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Prayer clothes and expenses of missionary work

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23. Prayer clothes and expenses of missionary work. [Acts 19:12]

[Prayer clothes mentioned in Jonesboro, Arkansas campaign in 1946.]


E-4 (…) And always remember: when you get sick, call your pastor, or go to your church: go somewhere and let someone pray with you.

And little prayer cloths is commemoration of Divine healing. Many of you believe in that, don't you? sending handkerchief one to another?

Now, I believe I made announcement before, and I will again tonight. I send those out by the thousands a week all over the world. And great testimonies of all kinds come in from everywhere. Some of the most outstanding testimonies, especially among the cripples and so forth, where they have to wait. And people who have children, they get them and keep them in the Bible. And every once in a while, you just hear of all kinds of things that's done.

And now, I send those to anybody, anyplace in the world absolutely free. And if you wish one, just write me at Jeffersonville, Indiana, and I--I'll be glad to send it right to you.

And I have some instructions now, that one of the secretaries at Jeffersonville, at office sent me some last night, of the receipts, of how to believe healing in the Bible. I believe my brethren gave--sent out last night what I had here. There was a few left. He sent me about a dozen. I told him to give out to the sick people that's... And how to believe God on Bible grounds. And everything must be based on the Bible.

Now, if you wish one of these just to be in your home, just send and ask. You're welcome. And just to... Put it on the... Acts the 19th chapter and leave it there.

E-6 Now, I shall start praying for the sick, just in a few moments. Just as quick as I possibly can, I will start praying for the sick and the needy.

Now, anytime that I can be a blessing to you, or anything that I can do to help you, I'll be glad to hear from you. And if you want me to send you anointed cloth, or something that I prayed over, which many times... How many believes in that, sending handkerchiefs and aprons? Well, friends, I send out thousands a week. But look, never one, that I pray for it. Now, you might find a little form there, that... We've got a universal prayer going around the world. Every three hours, or ever... that's at nine o'clock at morning, twelve o'clock at noon, and at three o'clock in the afternoon, Eastern Daylight Standard time. We--we pray for the sick. And that goes around the world. People down in Africa, get up at midnight to offer up prayer at that time. When, I guess, around a million voices break forth together. Something has to happen. Don't you believe so...?... When... Just think of it.

And now, we send you a little mimeograph thing, what to do; that is, if you got anything in your life, go make it right with God. And go get your pastor, some good, religious person, have the--a prayer, and put this on you. And then it tells you what to do.

Now, it is true, a secretary makes... It's made up. I've made it up, and told you what to do, but it's run off by a secretary, put out by my secretary at Jeffersonville. But the prayer cloths, I've prayed over that myself (see?), myself.

Look, if my baby was sick, and I wanted some man, that could come from... Now, many times, you believe in anointing a cloth. That's all right; that's perfectly all right. Anything that God will bless, I'm for it. Aren't you? That's right. See? Now, many people anoint the cloth, but if you'll follow me in the Bible, it was not... Paul didn't anoint the cloth, "He taken from his body, handkerchiefs and aprons." Is that right? He never anointed them; he just taken them from his body.

Now, I believe he got that from Elijah's staff. Elijah went and said--said, "Lay the staff on the baby." See? Elijah knew that what he touched was blessed. But now, whether the Shunammite woman would believe it or not, that's different.

But now, Paul got that from there, that he knew that what he touched was blessed. And the people believed him to be God's servant and His prophet. So what he touched, he believed was blessed, and he sent the handkerchief, and the people received that.

Now, somebody that's real fundamental, what a... Those people won't have tried it. See? God does things sometime, that's not in the scope that He's written in the Bible. You believe that? The Bible's a Blueprint, sure enough. But what if, when Peter passed through the gate called Beautiful, or, I mean, Jesus, at the pool of Bethesda, what if those people there said, "Now wait, go back in the Old Testament and show me where there's a Scripture that that's an Angel. That's psychology. That's nothing but just the wind blowing around that wall there or that pool. That's what's a doing that." But the people believed it was an Angel. Do you believe it was? But it wasn't written in the Scripture.

E-10 What if, them laying in the shadow of Peter, and every one of them getting healed, what if somebody said, "Now, wait a minute. Show me that in the Scripture, where they'll lay in the shadow of a man." But God did it anyhow, didn't He? He did it. That's right. It wasn't in the Scripture.

Paul taken handkerchiefs, or aprons from his body. Somebody say, "Oh, show me that in the Scripture, where it's going to be." It wasn't in the Scriptures, but God did it anyhow. Is that right? He rewards you of your faith. That's what it is, your faith. Whatever you want to do.

I was talking to Brother Roberts, here not long ago. And Brother Roberts said, "Brother Branham, what I have, a point of contact. I have the people to touch the radio, touch the--something." Said, "What do you think about that?"

I said, "That's wonderful, Oral. That's fine." Anything that you can have a point of contact, something that you got faith to believe. Your... It rests in your faith. Wherever you can start from, right there's where you begin, when you believe God. Is that right? Whatever it is, that's not to me to know.

Now, to my meetings, it's a supernatural Being, that's--that's absolutely in the meeting, and you can see It moving. And I ask you to have faith and believe it's Jesus Christ, the Son of God. See? And if you believe, God does the rest of it. You believe that, don't you? All right.


E-5 And another thing, I--I have a great expense at home. My expenses, whether I'm in a meeting or not, runs me between seventy-five and a hundred dollars a day. I send out thousands of letters and everything, across the world, around the world; and books and--and everything, so my expenses are pretty heavy.

And then every penny, when I get a love offering, I go see how much behind we are at the bank. I pay it off, and just pay up enough for then. What I have left over, it goes right straight in foreign missions, to go overseas, to help the people over there. And I--I'm sure, by the grace of God, I'll spend every penny of it as reverently as I know how for the Kingdom of God. And then at the day of the judgment when we all meet together, you'll find out that the reason the black man, or the yellow man, or somewhere in the other nations, it'll be your money that helped send me there to get him saved. And he, I know you'll shout the victory through the ages that is to come, over it.

And I'll be... I'm your brother and I love you. And I used to say this: The night never gets too dark or the rain never falls to hard but what I would come to you. I said that when I first started. I wished I could now. But there's just too many. I--I couldn't do that. But I'll be glad at any time to pray with you by the phone.

Write to me if you want one of these prayer cloths. If I'm home. Now, if the little thing that's made up, will be made up by a mimeograph machine. But the cloth, I have individually prayed over. I know what if it was my baby sick and I had confidence in some brother that God heard his prayer, I wouldn't want some secretary to make it up; I'd want it to come from him. And so they say do unto others as you'd have do unto you. So if you need one...

Now, I'm not saying this. I know a lot of radio talk, with the brothers who has radio programs, they want you to write to them so that they could get your address, and--and send to you for offerings and things. That... You won't get a letter like that, friend.

And I believe that your money belongs in your church. Just exactly where--where it belongs. And you put it in your church, your tithings and so forth to support your church. I'm don't... I'm just trying to help you. You don't have to send one thing. Just send it to... Everything free. Just, you need a prayer cloth, keep it. If it isn't here tonight and you miss yours, you send. If you want one just to keep, you send in--put it on an Acts 19 in the Bible and when sickness strikes your home go pin it on your child if it's got the croup or whatever it is and then believe God with all your heart. And it's absolutely yours free, no charges to nothing. And just want you to be helped of the Lord.

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