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Demos Shakarian and Full Gospel Business Men Association

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9. Demos Shakarian and Full Gospel Business Men Association.

E-3 I was just talking to my Brother Shakarian. Now, all of you know Brother Demos. He's here somewhere. I think he's setting right over here to the right. How many knows Demos Shakarian? Let's see. Oh, sure. Would you stand up, Brother Demos? There's something... Just raise yourself up, will you? Oh, I... Brother Demos Shakarian...?... Nearly all of you know him here. He's from down Downy around here. A very fine brother that we've had much friends.

No one knows this man of course. This is Congressman Upshaw. He--He... Was talking to him back there and I have--was just thinking... I could... Tonight seem like that God put it upon my heart tonight to come and maybe just before going to Africa... I would like to have my farewell meeting, maybe at my hometown in Jeffersonville.

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