The mysteries

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19. The 8th Mystery of godliness. [1 Timothy 3:16]

E-5 When Jesus Christ came to the pool of Bethesda, in Him was feelings of compassion, for He was a Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. And He loved the people. But when He came to that pool where approximately, I'd say, when the Bible said, "Great multitudes..." where there'd be none less than ten thousand. Saw one place referred that as fifty thousand. Now, let's say approximately a low number, ten thousand people laying there that was halt, blind, lame, withered, and all kinds of conditions like that. And here came Jesus the Son of God.

Well, He was--He was God on earth. He was God in the flesh: I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy, great is the mystery of God, for God was manifested in flesh." The Bible said that God was in Christ reconciling Himself to the world. The only way that God could make Himself known, was to live in His Son, Christ Jesus, suffer death and temptation for all human race. And He had all the qualities of the Father was in Him.
Q. & A. ON GENESIS. JEFF. IN 53-0729

22-71 But now notice, now that man when he come down here... Now, look, here... You say, "Now, what about it now, Brother Branham?"

Now, here you get God in just exactly, and between the oneness and trinity you'll get the thing just exactly right now. Now, look. When God dropped, unfolded Hisself, unfolded Hisself down till He come down to this man... Now, man sinned not in his spirit, but in his body: lust, passion. Then when he sinned, he separated hisself from his Maker. And then God, the Logos, the very Creator of him, came down and was made in the image of man. Man was made in the image of God, and then he was made in the image of beast, and he fell. And God came down in the image of man, in the Man Christ Jesus, to suffer pain. God could not suffer pain in the Spirit. How could He suffer physical pain in the Spirit? He couldn't do it. So God unfolded Himself and was made in the image of man, to redeem the man that was lost. See?

And then God suffered in the flesh. I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy (that's argument), great is the mystery of godliness; for God was manifested in the flesh, seen of angels, preached on...?... and believed, and received up to the right hand of the Father." Is that right? God Himself came down and lived in a human body and suffered temptation. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself." See what love is, the love of God?

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