The mysteries

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9. Law of Contrast.

25 There's a great picture I'd like to picture to you this morning. I see a lamb out in the field a feeding. The little fellow becomes nervous; he just--he wonders. Look over in the reeds right behind him, I see a lion slipping up, real easy (see?), patting his tail on the ground, getting his feet ready for a spring.

That's the church out there in the field. The darkness of communism is pushing all over the world, closing in like a great shadow.

And this is the law of contrast. Take like before day, it's always the darkest before day, because the day's a breaking, pushing the darkness. It's the law of contrast (You see?), makes it the darkest before the day breaks.

THE ARK. JEFF. IN 55-0522

171 Don't be scared. God's driving the winds. God's driving the ark. He has all things provided. Why, Noah wouldn't have had any victories, wouldn't have been storms and trials. If we're just put through a little safe tunnel to run through, there's no joy. The storms of life, what makes us have the joy. We'd never know what daylight was 'less we had some dark. We'd never know what a hilltop was 'less we had a mountain. We'd never know what good health was 'less you had some sickness. You'd never know how to enjoy salvation 'less you was once a sinner. God's made all things, the law of contrast. He loves you.


12 In the garden of Eden sin was so beautiful until it attracted Eve from righteousness to sin. And in the same garden where there was a Tree of Life, there was also a tree of death.

We would know it today as the law of contrast. That where there is good, there is evil; where there is right, there is wrong. And we will never, no matter what our environment may be, ever be able to shake ourselves from the presence of either. Because, Paul said, "When I would do good, then evil is present." The sinner will never be able to shake away from the Christian, the Christian from the sinner. There'll be a witness there of right, and a testimony of wrong always. And you make your choice. You have to take one side or the other.

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