The mysteries

[Cripple girl healed in Finland.]

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[Cripple girl healed in Finland.]


E-38 And so we... I'd went ahead and testified of that, long time, about a year before it come to pass. And we went up to Helsinki, from Helsinki to Kuopio; it's a land kind of the midnight sun near up there, and I know... In the middle of the night, it was nothing like this dark. And then along up this time of year, why, it, sun doesn't go down at all, it just goes low and comes back again. And the people were still poorer up in there, than they were down around Helsinki, but just as lovely as they could be.

And at... We went up on a train. Now, if there peradventure would be a Finnish person in this building, my dear friend, and Christian fellow, don't think that I'm degrading your country; if we American people had in our hearts the love of God that you have from your country, with the--the things that we have, it'd be a--the millennium would be on almost here. That's right. But we got plenty; we just don't trust. We just let it go, and just kinda carefree, wouldn't walk across the street.

Don't you think in Finland... They came by the tens of thousands, no cars; they walked. They hitch-hiked. The papers carried it, with bundles on their back. Cripples, they'd wheel one another in, any way they could get in. A fellow rode a little old thing that chugged along like that, I believe, four thousand miles to get to the meeting. And God healed him while he was there. God will respect faith everywhere it's at.

And I... Some of those things just tear down in the middle of me, when I think of it. And I remember, we went up on that little old train, and they give us the best they had. And I--I went up on that little old train, first class, and I'm telling you friends, you American people, is like the--the iron pony that they had in the early days. They didn't have coal to burn; they put wood in the tinder to burn, to make their steam. And Brother Baxter said, "Had square wheels," he was so fat, and the way it would roll and toss him through the night. And they went... Oh, it was poor little people, and they just... But they was just... What they had was yours; they were free hearted.

And when we got off up there, went into the auditorium to have the service, oh, what a crowds of people gathered, my. And I remember, the second day, there had been some wonderful healings take place, and the Holy Spirit... Here's the way it would work. Now, see, it all had to be translated. Mrs. Isaacson was our translator, and the best that I ever seen in my life. Brother Baxter, as rapid as he preaches, she'd follow him right there with his sermon in translation with it. The best I ever knew of. And she would interpret for me.

And I'd be standing there, and the Spirit would come upon me, I'd say, "Here sets a person here." Now, if you notice, always in talking to people, I never look at them too long, because when the anointing's on it brings the person right to you. You see? And I always keep looking from side to side. I look at a person and catch like that, and would tell them just where they was at, and what they'd done, and all about their life, and what was wrong with them. And I'd be speaking in English, and she'd be interpreting, and that person would raise and scream right like that. Just exactly. Oh, He's wonderful.

And I remember, that one night coming in, well, I went up on the hill, at--at Kuopio, and we was coming down. It was a fast day; I fast much, because meetings going on, till I get real weak, and then I have to eat a little. But because this kind cometh out only by fast and prayer. And I don't know what time that kind's going to be on the platform.

So then, I was up there and they were singing, "On Golgotha," it's a Russian song. And two or three Russians was over there. And those people... Let me drop this: Those Russians would follow me, and when I come by they just stop and the tears would just run down their cheeks like that, when I'd pass by them. They'd stand attention like that, and I'd go behind; they look and just cry.

E-42 Look brother, it isn't the Fourth Term, it isn't the Big Four, is the answer; Christ is the Answer. They... I was an American; they was Russians; but the love of Christ is in our hearts and we loved one another. There was the embassies there with guards and the iron curtain and so forth, and them Finns and Russians right at one another's throat. But the Christians had their arms around one another, heart to heart.

Why can't people see that? The god of this world has blinded their eyes. This is the kingdom of the devil. Isn't that a big mouthful? But that's the truth. Every kingdom of the world's controlled by the devil. When Jesus takes over, the king... Read Revelations. Look, when Jesus was taken in the Spirit... I know you didn't get that, so I better explain it.

When Jesus was taken up on the high mountain by Satan, he let Him look down through the stream of time and showed Him all the world and the kingdoms thereof, and said, "They're mine." Is that right? "And I'll give them to You if You'll fall down and worship me." Is that right?

Jesus knowed He'd inherit them anyhow. He said, "Get thee hence, Satan." And then over in Revelation, said, "Rejoice, ye heavens, and you holy prophets, for the kingdom of this world has become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ." And as long as they're controlled by Satan, they got that satanic thoughts and powers, they'll fight until Jesus comes. And there'll be a Stone hewed out of the mountain someday without hands, that'll break these world kingdoms into pieces; and there'll come a Kingdom out of there. Hallelujah. I'm glad tonight I'm a candidate of that Kingdom. Yes, sir. And then there'll be no more war; there'll be no more war after that.

And now those who are in that fellowship of that Kingdom, there's no war between them. A chaplain told me when he was in a concentration camp in Japan, said he was out there one day, and he knew... he belonged--he was a holiness brother. And he said he knew probably he would die in that camp. And he was getting so hungry and they wouldn't feed him, and--and old mold bread and stuff. And said he walked out there...?... let him out. Then he raised up his hands and said, "Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah." And knelt down and said, "Oh, God, I've served You with all my heart, now if You want me to go home to glory from this place starved," said, "I'm ready to go."

And he raised up, and he happened to notice that little Jap walking like this, and keep watching, and walking like that, the sentry walking by, and said he looked like he wanted to see him, so he just walked over close, when he passed by he said, "You Christian?"

He said, "Yes."

He said, "Me Christian too."

Now, them brothers would've tore that cage down and put their arms around one another, the war would been over. You see? But the kingdoms of this world are dominated by the kingdoms, by the powers of Satan (See?); they're going to fight. But someday, "Me Christian too," will be all of us. Amen. That'll be wonderful. There's the answer to all.

E-45 And up there, I come down off of the Kuopio tower, and when I did, they was singing up there. And an Englishman from England, a buyer, was up there, and he was so drunk, and he heard that song, "On Golgotha," and all their songs are in minor. And when he came down, why, he was weeping. And we went over to him and talked to him; he could speak English; and we led him to Christ there on the hill.

And Brother Baxter and them said, "Come on in now," or not Brother Baxter; Brother Baxter wasn't along that day--Brother Lindsay. And he said, "Now, come on; let's eat." There's about thirty ministers up there.

And I said, "No, I can't eat; I don't want to eat until after six o'clock."

We sat down; I listened to them talk and everything, through the interpreter. And I said to Brother Lindsay and Brother Moore coming out, I said, "Something's fixing to happen." I said, "I just feeled it, that something's going to happen." And I said, "I don't know what."

And we got in the cabs. And they don't have many cabs in Finland; the most of them are horse driven. So we was coming down in a car. And down at the bottom of the hill, there was an accident had happened. And a car, an American made '35 model Ford sedan had struck two school children, running at the speed of sixty miles an hour. And the two little boys were going across the street; there's not many cars, so they was... And they started this a way; and they seen the car coming; and they started to run back and one run this way and one this way. And the fender, the driver, swung to the right, and when he did it hit the little boy by the chin, over this way, and just turned him over and smashed him up aside of a tree and concussed his little head in, that way.

And the other little boy, it knocked him straight forward as he give a twist, and run over him, and mashed him under the wheels, and kicked his little body up in the air, when the wheels was, he'd lost control of it. And just threw down on his accelerator in the stead of his break, and it just... The little boy's body just rolled up like that, and flew up in the air, and when out in the street, and fell, like that. Oh, just mashed the little fellow.

And we were way up on the hill, way a way, and we seen the accident happen. And then people begin to run from the school, and was quite a little bit, about fifteen minutes, till we got down to where the little boys were.

And they'd done took one little boy; I didn't know but there was but one of them. But the other one, they'd done got him in another car and got him away. And there's no more cars there. And I drove up, or they drove up, rather.

And Brother Moore, when he got out, he started weeping, come running back to the car, said, "Brother Branham..." And Brother Lindsay, here he come; he had a little boy too; and my Billy Paul, I hadn't seen him for a long time.

And Billy's mother, you know, is dead, and I've been both mother and daddy both to him. And I--I packed him around with his bottle against my bosom here, to keep it warm in the cold weather, and crying, walking up-and-down the streets. You've read my life story, like that, and don't know what to do. And the little bitty fellow leaning on my shoulder. And he's always scared when I go away. 'Course he's almost a young man now, and--but I thought of him, "What if that would be him?" And what if I'd--a telegram would come across the sea and say, "Billy Paul was crushed in a car wreck, and he's laying dead, wanting you to come home."

And oh, how I begin to think, how that poor mother, they'd gone after her, and there the little fellow laid there with a coat over his face. They said, "Come, look at him."

I couldn't look at that child. I just set there, and I was just shaking, like that, and Brother Lindsay just a holding his breath like that, and crying. He's got a little boy too. And so, finally, I took a look at the little boy. They was going to pick him up; we had to take him to a place.

Now, if I hadn't been so excited, I'd have caught it right away. And as soon as I stepped out of the car, Mrs. Isaacson said, "Isn't that terrible?"

Said... Them people said, "There's that miracle worker from America, let's see what he will do on this case."

And I said, "Well, it's just people who didn't under..."

E-49 And the chief man of the city, I guess, it was kinda like a mayor of the city, he was near. And so we--we went... I went over there, and they looked, and oh, my, poor little fellow laying there, his mouth open like that, and his little eyes open, his little hands like this. And they wear those little, I guess, they used to call them little pantywaists for boys, you know; and he had that big heavy ribbed stockings. And his little shoes was knocked off of his feet, and one of his little feet that was twisted up like this, was run plumb through, his little foot run through his--his stocking at the bottom. Oh, he was a--just horrible laying there, had eyes open like that, setting. I said, "Poor little fellow." And that just made it worse. And I--They was going to put him to the car.

And as I started to turn around, I looked in front of the little boy; I felt something go, "Whew." [Brother Branham blows.--Ed.] I said, "Maybe that's just my sympathy for the little fellow." I started to make another step, something went, "Whew." [Brother Branham blows.--Ed.] I waited just a moment; I turned around; I said, "Let me see that boy again." And they pulled back the--the coat they had laying over him. I said, "I've seen that boy somewhere." I said, "That... Ask those ministers if he's been in the church, member of their church."


I said, "Has he ever been in the prayer line?"

Brother Lindsay said, "No."

I said, "I've seen him somewhere, and I don't know where, but it looks like..." And I looked around, and I seen them big rocks piled up laying there, I said, "Praise God, I know where I saw him." I said, "Brother Moore, get your Bible. Brother Lindsay."

Said, "What's the matter, Brother Branham?"

I said, "Look at the folder, the leaf in your Bible." I said, "That's the little boy that's going to be raised from the dead."

And they... Brother Moore run over to the car and got his Bible, he said, "Brown hair, brown eyes, about eight years old, poorly dressed, crippled, been mashed by a accident, a rocky land," said, "Brother Branham, that's it!"

I said, "That's him."

Oh, my, you don't know how that feels; you know where you're at then. All devils out of hell, if he'd line everything there was in hell up around, it'd never stop it. It's there; it's got to happen. Now, the only thing is just drama. I said, "Now, I remember, I knelt to this side in the vision when I prayed." You have to do just as you seen it. And I knelt down; they all gathered around. I said, "Now, watch, THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD, this boy's life will return to him."

And there he'd been dead; they'd taken his pulse and everything; he was gone. So, and all mashed up like that. And I knelt down and I said, "Heavenly Father, many thousands of miles across the sea in that lovely nation where I come from, America," I said, "down there that night when You moved into that room in that lovely place and told me that this would be; and I testified of it and stood and said that You'd bring it to pass. And now, Thy servant sees the day that is to be fulfilled." I said, "I thank Thee, heavenly Father, for the power of vision, and I thank Thee for all Your goodness. And now, Eternal God, Author of life and Giver of all good gifts, I ask You to bless this scene with Your Presence."

And when the Angel of the Lord begin to move down, I said, "Oh, holder of this boy's spirit, death, according to a vision that God has already showed that you cannot hold this child; therefore, I call for his little soul to return to him in the Name of Jesus Christ."

And no more than I said that, the boy jumped to his feet just as normal and well as he could be, just as perfect and normal and whole as he could be. That's wrote throughout Finland, everywhere; its scattered abroad to I tell you. That was in the evening time; the other boy, I'll get it tomorrow night.

E-50 One more little thing, I see I've got about six minutes; I'll try to get it quickly.

Oh, when I went into the service that night, and the other little boy was laying, dying, I didn't know it. And the mother just screaming and crying, trying to get to go down there to that little boy. Everywhere they talked it. It went over; I don't know how it ever got, because you can't broadcast news like that in--or anything in Finland; it's just all strictly otherwise.

And then, the first thing you know, I went into the build--started to go to church that night, and the--the fame of our Lord had spread so, that He was in the midst of the people until way down, three city blocks below where the auditorium was, the streets were just packed like that. And you couldn't get near. And some...

They had the militia out, the Finnish soldiers. And some of them, little tiny boys didn't look like had never even shaved in their life. And the poor little fellows. And they formed a little group to take me down through the line. And I was going down, and they were pushing people along to let me get in.

So when I got to the place and started to go in where the services was, I'll never forget this. Poor Finnish people standing there, they would just start crying; soldiers stand at attention. And now just a moment, and I'm going to call the prayer line now.

I was going into the auditorium and the ladies dormitory, or rest room, such as it was. I... They'd closed the doors, the officers behind me; there was two in front and two in the back. And I was going, walking in. And the doors closed. And I looked, and a door opened over here at the rest room, and a little Finnish girl stepped out. And I'll never forget that look of that little thing.

Now, I just love little children; they used to give me some of that Finnish money, and after--after they'd all get in the auditorium, I'd go down the street, and find them little Finn children, you know, and I'd give them this--this money to buy candy with. And I'd have a string of kids two city blocks long following me nearly. [Blank spot--Ed.]

And they had little, their little skirts, the little Finn girls... Now to you American girls [Blank spot--Ed.]

She had no control of the shoe. And she had a--a brace on either side of her, come up like this, and then around her sideways, and in the toe, I'll get it here, in the toe of her shoe like right here, she had a snap. And the snap come up on this right foot; it was her right limb, and went up here, and went across her shoulder, and hooked back here in the back to the back of the brace. And the brace around like this and down like here... And she had two crutches. And the way she'd walk, she'd set the two crutches out, and then she'd swing her shoulder, and that would pull that toe out, and set that stiff brace down to where her limb was free in the brace, and she could make her steps then on crutches, and that's the way she walked.

And when the little thing come out of there, just about so high... You all, many of you know and seen her picture; it's in my book there, I believe. And when they come out, and she--she looked at--at me, and that little ragged cut hair, and her little skirt hanging down, just tags hanging from it, ragged. And when she looked... She opened the door and set her crutches out and looked and she seen me, she jumped. She bowed her little head down; tears dropped off of her cheeks. I knew that child wanted to come to me. But she'd been warned; they had not to come, you know. And I stopped, and them soldiers started to push me on; I shook my head, "No." I couldn't help it. I motioned for her; I know she wanted to come over there, and I just motioned for her.

And here she come, setting her little crutches out and giving her little leg a swing. And when she got up, I just stood still, and see what she was going to do. I love children so. She got up real close to me, and she looked at me. She set her little crutches so she could hold on them. And she looked down; she didn't raise her head. And she took hold of my coat, pulled it up, and kissed my pocket, and dropped it back down like that. And she looked up to me, and them little baby blue eyes with tears running off her cheek; she backed off like this, pulled her little dress out and said, "Kiitos."

E-54 And I found out she was a little war orphan, her father and mother was killed in the Russian war. And looking at her, I said, "Oh, sweetheart, God bless your little heart." I said, "You're healed." But she couldn't understand what I was saying. I knowed God would respect faith like that. I said, "You're healed, honey." And then them soldiers kept pushing me on.

And I went on in. And that night, the people when the things would happen they'd just throw away their crutches and wheel back their chairs and things. You've seen the pictures in the "Voice of Healing," just armloads of crutches and clubs, they'd... And I said, "Let's call just a few more."

My brother said, "Billy, you remember, long time overseas, got to get out of here."

But I wasn't completely gone yet, so, I said, "Just a few more." And by God's great providence, I heard a noise, and she was the next one to be on the platform. I looked there, and I tell you: I never had such a feeling. And here she come, and she was still crying. And I said, "Sister Isaacson, come near." I said, "Quote my words; repeat my word." And I said, "God bless you, honey. You're the little girl that was out in the hall awhile ago when I come in." I said, "Jesus Christ has already healed you, sweetheart. When you go over there and have--you set down, and have someone take those braces off, and you put your hands on your little hip, and when they move this shoe and brace off of you, let your hands slip just about the same distance that your leg is short, and then let me see you." I said, "Call the next case."

And some of the Finnish brethren got over there, was taking it off. And the other lady was standing there, the diagnoses, of the discernment of the lady was coming forth, you know, giving the discernment. And all at once I heard her scream and here she come, crutches and braces over her head and running just as hard as she could go, just as normal and well as anybody. Up-and-down them steps she went, and around and around, marvelously healed.

What is it, friends? "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Be humble; let yourself be the lowest of all. Don't ever exalt yourself; if you do, you're going to become abased. Humble yourself, and God will lift you up. Don't figure that God owes you anything; remember, you owe Him all. And we're not under obligation, or God's not under obligation to us; we are under obligation to God. And love Him with all your heart; believe on Him and God will bless you, I'm sure.

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