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Pastor Hall of the Milltown Baptist church healed of cancer

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12. Pastor Hall of the Milltown Baptist church healed of cancer.

E-38 Congressmen Upshaw, you all heard of his healing, didn't you? All of these things... Here, William Hall, pastor of the Milltown Baptist church where I used to be pastor myself. Right after Upshaw's healing, I come in that night, and my wife told me; I was fixing to go to Africa in about--about six weeks. I had to go to up to Pennsylvania for a service.

And my wife said, "Billy, do you know that Brother Hall's dying, cancer on the liver?"

And I said, "Oh, my." I said, "No."

Said, "Yes."

I said, "Well, you get rid of the crowd out there, as quick as you can, tell them, 'I'm going to church, and I'll see them Sunday.'"

I said, "I'll go down and see Brother Hall."

And I went down to see the brother, and there he was laying there as yellow as a pumpkin. And he knew me. I said, "Who's your doctor?"

He said, "Dr. Dillman."

Well, Dr. Dillman's a bosom friend of mine. I had prayer for Brother Hall, and I called Dr. Dillman. He said, "Billy, he's dying."

I said, "Oh, Doc Dillman, I hate to hear that." Said, "Yes, we took him up to a specialist in New Albany, put him under x-ray, and took x-ray. There's a big cancer setting right in his liver." Said, "He's just going die, that's all."

So I went down the next day to see him; I prayed again for him. Went down to see him, and... Well, he's just getting so low; he couldn't hardly breathe. So Mrs. Hall followed me out; she said, "Brother Branham, isn't there one thing you can do?"

I said, "Sister Hall, no. Only thing I can do is pray." I...

She said, "Do you know another doctor?"

I said, 'course, every person for their doctors. I said, "I've got a doctor friends, lives next door to me there, a couple door from me." I said, "He's a bosom friend of mine. As a doctor, I think he's fine." I said, "We're bosom friends."

I got a letter coming; he's writing to the Medical Association of America about the services. See? And so, he... I said, "I'd like for him to see him."

I called up Dr. Sam Adair, and I said, "Dr. would you go down and see--and see, Mr. Hall?"

He said, "Well, Billy, I'll just go to the hospital and read the x-rays." Said, "That's all I can do. Look in."

So he went down and read the x-rays. He come back, said, "The man's got cancer of liver, Billy; he's going to die."

I said, "Oh, my. Isn't there some specialist or something you can do to console that woman?"

He said, "Well, I might send him over to the Dr. Able in Louisville, and he's one of the best specialist there is, nearly in the south country."

So they got an ambulance, and went out and picked Mr. Hall up, Rev. Hall from Milltown Baptist church, took him over to Louisville. Dr. Able examined him; he come back, and he wouldn't tell Mrs. Hall. So he called Dr. Adair, and told Dr. Adair, and Dr. called me. He said, "Billy?"

I said, "Yes."

Said, "You know your friend, Hall?"

I said, "Yes."

Said, "He's going to jump overboard in four days."

I said, "Oh, my, I hate to hear that."

Said, "Well, he ought to be ready to go, if he's a preacher."

E-41 And I said, "Well, of course, that's all right." I said, "He's ready to go, but I hate to see him go; he's fairly young man, yet, about fifty-five, fifty-eight years old." I said, "He's good preacher; I hate to see him go."

Said, "Well, we all hate to go Billy, but we got to go." Said, "That man will be gone in four days."

I said, "Well..." And I went out, I called Sister Hall out, and I said, "Sister Hall, Dr. Adair said, 'Abel said, he will be gone in four days.'" And she started screaming. And she's just like an old mother to me.

And I said, "Look, Sister Hall. He--he--he--he's a Christian. He's only going to drop out of this old body of flesh to go yonder to be with Christ, my, how much better. He's got to go sometime anyhow."

She said, "Well, can't you ask God, is there a vision anywhere?"

I said, "He's never said a word to me."

Well, the next morning... I went home that night, and there's a big bunch of cars, up-and-down the lane. Now, after I got as many prayed for as I could, the next morning, say, I've never got converted from squirrel hunting, so I like to go squirrel hunting yet. So I--I had an old rifle, and I picked it up, set it out in the room, and I said, "Now, in the morning, at four o'clock, I'm going to set the clock alarm; I'm going squirrel hunting to get one day's rest anyhow before I go up there and come back, and got to go to Africa for all those meetings."

So we set the clock alarm, and I crawled in bed about twelve, about three or four o'clock it alarmed. I got up so sleepy, and I got my old--started get my rifle, and I started out towards the middle room. I got out there, and I--rubbing my eyes. And the hall light was on.

And I looked, and I seen a little old green apple hanging there. I said, "Well, what did my wife put that knotty-looking thing there for?" I looked like that. I thought, "Why?"

And I happened to notice, it wasn't hanging on the wall; it was hanging in the air. I scooted my rifle over in the corner, got down on my knees. And when I got on my knees, another little green worm-eaten, sour, knotty-looking apple come down, and stood by its side. And another one, and another one, until finally []... until five stood there. Then down come a great big apple, about that big, and just made great chumps like that, and eat up all five of them. And it went away. I happened to notice; you all seen the picture of the Angel of the Lord was took down here in that debate down here; we know, and them Baptist people down there was trying to debate it. He come right down and let the American Photographer Association take His picture. It's hanging in Washington, D.C., now, the only supernatural Being that was ever proved was taken. See? So there, and the FBI agents and all of them there, with they're seal and everything under it. And there--and there He was standing there whirling in the air.

I said, "What would my Lord have me to do?"

Said, "Arise, and go tell William Hall, THUS SAITH THE LORD, he will live and not die."

E-44 Oh, no squirrel hunting that day. I changed them old overalls, right quick, and jumped in my car, and down I went. They was working with him, rubbing his hands and things, and I come in. And his eyes set way back. He said... I said, "Brother Hall, the..."

He said, "What's the matter?"

I said, "I got the Word of the Lord." Oh, you'll never know how you feel then (Amen.), when God says that it's over.

Said, "What is it, Brother Billy?"

I said, "The Lord Jesus... How long you been sick, Brother Hall?"

He said, "Mattie, you tell him." That's his wife.

She said, "Well, he got sick back in certain month," said, "about five months."

I said, "That's what I thought; Five months." I said, "I seen five green apples hanging before me this morning, and a large one came down and eat up the five green ones.

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