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Casting out evil spirits from woman

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11. Casting out evil spirits from woman.

E-10 Here not long ago, if you'll excuse me. Would you give me a time for a little testimony, just a little bitty one, if you will? I feel that I wasn't going to say nothing, but this comes on my mind.

Just a few months ago, I was having a meeting, and--and I coming back home. And there's a--a Methodist minister in New Albany, very fine man. It's a city just below us in Indiana, and he's a--has a very fine lively church.

He has got what they call the "Hour of Power" program, and the... Oh, it's a marvelous program. And in this program, he gets different ministers in to preach, and he said, "Brother Branham, it would just make me feel so good if you'd come preach one night for me." Said, "I won't ask you to pray for any sick people."

At home I try to relax and keep that off my mind, 'cause as soon as you go to talking to somebody, there it is again. You see? So I just kind of relax from it. He said, "If you just come down preach..."

I said, "All right, Brother Johnson, I'll do that." And we were both raised the same part of Kentucky, just across the hollow from each other. So he was a Methodist, and I was a Baptist, and we used to go on to each other all the time, you know, about different denominations of church.

And so I went down that night to... And we had the service and the Lord had blessed, and it was a great crowd of people come from the outside, way down the streets where they was lined up, holding up their hands they accepted Christ as their Saviour.

Going down at the back way where we had to go through, 'cause the basement and all was full and... Well, we started out the back way. He said, "Brother Branham, I promised you I wouldn't ask you to pray for anybody," but said, "we got a Sunday school teacher here." Said, "She's a lovely little woman, and she's a neurotic." Said, "I--I would that you would pray for her, Brother Branham. Just lay your hands on her and just say, 'God bless you or something.'" Said, "She's wanted you to pray for her so long." Said, "She's been everywhere that... Everybody comes through the country with praying for the sick," said, "we've had her everywhere. She's been going to the psychiatrist in Louisville for the past ten years," and said, "and she's just in a terrible condition."

I said, "All right."

E-13 Well, the way he'd explained her case, I expected to see somebody in a--in a straight jacket, but when I got down to the end of the steps, a lovely looking little lady of about twenty-eight, thirty years old, maybe a little older, standing there. She said, "How do you do, Brother Branham?"

I said, "Howdy do."

And she said... I said, "Are you the patient?"

She said, "Yes, sir."

I said, "Well, you don't look to be sick."

She said, "Well, I--I really not sick," but said, "I don't know what's the matter with me, Brother Branham," said, "I just can't get myself together."

And I said, "Well, I'll pray." And I just prayed and laid hands on her, walked out. Two day later, the wife and I was going down New Albany, and we met her down there on the street. My wife who's present now here, she was... We went across the street, and we seen the little lady.

We asked her. She said, "Oh, I just can't leave the city." She said, "I--I just can't go." She said, "There's something will get me if I leave."

I seen it wasn't there. So I said, "Step up here; we'll pray again," and I asked prayer for her again. Went out, and I said, "God be merciful to the poor little thing." I said, "Lady, you a Christian?"

She said, "Yes, sir. I'm Methodist sanctification, you know." She said, "I'm really born again."

I said, "Well, that's really good," and I prayed for her and went on, and a lovely little person. So I had went overseas, and then I come back, and on the road back, why, I was so tired, and it was...

Meda said to me, my wife, she said, "If ever the Angel of the Lord appears again here at the house, while He's present, Bill," said, "that poor little woman she ain't hardly got mind enough," she said, "to--to come to a meeting," and said, "she's now... She's fixing to when they take her to the meeting, they... she wants them to tie her so they can take her to the meeting. She was so scared to leave the city. The devil told her if she left the city she'd die 'fore she got back. So--so she was scared to leave the city."

And so I said, "Well, if He ever appears."

And one morning He came... I ain't got time to tell what takes place there before. It was marvelous. He came into the room. That's the morning He told me; here's the vision wrote out right here about India and Africa, written right on my fly leaf of the Bible here, and any of you that wants a copy of it can sure have it. And you mark that down and see if it isn't word by word how it'll come to pass.

See if there isn't three hundred and fifty thousand people comes to God in India when we get there. See if that isn't right. See if it don't appear in these magazines and things just the same way. Just like the little boy in Finland and so forth, it's God foretelling things what will come.

E-17 Now, that morning I--I said to Meda; I said, "The Angel of the Lord is at the house now. He's come to be with us for maybe a day or an hour. I don't know how long He will stay."

And she said, "Can I call that little woman in New Albany?"

I said, "Well, if they can get her up here."

So at the same time... Now, the other night the man was setting right here that's from Louisville, Kentucky, the member of the big Wall Street Baptist Church in Louisville, was dying with cancer. He was setting right here the other night, right along in here, and was healed in the front room that morning.

The little woman come up, and they took her into the den room. And I said, "Now, Meda, let me have her by myself."

And I went in there. I said, "How do you do, lady?"

She said, "How do you do, Brother Branham?" Said, "Oh, I'm just having a bad spell this morning."

I said, "Yes, ma'am." And I got to talking to her. I said, "Now, and you say you've been going to a psychiatrist all ten..."

"Yes, sir."

To kind of get her mind where she wouldn't be thinking of... A few minutes, I noticed running in front of me like that, I seen a little black car, one seated running. And I said, "Have you ever had an accident in a car?"

She said, "No, sir."

I said, "Well, if... You're... Why, I see a car," and when I started, then it just moved right into the vision, and here it was.

She was... When she was married, her husband went overseas, and she went out with a man which was blond headed, and she had went out and lived untrue to her marriage vows, while her husband was overseas. She come back, and on the road coming back she was almost struck by a train, which would've took both of their lives. She just missed the train. And when I... The vision left, she was falling over in the floor like that, fainting, and she begin screaming.

My wife come in. I picked her up. And she said... I said, "Lady, and you a Sunday school teacher."

She said, "Brother Branham," said, "I--I've confessed that to God a long time ago."

I said, "Look. No one knows that but you, and the man that was with you, and God Almighty."

She said, "That's right."

E-20 I said, "No psychiatrist could ever pull that out of you. No," I said, "that had to come Divine." I said, "Now, you go to your husband and make that right."

She said, "I can't, Brother Branham. I got three children." Said, "It'd break my home up."

I said, "Well, it's going to break it anyhow." I said, "Because you're not going to live like that. You're going completely insane." I said, "You can't keep that." And I said, "That's way back in the gable end of your soul."

She said, "Well, I've confessed that to God."

I said, "It wasn't God you sinned against. It was your husband. If you'd have been a single woman, it'd been different, but you sinned against your marriage vow." And I said, "They might..."

She said, "Well, Brother So-and-so told me."

I said, "Sister, that don't have nothing to do with it. That unconfessed sin, and they could pour oil on your head till they got a gallon on there. They could stomp, and kick, and snort, and run across the platform, and scream, and holler. That'll... That devil will stay right there. He's got a right to, and as long as he's got a right to stay there, he will hold his grounds." And I said, "You'll never..." I said, "I've done all."

She said, "I just can't do it."

I said, "Now, sister, you come here, and God in His mercy has revealed what your trouble is. Go, make that right with your husband, and you'll get well. If you don't, then I've done all I..."

She said, "I just can't do it." She said, "It'll just break up my home."

I said, "All right. I just was God's servant. I have done what God bid me to do."

She started to cry. I looked back at her and standing along side of the door, I seen a tall man (vision), blue shadow standing there, and he had his hair combed sideways kind of wavy, black hair. I said, "Your husband is a black headed man, tall and thin."

She said, "Yes, sir. He's a..."

And I said, "And he works in a Chevrolet company."

Said, "Yes, sir. He does."

And I said, "He's got the same thing to confess to you, same thing."

She said, "Not my husband, he's a deacon in the church."

I said, "I don't care what he is." I said, "He's got the same thing to confess to you. When he landed in--in England, he did the same trick." And told her where he did it at. I said, "And not over three days ago, a woman with a pink dress on with black hair, they was in a green Chevrolet car, and she works for the Chevrolet company that he's working for." I said, "I got four phones. Go call. Get him up. Go somewhere, and you all make that right with God for those children's sake."

And I just walked on out to the man that had cancer in there to pray for him. She called him. In a few moments here they come back, both of them with their tears running down their cheek. She called him, and they--they met out on the road in a cars to theirself. Rest of the party drove away and left them in the same car. She said, she confessed her wrong first. And she... He said, "And that... you kept that in your heart all this time?"

E-23 Said, "Yes." And said, "The person that told me about it awhile ago," said, "told me that--that day before yesterday, you was with the woman (that she knew), and where you were at and all..."

And he said, "Where you been?" So they told... She told... And he said, "Honey, that's exactly the truth." And the people may be setting in this meeting tonight. I know many witnesses of it is. So said, "It's exactly the truth. If you'll forgive me, I'll forgive you, and we'll ask God to forgive both of us. We'll get our children and live like men and women ought to, like a Sunday school teacher, and a deacon of the church ought to live."

And they confessed their sins. They come back up with their arms around one another, coming up. My wife said (You remember, honey) said, "Will--will they ever come back?"

I said, "Sure. They'll be back. That's her only hope to ever be well." And they came back with their arms around one another and went in there. I said, "Now, now, it's different. Now, by God's grace, and by the authority of God's Word, Satan will have to leave you." That's right.

And there he left, and she's the happiest little woman there is in New Albany, Indiana. She's testifying everywhere. Her and her husband both live a victorious life.

Now, you couldn't have poured enough oil on her, anointed her with oil. You couldn't have stomped, or hollered, or... devil don't care how loud you holler. He don't pay no attention to that. That's right, but he will recognize faith. Yes, sir. He will have to know where truth lays, and he will recognize truth, and he will recognize faith. And--and if you have got something... That's the reason I watch close.

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