The mysteries

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5. Death of Saints.

E-5 How many people here is away from home? Let's see. This is not your native home, let's see your hands. You're from some other city, somewhere else. Oh, my, half of us, oh, more than half is away from home. And no matter what city we're from, or where we come from, if it's just a little...

As the minister said the other day, the little church in the desert he was pastoring. No matter what it is or how humble it is, it's like the old proverb, or the old song, "There's No Place Like Home." Isn't that right? No place like home...

And if you'll notice, always before a people die, you'll--you'll notice they'll always have a longing to go back to the old home place again.

My father, before he left, he hadn't been down to his old home place for many, many years, some twenty-five years, I guess. I seen him setting on the beam of--of the plow one day, he was crying. I was just a little lad; and I didn't know very much about it. I said, "What's the matter, dad?"

He come over, said, "You don't understand, Billy. But someday you will." He said, "I want to go home. I--I want to see the old home-place again." You know, it wasn't but a little bit till he... After he visited his old home, he--he went away.

My father-in-law, he went squirrel hunting one day, and I said--he said, "Brother Billy, you want to go with me?"

And I said, "No, Brother Frank, I don't want to go."

He was born up above Utica, at that place called Battle Creek, old home place. There's an arsenal up there now. Oh, my. And there's an arsenal, Indiana Arsenal's there. But that was just before the arsenal was built.

He went up there, and he come back down, and he--he was crying. And I was going with his daughter. And I said, "What's the matter, Brother Frank?"

He said, "Billy, I set upon the old place up there today," and he said, "where the old house used to stand," said, "the old spring along over on the side of the hill." Said, "I could just hear my old mother say, 'Oh, Franky.'"

Well, a few days, I buried him. Maybe it was a call coming from another land. He could hear the echoes across the earth.

E-9 Did you ever notice a person when they're going? I've stood by many a person, held them in my arms and watched them when they were going. I find it very strange.

Please, ministers, excuse this. This is not a doctrine. I don't want the congregation to think that this is a doctrine. But I often wonder if when we are going... I'll give my story first here.

I stood by a man not some five or six years ago when he was going. He'd just been saved a little while. He was setting in a chair. He was all swollen up with heart trouble. He belonged to a certain church there in the city. And I said--went to him; I said, "How do you do, Mr. Bledsow. Do you know me?"

He said, "Yes. I know you, Billy." He said, "Billy, I think I'm going."

I said, "Are you ready, Mr. Bledsow?"

Said, "Oh, yes, Billy. I've--I've made my calling with God. I've answered the call." He said," I'm ready to go if He calls me." And said, "I believe He's calling me."

I said, "Well, if you're ready Mr. Bledsow, are you willing?"

He said, "Yes, Billy, I'm willing."

And I had prayer with him, and went out, was talking to his wife, setting there. And he was looking across the room, talking. And we'd just been in prayer, and the Holy Spirit was in the room. And he raised up; he said, "Mother, why, I haven't seen you for years."

Mrs. Bledsow said, "Dad, are you delirious?"

He said, "Well, don't you see her? There she is." He said, "There." Wasn't a little bit but he was gone.

I went to a man here sometime ago, killed in an accident. He was just dying. Come out of the accident, like manner. I seen many of them going that way. And I just wonder, that if when we're coming... Even death is hard. Jesus fought against it: "Is it possible this cup should pass?" But when we're coming right down to the end of the road... And I watched my wife when she went.

And I--I wonder, when we get to the end of the road there, if God just doesn't say to mother or some of them on the other side, "Look, daughter's coming home this morning. Go down there at the bank of the river, watch for them."

We get to see them when these eyes are becoming transformed from the natural to the supernatural. In that vision, when it's catching on us... It's a fog just dries away there, and we can look the other side and see them coming down to the river. I hope that's so. I don't know. I couldn't say it's true; I don't know. But I've seen that many times. Our loved ones pass on...

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