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[Second boy healed from car accident in Finland

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[Second boy healed from car accident in Finland.]


E-26 In Finland that night, when the little boy had been raised from the dead, as I told you last night, the little girl. The other little boy was struck and hit over on the other side, his head, had a concussion. They called us from the hospital; the little boy was dying. That poor little Finnish mother; I never felt so sorry for her. There was thousands and thousands; you couldn't get near the auditorium. For two or three city blocks they were just blocked in solid everywhere, in Kuopio, Finland, that's near the Laplands.

And oh, what a marvelous, glorious time we were having in Christ. And when I went in one night, they had to drag me across the little mother. And the next day Mrs. Isaacson said, "Brother Branham, that poor little father and mother," second day, said, "they're setting out here," and said, "it's--it's pathetic to--to see them." Said, "They're crying; they want you to go down there."

I said, "Sister Isaacson, I could do nothing, God would have to show me first." I said, "I'm praying for the child."

Said, "Will you just come out and speak to them?"

So they brought them in the hall. Poor little mother, she run up and said, "Oh, go, heal my baby." 'course, through the interpreter; she did not speak English.

And I said, "Sister, I couldn't heal your baby."

Said, "Well, they raised the other little baby after he'd been dead." Said, "You could heal my little baby; he's dying."

I said, "No, ma'am, when I was over my homeland in America, two years ago God showed the vision and told just where the little boy be laying, and how it would look, how the little fellow would be." Many of you read it in the "Voice of Healing," didn't you? I told you it would be in the "Voice of Healing," and it--it--it is.

And then, the poor little thing, I felt so sorry for her. And she said... I said, "That was a vision."

And she said, "Well, go see vision for my little boy."

Well, that was mighty sweet, but you can't see visions when you want to, not at your leisure; it's God's Divine order, not what I will, but what He will. Now... then... Here's what taken place. I said, "Are you Christian?"


I said, "Look, your little boy may be dying, as the doctor says. And he will go up to heaven because he's a baby," about six, seven years old. I said, "He doesn't know what sin is yet." I said, "He will go up to heaven. And if you die in your sins, you can never be with him no more. And if you get saved, and the little boy dies and goes up to heaven, then if you, when you die, you'll go up to heaven; you'll be with him always, where there's no accidents." And I said, "And perhaps then if you wanted a favor from me, you'd do something for me, something kind. If you want a favor with God, then do something kind."

And so she... Seemed they couldn't lose on that, so they knelt down and begin to cry, and pray, and gave their hearts to Christ. They raised up; then the poor little thing said, "Now, go in see vision for my little boy."

I said, "I'll go pray."

She said, "Come, go at the hospital."

I said, "No, He can show me in my room just the same as He can show me there." I said, "He may not show me at all."

So Mrs. Isaacson finally got them to leave. And every few minutes they'd call back up, say, "Brother Branham seen vision yet?" And they were interested in their little boy, 'cause the doctor said it had not come to and this was the third day.

E-28 We just come from the auditorium that night, and oh, I was standing at the window, had this same Bible over my heart; I went up to the window; it doesn't get dark there at that time of year. There come the Finnish soldiers, and the--and the civilians walking through, just a talking to one another, you know, probably of the meeting, because they was all turned from the auditorium. The whole country in there was just working alive with people.

And I put my Bible down on a table. And coming up my brother Howard, many of you remember he was with us last time here. Now if there's any Canadian people here, I don't mean to say this to any slam to your country. See? When we was in Canada we got a hold of some candy, and oh, my, they just haven't got the stuff to put in it that the American people have. Now, that's... And it was kind of flat tasting. He said, "You talk about Canada's candy being flat, taste this." And he give me two little pieces of candy, and I just laid it down on the table and walked over there. I raised up my hands like that, and I said, "Oh, great Jehovah, how marvelous You are, wonderful." He just healed that little war orphan that night, you know, who had been a crippled, and her one leg was about six inches shorter than the other one, as I told you last night. You seen her picture in the "Voice of Healing," and how she couldn't move with them, a little war orphan. And I was thanking God for her healing.

And standing there, I felt something strange; and I looked, standing here by my side, and there He stood. He had a vase in His hand. I would call it a vase; I don't know too much; it's kind of a long tall affair. And in there was two American, what I call Easter flowers, daffodils, yellow looking. I... We call them Easter flowers in Indiana and Kentucky; I... May have a different name here, but they're kind of a yellow looking flower comes up around Easter.

And they were setting in this little container that He had, little thing. And He set it down here on the table. And one of these little Easter flowers that was leaning to the north, was laying all the way down, and the other one was wilting, going down.

And He looked at me, He's tall, big Man, about two hundred pounds, got dark hair to His shoulders, kind of a olive complexion, always carries His arms folded, comes from the right, always coming to me. He's come since I was a little bitty baby. I was just a few minutes old when He made His first appearance in a little log cabin in Kentucky.

And He was standing there; He'd set those--this little thing down, was looking at me. And I looked at that, and He said, "What did your brother give you?"

And I said, "Sir, two pieces of candy."

He said, "Eat them."

And I picked up one of the pieces of candy, started to eating, taste pretty good, and I swallowed it. And when I did, the Easter flower that was leaning to the north, just exactly, geographically, positionally, the way the first boy fell to the north when the car had hit him, and the other one went to the south, caught him under the chin and hit him against the tree. And the other boy, it run right over him, just mashed him under the car, the one that died. And the one that was living, back in school then, and this little boy was still in the hospital, we hadn't got to him yet.

And so, that one laying down that way, when I eat that first piece it went, whew, raised right straight up.

He said, "Eat the second piece."

And I picked up the piece, and oh, what a terrible taste. I spit it out like that, and that flower begin to go "tuff, tuff, tuff [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]" going right down.

Said, "Fail, and the boy will die."

I put it back in my mouth and chewed real fast and swallowed it. And when I did it went, "tuff [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]," stood right up with the other one. And He looked at me, that ring of Light that you see in the picture, came down over where He was; He went up into the Light and went out.

E-32 Brother Baxter and my brother Howard had went to their room. Brother Lindsay and Brother Moore had went to their room, and Sister Isaacson to her room, and I'd went to my room. And I run out and called, and I said, "Remember, its THUS SAITH THE LORD, that baby's going to live, that baby's that's dying in the hospital." I said, "Call her and tell her."

So then, phones that they have there, it's a little bit of affair that you kinda put in your ear, and turn a little crank. And she called the home, Mrs. Isaacson did; and the people had been called to the hospital, the baby was sinking and dying. They had a babysitter with their other baby. They went to see the last of the baby.

And while they--while they rang the hospital, and the doctor came and brought the lady to the telephone, and said, "That the Angel of the Lord had just appeared in the room and saying, 'Your baby's going to live.'"

And said, "How well I know it. He's setting up in there now to hisself in his right condition, ready to be washed and go home."

The baby today lives in Finland, perfectly, normally and well, because Jesus Christ the Son of God had respect to the prayer of a mother. See? Not me, it was the mother's prayer, her promise to God that she'd serve Him, and the father.

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