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1. Congressman Upshaw is healed

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1. Congressman Upshaw is healed.

E-2 It was indeed a surprise to see the congressman here tonight. I shall never forget his healing. I feel that that... He was the one that the Angel of the Lord was referring to when He met me and said, "You'll pray for great men, statesmen, kings of the earth." How could I ever believe that I would be praying for people like that. My first shock was when King George of England sent me a cablegram, come pray for him to be healed of his multiple sclerosis, which God did heal him. I was...

Then the night when I never knew Congressman Upshaw, when he was running... He run for president, I think in about 1919. And I think he was something in the state of Georgia where he come from, senator or something in there. He's been a internationally known man, served in the congress and retired in congress.

And one night I walked into the Temple. And I knew no one, just as I know here. There was the wheelchairs lined up through there, why, just as they are tonight.

Someone today, a business man was sitting, wanted to know why that that lady last night was healed in a wheelchair, why didn't I heal somebody else in a wheelchair?

I said, "I never healed her, and I don't heal no one. Jesus Christ healed her by her... the merits of her faith. And I saw it done and I told her about it and that's all." I said, "I could tell everyone of them, if He would show me. But I can only do as He tells me to do."

And I never heard in my life of this gallant man, Mr. Upshaw. I... You know in my talk that I'm uneducated. I was raised in a big family of ten children. I got not even a grammar school education. Seventh grade was as far as I got in school. I had to go to work, take care of nine children. My father wasn't very healthy, died young, and I had to work. I never got my education, I would've knew mister Upshaw.

Well, one night I walked into the building, and I seen a vision. All the wheelchairs was setting there. I looked, and I saw a young man in his teens, fall; he hurt himself. He fell on a hayrack or something. That's all I could say, knew of. I seen him in a high place, wore a strange looking collar, looked like the same man. Somebody was applauding to him. That's all I knew.

Somebody said... Brother Baxter said, "You know who that was you seen?"

I said, "No."

Said, "That's... Did you ever heard of Congressman Upshaw?"

I said, "No, sir."

Said, "He's setting before you. That's him."

Then I looked, and I said, "That's the guy. That's him setting there."

E-5 I went ahead and I started to look to see what would happen. I seen a doctor standing like that, thin doctor, wearing great big tortoise shell glasses. And he had one of those things out in front of his head that--glass like that they look into the mouth. I seen him shaking his head like that, and said...

I looked down, there laid a little colored girl laying by him. He had taken her tonsils, and it paralyzed her from her way--or from her throat down. She was paralyzed. I looked at the little girl, and I said, "I see a doctor. He's operated, taken the tonsils from a child, a colored child who's paralyzed."

I looked around this a way, and I heard someone weeping. I looked, laying down to the right was an elderly colored woman there, weeping like that. She said, "Good Lord, that's my baby."

I looked laying there; I said, "Yeah, that's the baby. It's about two years since it's been, hasn't it, mother?"

She said, "That's right."

I said, "I imagine by the looks of it, it's about two years ago."

She said, "That's what it's been."

I looked back around this a way and called another to the line. And I happened to look; I seen a path going like this, or it turned out to be a street. I seen that little colored girl going down the street with a doll on her arm. That was it. Said, "All right, mother. It's over. Your baby's healed." There it was. See?

The Spirit of the Lord come into the audience and just sapped my strength. And just as I started to go down, my brother run to me to catch me. And I looked; I seen Congressman Upshaw. And he'd been in meetings ever since he was a lad when he first fell and hurt himself. He wanted to be healed then by God. He listened to Mr. Roberts; he'd been in Mr. Freeman's meetings, Mr. Ogilvie, and many of them had prayed for him.

Friends, I've got something to say along them lines after a bit. No matter how much faith you have, it'll never change the predestinated will of God. It's got to be by vision to see what happens.

And as it started out, I seen him in a brown suit going down the street, tipping his hat to people like that. I said, "Congressman Upshaw is healed in the Name of the Lord." There, after laying, been a crippled for sixty-six years, laying on a bed for many years, and rolled around in a wheelchair... Sent people through college by selling books on the streets, that's now in our government; and served his time as a gallant man, as a great man, as a statesman, and congressman of our United States of America. There, that man, for the first time since sixty-six years, threw aside his crutches and was perfectly whole. He minded what the Holy Spirit said do.

E-2 Just I want him to say a word. All right. Come here, Brother Congressman. This is the former Congressman of the United States. One time, one of the greatest men in our nation. God... He was crippled for many many years, sixty-six years, was healed here in this meeting. And I feel a great honor tonight to stand before a man, or with a man like this. That these crutches supported him for all those years of his youth, while he was being prayed for time after time to be healed. And at the age of about eighty-four Senator...

[Congressman Upshaw give his testimony: Just eighty-four. And I'm eighty-four years young, speak three and four times a day, preach the Gospel of the Christ Who saved me, stood by me on bed seven years, and made me happy, and then took me off of the crutches that I have used for fifty-nine years and now, glory to God I'm walking--Ed.]

E-3 Praise the Lord. And you know what this offering is for? He's not able to send this testimony around the country. He's... He can't do it. He's aged, and he has no income. This here offering is to help him send this to all the big men, rulers, and so forth of the nation. God bless our gallant brother.

And I want to give him an... this welcome here, to anywhere in the nation that I have meetings or in the world. I'd be very happy to see Congressman Upshaw come and stand by me at the platform while in services. [Congressman Upshaw gives comment: Remember, I'm sending this folder to every congressman, and senator, the president, and his wife, and now sending this week to the king of England for whom he prayed, and Winston Churchill. And I'm going to send them to Joseph Stalin. God have mercy on his soul--Ed.]

Amen. Amen.

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