The mysteries

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22. Teaching on immortality. [Dream after death of Hope, July ‘37.] [Teaching on man’s soul.]

E-120 And I went to praying. I got real sleepy, a haze come upon me. I went to sleep. I dreamed that I was out west, and I was walking down by the side of a--a prairie, as it used to be. I seen an old prairie schooner and a wheel was broken a laying down sideways; and I was singing that song, or whistling, "The wheel on the wagon is broken..." 'course that was our broken family (You see?) then. And--and it won't run no more. and I was whistling like that, "the wheel on the wagon's broken," going along. And there stepped out from the side that wagon was the most beautiful blond headed girl I ever seen. She was dressed with snowy white, her pretty little blue eyes a shining, her blond hair; she said, "Hello, dad."

I tipped my hat up; I said, "How do you do, miss?"

And she said, "Hello, dad."

I said, "Dad? I beg your pardon."

She smiled and I said... She said, "Well, don't you know me?"

I said, "Well, lady, you're as old as I am. How could I be your father?"

And she said, "Don't you know your teaching, dad? You teach immortality."

See, I don't believe there'll be little babies in heaven. If they're resurrected little babies, they'll always be little babies. If they're real old people that resurrects on a cane or crutch, it'd be that way immortality don't know. We'll be one age, one thing forever. We'll be of one age, I believe with all my heart, about the age of Jesus. I... That's just might be a thought but I don't... I know immortality, if it's resurrect a little baby that big, it will always be that way. I believe we'll be one age; there'll be no old or young. We'll be just in that middle age right there forever. I believe men and women...

Like God when He didn't tell Eve she was a little bitty growed up, or Adam, He just made them in His own image, and that's when He'll do it again, they're a full grown stature of people.


93 And that soul is the same way until the soul died and then was borned again of God, then that soul can't die. "The soul that sinneth shall die. But he that believeth on Me has Everlasting Life," then there's an immortal Life living in that body. Now, that's like a string coming from heaven, like a core on the inside of a man. Now, that's the part that's godly; It operates this body.

But before this body can ever become perfected, the Spirit will bring it in submission to God to make you... It'll war all the time, a constant. Paul said. We'll never get more than he. See? Paul said, "When I would do good, then evil is near me. See?" And there's a constant war, the flesh against the Spirit.

210 And, remember, when this breath passes from this life, to you old people, or to you young people... And you mothers, when you see your little babies, that little girl baby that died when she wasn't eight days old or five days old, she'll be a beautiful young woman when you see her. That old grandpa was all so stooped over; he couldn't hardly see where he was going; when you see him, grandmother, he'll be a fine handsome young man, just as young as about twenty years old, just in the splendor of youth. And he'll be that way forever. You'll can touch his hand; you can shake hands with him. You'll throw your arms around him, but he won't be hubby; he'll be brother. Oh, my. He'll be so much greater than hubby. You think you loved him? Sure you did. But that was phileo; wait till you get agapao. Wait till that real Divine love catches, and then see what is.

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