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Prophecy of Joseph’s birth in Minneapolis

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18. Prophecy of Joseph’s birth in Minneapolis. [July 11-16, 1950.]

E-16 And we lived together four years and God gave back a--the little--little lump of sugar... My little girl, little Sharon that was taken from me, He gave me a--a little Rebecca. And I love her with all my heart and I feel that God sent her. She's a very living image of the other little girl. And then, seemed like she was going to have no more children. Four more years have passed. And when I come back from overseas, I was reading in Cleveland, Ohio, or not Cleveland, but I believe it was Minneapolis, taking the Old Testament, a subject to read. And I was reading of Joseph. And he just outstands to me, Joseph does, of all the patriarchs. And I got down on my knees, and I asked our Lord if He would give us another child: possible, give us a little boy. And I would name him Joseph, if He would give me another little boy.

Immediately, after that, about a month or so, I knew my wife was to be mother. I looked forward for the coming of a little boy: Joseph. And when he was born, or to be born, I said, here at the tabernacle...You all sent so many nice presents and things which will always be remembered in our hearts. And I'm sure the heavenly Father has a record of everything up there. And I pray that He'll bless you.

And I wanted to go home to go to meet the child, to see what would happen. I wanted him to take my place. I wanted someone to take my place, that I would know that the mantle would be on my children, if it could. And it's always been a little place out there, if I could just press over... I see things in part, but I... It just seems like I'm just living a little tributary to a great lake just beyond. And I always thought if I could just get past that one place, oh, my... And maybe I... My background's being so sinful, as I explained, that my people were all sinners before me, and I was raised in a sinful home. And then, trying to keep myself from sin at that time, as much as I knew how, I thought maybe God would let my children come into the blessing, the full blessing. And maybe my little boy would fully be a prophet sent from God; I pray to that.

When I went to meet the little baby, as a nurse from Mayo's had been healed of a cancer a few years ago, given up to die, she was our nurse. When the--the baby was brought and--or come to meet it, instead of the Spirit falling to the baby, it fell back this a way again. And I--I believe it's just ahead of me. I-- what I've ask for is, I believe that God has it just ahead. I believe I'll live to see it. And that's what I pray for.

E-4 You know, I remember, little Joseph about six years before he was born. I was over at Minneapolis a praying. I was just reading the life of Joseph, what a wonderful person he was. And then there was... I went into a little closet where I had my clothes hanging, and I pulled the door together. And I was just a weeping and--and thanking the Lord for this Joseph.

And Something just said to me, not a vision, but Something just said to me, "You'll have a boy, and you'll call his name Joseph."

So I thought, "Well now, that's fine. I thank You, Lord." So I begin to tell the people about it. Well, immediately, about, oh, about a year later, there was a little baby born in our house. When it was coming on, some of them said, "Is this Joseph?"

I said, "I don't know." I said, "Can't say that." For our other one had been a gir, four years since. And so then when the little baby was born, it was a little girl. Then you talk about razzing me, especially my brothers, you know, brothers in flesh that said, "I thought it was right every time, Billy?"

I said, "It is. Just don't worry. He will be here."

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