The mysteries

Gathering of Saints at end time

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4. Gathering of Saints at end time. [Persecution.]

E-25 (…) Look. When Solomon built the temple, they was cut out from all over the world. But when they come together, there wasn't a buzz of a saw nor the sound of a hammer. Every block, no matter, if this one might've been cut like Oneness, and this one Twoness, and this one Threeness, and this one Fiveness, or whatever it was. But when they come together, they went dovetail one with the other. That's right. And there wasn't any arguing; there wasn't any buzzing; there wasn't any fussing; they just went together and made the temple of God. That's right.

And I believe that God is cutting out everywhere borned again children of God, and going to bring them together. I may not live to see it, but I hope I do.

But someday, you're going to have to... You remember, there's young people setting here. Someday those denominational barriers, and ideas that fanatics has got out there, and scooped around, and separated the people, will be taken away; and God will bring His Church together and take It home. Just as certain as anything in the world. That's... They're going to come; that's prophecy. Remember that. I spoke that in the Name of the Lord. Now, you can put that down upon the book. Now, that was true.

I didn't know I saying, going to say that. Now, that's right. That's how God will bring His Church together. You can depend on that.

And as long as you argue and fuss with one another, you're in the kindergarten. God will just keep you there, till you learn enough to get out of it. That's all. Amen.


E-32 (…) So I come down that night, there brethren, there was thousands of them gathered, and that's when I realized what friends meant. They come from the east and the west, flew in by special planes, trains, and everything, coming to the rescue. It didn't make any difference then whether you was a church of God, Assembly, or who you was, the truth was at stake.

Brother, one day when the persecution comes, you'll see the great ransomed Church of God stick together like that, stone will go to stone. You'll forget whether your a Methodist, or Baptist, or whoever you are, when the persecution rises, and communism sets down, the Church of God will run together, stone by stone.

That Solomon cutting the temple, one stone was cut this way, and one cut that way, and all this way. But when they went to putting her together, she went placed in together like that, that made the Church of the living God. You're little differences will be all forgotten then.


E-43 God's cutting them out of the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, all funny looking blocks, but one of these days the Holy Ghost will come, that rejected Cornerstone and the building will go together without a murmur one of these days. Just exactly.

The Stone that's been rejected is the Chief Cornerstone. You builders of these denominations, remember that. The rejected Stone is the Chief Cornerstone. He's here tonight. I believe Him.

Oh, how wonderful. How glorious. I know that He's present. Oh, I wished you felt like I do. I know you think I'm... I may look silly, but I'm not. I may... You may think that I don't know where I am, but I do. Oh, it is the Spirit of the living God. I just can't preach no more. There's just something, the joybells of glory has just set in on me. I never had it to happen like that. There's just something...

I know there's coming a time. There's coming something that's going to take place. I see it in the near future, the Spirit of the living God falling fresh on His Church, there's going to be something take place. I hear a sound in the mulberry bushes.

Something just spoke to my heart and said, "Fear not, preacher. They'll be one one of these days. They'll believe." It may take persecution and things to drive us together, but God will drive His Church together just as certain as I'm standing in this pulpit, under one, that's Christ. Christ will be the Head. No denomination will be the head. Christ will be the Head of every believer. Hallelujah.

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