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11. Doctors & Medicines.

E-31 When you get out of here and some critical doctor... All doctors won't be that narrow minded. But if some critical doctor tells you you're not healed, and so forth, and don't believe in that. You just go right on, and do what God told you to do. Don't you listen to none of it. Go to another doctor if you want to see a doctor, that'll serve God--serve God. Now, you...

Now, remember. I am not against doctors, or medical treatments, hospitals, or any of them. Anything that can help anybody, relieve poor suffering humanity, God bless every effort that's put forth. I pray that God will send some kind of a--a serum somewhere to those scientists, that'll kill every cancer there is in the world. I hope that He will send something that'll kill TB, or anything can be done. I trust that He will do it. I pray that He will do it.

But now, brother, there's no healing can take place unless God calls for it Himself. "I'm the Lord that healeth all of thy diseases." It can only be through God. The best of doctors take their own medicine and die. That's true. They'll go along here...

Here not long ago, I seen where a Christian Science woman was trusting God for her child in California. It died. And from Maine to California, the papers throwed it out: "Divine Healing. All Fanaticism. Baby dies without medical treatment." And the same time that was passing over the nation, the doctors lost at least ten thousand cases. But they wouldn't want to brand medical science fanaticism.

If I could go here at the grave yard here tonight, and say, "All you died under medical treatments, stand up. And all you died under trusting the Lord, and stand up." Weigh in the balance. Sauce for the goose is for the gander. And if you have to measure all Divine healing because one case was lost; then if one case is lost under medical treatment, it's fanaticism. Come, let us reason together. That is right.

If one case was lost by Divine healing, 'cause someone had not enough faith to walk up to receive it, and it all had to be branded fanaticism, then one medical treatment that was lost, one patient, when there's hundreds dying in your city and around about, daily under medical treatment... That's right.

E-34 Now, the thing that men ought to do, if you got any heart, if they're not wild about money, and afraid they're going to lose a few pennies, if you'll just come together and say, "Brother, ministers, and all together, let's work together with this thing, and try to help our fellow man," it'll be better off, the world will be. God would bless us then. That's true.

I do not say anything against medical science, or against anything. I'm not here to make judgment. I'm here to preach the Gospel, and pray for the sick. And I can heal no one. No doctor can heal anyone. They never did claim to be healers. Mayo's is the best authority, I guess, they have. They said, "We do not claim to be healers. We claim to assist nature. There's One Healer; that's God." That's right. That's the best authority.

So if a doctor tells you he's a healer, he's a quack. That's all. That's true. As a minister, I've seen just as many quack ministers as I have doctors too. Anything that don't believe in God's Word, to me, is a quack. That's right. You're willing to stand out and take the Word the way it is, and say it's right or wrong. True. Now, believe God. Have faith in God.


E-45 (…) Those who are sick, many of you here are past doctors aid. Medical aid can't help you, especially heart trouble, cancer, and so forth like that.

They're trying hard, medical science. I pray for them. There's not a day past but I don't pray that God will give into the hands of men somewhere, that'll find something to help these people. I don't believe we could actually be a Christian without doing that. That's true. Could you imagine some poor suffering person that somebody could do something for to help? When you say, "Pray for medical science?" Yes, sir. I mean that.

Now, keep your heart towards God. Now, God used remedies Himself. Isaiah went and got some poultice that was made out of figs and put them on Hezekiah to heal him of his boils. And many things was dipped in water. And Jesus put some mud on a man's eyes, mud, the very thing that medicine and things come from.

Medicine does not heal. No doctor could say that medicine heals. Medicine only assists nature. God's the only Healer there is. That's right.

Now, there's lots of doctors when Jesus come on the earth; He never condemned a one of them, never said a thing about that. They're all right. And the day that we're living in, where there's millions and billions of people, and a earth full of germs and diseases, what in the world could we do if we didn't have these things? [Blank on tape--Ed.]

E-47 So dear Christian people if you've got a human heart, let's look at the thing right. Now, taking medicine or anything hinders your faith, keep away from it. See? But I will tell you...

Now, I know you said, "Well, I know doctors that laugh at Divine healing."

I do too, and I know preachers that laugh at it too. That's right. Many of them laugh at it. Frankly, to be honest with you and my Bible, I found more unbelieving preachers in Divine healing than I have doctors. 'Cause many, many, fine doctors comes to my place to be prayed for. And we set right down in the room, heart to heart, and talk. I never have heard a one yet, but what didn't tell me, "Why, Brother Branham, I believe." And especially a surgeon, said, "I've laid people out," and said, "why they just quit breathing. We'd take them down and after while they start; there they go again, breathe and get well. What did it?" He said.

I said, "God."

He said, "You're right." Said, "We might move an appendix that's ruptured, but we can't heal the place we cut. God has to do that."

A dentist could pull a tooth out, but who's going to heal that socket?

Medicine does not build tissue. Medicine only keeps the thing clean. A doctor might set a bone in your arm, but he can't produce the calcium and stuff that heals the arm. God has to do that. That's right.

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