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Brother Branham back in United States

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16. Brother Branham back in United States. [Healing color man in Memphis, Tennessee.]

E-44 Here not long ago, I was coming from Dallas, Texas, in spring, and I thought... I was flying back, and I was grounded at Memphis, right where my... Had to be one night on the fifth at Memphis, Tennessee. I was grounded there, and they put me up there in that, I believe, the Peabody Hotel, it's called. It's a very nice place. Myself, I couldn't afford to go in it, but the--the airlines sent me up there. And I remember that morning, they called me, said, "Now, the plane will leave at eight o'clock, Reverend Branham." Said, "They'll be by to pick you up."

I said, "Yes, sir." And I got my letters ready and was going down to mail the letters. Now, listen closely, I'm going to close in a minute. And I thought, "Oh, my, I'll go down and mail these letters." And I got out and started down the street, put--trying to find the Post Office. And I was walking down the street singing that little Pentecostal song, let's see:

Telling now, both far and wide,

His power is yet the same,

I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them.

Brother Ryan, you remember, when you used to sing it. And saying, "We..." And going singing that little song. And after while, I felt something going, "Whooo..." [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] got close. I stepped back up behind a great big column there, and I said, "Heavenly Father, what would You have Your servant do?" It kept going, "Whooo..." [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] I was real still a minute, and I heard a deep voice say, "Turn, go back."

Well, I turned and went walking back down the street. I walked. And I walked on past the hotel, on down through south Memphis, just walking on and on. The sun was way high then. The sun was up, and it was a beautiful spring morning. The fragrance of the flowers in the--in the air, had perfumed the air.

I thought, "How beautiful." Was going walking along there. I thought, "Lord, I don't know. You said, 'Walk.' Here I am. I'm walking." I just kept on walking, walking, walking. Walked out pretty near the other side of Memphis. And I remember going down a little hill towards where a little creek of a thing ran through this way, a little tributary there at the river of some kind. I just went walking down through there. There's was a little old whitewashed hut down there; a lot of colored people lived down in that way. I was walking down through there, singing--humming to myself, "Only believe, only believe."

Satan said, "You're going to miss your plane."

I said, "I'll walk. All things are possible." Don't let him tell you a lie. He's a liar. When God is a leading, you go do what God said do. Yes, sir. He tells you you're healed; believe it, and just start walking on. And I just kept on like that, singing, "Only Believe...?..."

I was noticing, leaning across a gate like this, there was a typical old Aunt Jemima, great big heavy set colored woman with a man's shirt tied around her head. She was leaning out across there. I kinda quit singing, humming, when I was far as that wall from her. I just went walking on by.

And when I got there, she kinda looked at me and laughed, and those big white teeth showed, and her tears streaked face like that. She said, "Good morning, parson." I turned. Now, "parson" means "minister or reverend" down in the south. Said, "Good morning, parson."

I looked around. I said, "Good morning, auntie." I said, "Say, how'd you know I was a parson?" She smiled and wiped her eyes. I thought, "Here it is. Something's going on." I could feel the Spirit. I'd walked far enough then. My, when I think about it, my heart leaps.

E-47 I turned around; I said, "How'd you know I was a parson?"

She said, "Parson, did you ever read in the Bible about that Shunammite woman that had that baby by promise?"

I said, "Yes, auntie. I've read that a many a time. I preached on it not long ago."

She said, "I's is that kind of woman, too. And I told the Lord if He give me a child, I'd raise it for Him." Said, "Parson, the Lord give me a boy, and I raised him till he was in his teens." Said, "He took a road that's wrong, got out with some bad company." Said, "He's laying here dying now. He caught a bad disease, and the doctors can't do nothing for him." Said, "They give him all kinds of shots," but said, "he's a backslider." And said, "He laying in here dying." Said, "He'd been unconscious since day before yesterday." And said, "He don't know nothing. He thinks he's out in a big deep sea somewhere, cold." And said, "Parson, it just breaks my heart to see my boy die like that." And said, "I--I want him saved." And said, "I prayed all night. And I said, 'Lord, You give me that baby, but--but where's the Elijah?'" She said, "Now, Lord, will You help me. Don't let my baby die like this." And said, "And the Lord told me this morning..." And said, "I kinda fell asleep there in my chair; and I dreamed that I was to come out here and stand in this gate and I'd see a man coming dressed like you is." Oh, my. You know how that makes you feel?

I said, "Auntie, my name is Branham. Did you ever hear of me before?"

She said, "No, sir, I never heard of you."

Oh, my. I said, "Auntie, I pray for the sick."

She said, "Do you?"

I said--I said, "Can I come in to see your boy?"

She said, "Sure, parson." And when she raised that little old gate back with a chain on it and a plow point for a weight, for a weight behind it... I've went into kings palaces, and I went into big fine homes, but I never was more welcome than I was when I walked in that little gate that morning, under that trestle. She walked just as happy. She knew something had to happen; God was on both ends of the line.

E-49 So I walked into the room. First thing upon there was a little old sign, "God bless our home," little old chunk stove, that we call it in the south, setting there, and a little poster bed. Here was a great big stout looking boy, about a hundred and eighty pounds, around seventeen, eighteen years old, laying there with a blanket in his hand, going, "Mummm, Mummm," like that. He said, "It's so cold, mama. Mummm."

She patted him. She said, "Mama's baby."

I thought right then of motherly love. No matter what he'd done, how much disgrace; it was mother's still baby. She kissed him on his forehead.

And I thought, "If the love of a mother can go like that, what will the love of God do? When He said, 'A mother may forget her suckling babe, but I'll never forget you.'" I think, "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me."

Then while she was over her boy there, I said, "Auntie, let's pray." She never said nothing about his healing, she wanted him to be saved. And so before he went she wanted to have a witness that he was saved. And that old saint got down on there floor. I couldn't pray. Hear her pray, oh, my, she opened up that heart, and the tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, "Lord, if You'll just let him tell me that him going to be with--with Jesus," said, "I'll be happy," and like that. And I just knelt there and held my head down and cried like a baby.

In a few moments, she raised up, she said, "Thank You, Lord." And she went over, she said, "Mommy's baby." Patted it like that. And I felt his feet, just as cold as they could be, death was on the boy. And he said...

I said, "Does he...?"

He said, "He don't know..."

I said, I spoke to the boy, I said, "How you feeling now, young man?"

He just kept going, "Hmm."

She said, "He don't know where he's at parson; he ain't been conscious for two days now."

And I said, "Let's pray again, sister."

And we knelt on the floor, I said, "Heavenly Father, somehow or another last night a storm came up, and You grounded the plane." Don't you believe all things work together for the good. I said, "On my road home to the meeting," I said, "You grounded the plane. And this morning when the sun was shining, I know the hours is passed, the time now for it to leave. But somehow You led me down this way; I don't understand. But I'm putting my hands on this boy in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, and asking for his life to be spared."

And now more the prayer been made, I heard him going, "Um," said, "Oh, Mama."

She raised up, said, "What do mama's baby want?"

Said, "Mama, it's getting light in the room, getting light in the room."

She begin crying; I raised up my hands, begin to offer praise. Up off the bed come that big healthy boy, restored to his normal condition.

E-52 A few months after that, I was passing through on a train, and I stopped in to get something to eat; I heard somebody holler, "Parson Branham." He was pulling one of these little old carts around like that, down there at the station working. He run grabbed a hold of my hand, said, "You remember me?"

And I said, "No, I don't."

He said, "I was the boy you come to that morning, that the Lord led you down there, when mammy was praying." Says, "Parson Branham, I's perfectly whole now, and I's a Christian now."

Christian, oh, brother, and you know what? That plane never left, something happened to it, it was about a hour late, and I got on the plane and got home in time anyhow.

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