't have no more Angelic visitations than we do? We who call ourselves Christians, play cards half the night, read old "True Story" magazines, have beer in the icebox. And that's the reason Angels don't visit us. You can't mix oil and water.


127 You notice, they paint the pictures of a--of an angel woman. There's not such a thing. Show me one place in the Scripture. Every Angel is men, not women. Angel women, mother Marys, and all these things like that, there's no such a thing. Find one place in the Scripture where it ever said there was a woman Angel. It's always, "He," Michael, Gabriel. "He drawed His sword." It's always, "He, He, He, He." That's right.

HEBREWS. CHAPTER 6. & 7. JEFF. IN 57-0915M

253-529 Last evening when I was talking to the heartbroken son, my partner, of the mother that's just passed away, said, "O Brother Bill, I guess she's an Angel tonight."

I said, "No, Earl, she'll never be an Angel. She's a woman tonight, just as God made her, and will always be, never Angels." God made Angels. He never made man become Angels; He made Angels and man. So man will never be Angels, and Angels will never be man. God made them different.

103 You know, it used to be if a woman or a man said they was a Christian, people respected it; but today they just like to see how much fun they can make out of it. See? Irreverent group... My. Why? You know what? This is the reason. They're not conscious that that's the Truth. They're not conscious of God. They don't remember that the Bible says that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. They don't only just come and visit them; they--they stick their tents down. Amen. The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear His Name. They stay there day and night.

The old colored brother sang that song, "The Angels Keep Watching Over Me." Said...

All day, all night, Angels keep a watching over me...

That's right. All day and all night, Angels keep watching over me. Jesus said about them little ones, said, "Take heed that you don't offend one of them, for their Angels always beholds My Father's face which is in heaven." See? They're always camped about, watching those. And they don't even believe that, ungodly people. We're going to get on what godliness and ungodliness is in the morning, if the Lord willing.

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