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Birth of Sarah Branham on March 19, 1951

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2. Birth of Sarah Branham on March 19, 1951.

E-15 I had prayed so earnestly, reading in my Bible one day, after I come back from overseas. My first wife died many years ago. We lived together three years. Two little children was born in our family. One of them remains: is at the back of the building now, our little boy. The little girl died with the mother.

I was single for several years: her begging me at her death, "never to live single, but to get some good Christian girl who would take care of the children," not knowing that the baby'd be buried in her arms; but it died immediately after her--few hours. Which was perfectly healthy at the time of her going... I lived single for several years. Then my little boy entered school, I--I got married again.

And we lived together four years and God gave back a--the little--little lump of sugar... My little girl, little Sharon that was taken from me, He gave me a--a little Rebecca. And I love her with all my heart and I feel that God sent her. She's a very living image of the other little girl. And then, seemed like she was going to have no more children. Four more years have passed. And when I come back from overseas, I was reading in Cleveland, Ohio, or not Cleveland, but I believe it was Minneapolis, taking the Old Testament, a subject to read. And I was reading of Joseph. And he just outstands to me, Joseph does, of all the patriarchs. And I got down on my knees, and I asked our Lord if He would give us another child: possible, give us a little boy. And I would name him Joseph, if He would give me another little boy.

Immediately, after that, about a month or so, I knew my wife was to be mother. I looked forward for the coming of a little boy: Joseph. And when he was born, or to be born, I said, here at the tabernacle...You all sent so many nice presents and things which will always be remembered in our hearts. And I'm sure the heavenly Father has a record of everything up there. And I pray that He'll bless you.

257 Now, remember, four years later, my wife, we knew we was going to have a baby. Everybody said, "Is this Joseph coming?"

I said, "I guess it is; I don't know, but I'm going to have Joseph."

When it was borned, it was Sarah. Then a man called me up, and laughed in my face; he said, "Say, you know what? You meant Josephine." The man died. The man died.

I said, "Sir, I said, 'God told me I was going to have a son and I'd call his name Joseph.'"

There was three people that left a certain denominational church and come to our church, and heard me saying that. When Sarah was borned, they said, "Huh, he's a false prophet."

I said, "Wait a minute, lady, I never said when; neither did God say when. He told me I was going to have a... he was going to... told Abraham, he was going to have a Isaac, but Ishmael was borned in between that time, but it didn't take it away." I said, "God said I'd have this boy and then call his name Joseph."

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