The mysteries

[Shakarian family, Demos, Florence]

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[Shakarian family, Demos, Florence] [Mother healed]


3 And it's really been a privilege for me to be in this city, with you people. It's... Why, I just can't express it of how I feel about it. Now, we haven't had overflowing crowds and things, as sometimes we do; but it seems like that God is fixing to do something, or it's settling something, just getting people ready for something, getting the people back on the line where they should be, and to meet these fine pastors, and so forth.

And, then, my privilege of coming here this morning to speak for the Full Gospel Business Men. I understand that the chapter here is still in its infancy. It's very small, and as the brother here said that they needed men.

Well, as many of great fine organizations as--as I have represented around the world, of all the full Gospel, many of the Baptists and the different ones, why, I still belong to one group, and that is the--the Business Men, because it doesn't represent any certain organization. In itself it's--it's inter-evangelical. It just simply doesn't represent nothing but just the full Gospel, and so we are happy for that.

And I think that, you men here of the city, that's... Really, if you believe me to tell you something that's truth, this is the time where that full Gospel businessmen can get together for fellowship. You'll learn things from each other, in such a time on a Saturday morning, to speak...

The president of... the international president, Brother Shakarian, I was made acquainted with him many years ago. Many of you know about it, of the telegrams laying on the desk so high and picking through there, I found a woman named Shakarian, dying with cancer. And somehow the Lord led me over, and that's where I got acquainted with the Shakarians, when she was healed. There's where Doctor Theodore Palouveas was baptized out there, when, him being their doctor, a Greek doctor.

He said, "The very idea, you building people under a false conception." Said, "That woman laying there dying..."

First, when I went in the house, he said, "Now, when you go in," said, "be reverent, quiet," said, "because the woman's dying. She's been up here, and both breasts have been removed, and she's swollen up." Said, "She's got to die." And said, "There's nothing you can do about it." And I just listened to his lecture for a while. He said, "Now, be real quiet. Don't pray loud or anything." Said, "Say your little prayer and come back down."

I said, "Yes, sir."

So I went on. I knowed I wasn't going to listen to that, you know. And I was we... I went on upstairs. And there was, I believe I took... I got it back now. I went upstairs. And Florence, then, a young, beautiful, young lady, and Rose and all of them knelt praying; and their mother laying there unconscious, been unconscious for a couple of days, all swollen up.

And so knelt down to pray. And when I did, there come the Angel of the Lord came down to the bed, said, "In three days she'll be up."

So I just turned and started out, and they followed me. I said, "In... It's in the Name of the Lord, she'll get up." And so they started screaming.

Here come Doctor Palouveas, and was going to run me out of the house. And he just... I said... He said, "The very idea..." And I said... "Well, building those people under false hope, the woman's dying."

I said, "According to all your statistics, it is. But according to the Word of the Lord, no." See? I said, "She's going to live."

"Nonsense," he said, "you should leave this place, get out of here."

And Brother Shakarian stepped up, said, "Wait just a minute." See? Said, "We had you down here also too for our doctor, and we appreciate you." Said, "But we also called Brother Branham. Your hopes, you give us none. He does. See?"

And I said, "Tell you what I'll do. If she isn't up and out again within three days, I'll put a sign on my back, "false prophet," and we'll go right here in Los Angeles, and you get in your car, go down the street, blowing the horn, pointing to me. See? And then if she is up, let me put a sign on your back, "quack doctor," and get in your car and blow. See? [Congregation laughs--Ed.] He wouldn't do it. Later on he was baptized in a irrigation ditch, and was serving the Lord. Since then he's been taken home to glory.

18 And so I got acquainted with the Shakarians. Later I was part of helping them organize their first chapter. And across the nation, around the world, I've helped them in their chapters. They're a very fine group of men.

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