The mysteries

[Boy in Finland raised from dead in 1950.]

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[Boy in Finland raised from dead in 1950.] [Prophesied in 1948.]


E-24 And now, friends, these are not mythical stories, their addresses everything, and who you can contact and royalty, and everything, doctors and so forth, to see if it's truth. If you would doubt it, you're welcome to write to the people.

Coming down off the mountain, I said to Brother Lindsay, and to Brother Moore, many of them, I said, "Seems to me something is fixing to happen."

Said, "What is it, Brother Branham?"

I said, "I don't know."

And in the meeting that way that's the reason... I don't want to be an isolationist, stay away from the people. But when that anointing once strikes, it isn't--it isn't... Just looks like It's near all the time. There's something; it's another world, like two worlds, you break over into this world and this world, and you--you stay in it too long, you hardly know just... Now, when leaving the platform, when It comes on, I feel like, oh, I was up in the heavens. But when It's off of me, I feel good. But in-between those times, it's seems like you're just stepping off the world. You--you can't walk, and you--you hear pe... I don't know how you do feel. No need of me trying to explain it. You can't explain God; you got to believe God. It's not... You can't explain it; it's by faith.

So coming down the highway in Finland, a used foreign car, about five years old, would probably cost two thousand dollars or more. Gasoline is over a dollar a gallon. So you can imagine, very few cars. We had twenty-five thousand in Messuhalli and I think there was three cars setting outside. They walk or ride bicycles or best way they can get there.

And so when I was coming down out of Kuopio... We went up over the Iron Curtain, and coming down through Kuopio, just before we get into the city where we was to have the meeting... Well, we'd been one night already in there, or two nights, and they just taken me up to this tower where the Germans and Russians come over and bombed Finland out.

Well, coming down the road, I noticed a great crowd of people. And a--a American made thirty-five model Ford hit two little boys coming home from school. The people live in the city, have their farms out, then come back in the city. Had struck two little boys, hit one under the chin... They started, flung one, one way and one the other. They grabbed each other's hands and the car driver lost control, and had hit one and threw him against the tree and broke his little neck in there. And the other one, it run over him, mashed him under the wheels and kicked him way up in the air and threw his coat off of him, and he fell on the grass plat. The doctor had been there and pronounced him dead. The other little boy, they thought was still alive, and another car had picked him up and took him on to the--the hospital, such as it was.

And we come up. Well, Sister Isaacson, Brother Lindsay, Brother Jack Moore, many of you know those men, and editor of "The Voice of Healing," and all them was right along to watch it. And they went over to look at the little boy. I set in the car. Because I've got a little boy here myself, Billy Paul, was over home and it'd been months since I seen him, and I didn't want to look at a little dead boy at that time. So they said, Brother Lindsay come back, and weeping like a baby, said, "Brother Branham, you ought to see it."

And I said, "I don't want to see it." So finally, Something told me, "Go look at the boy." And I went over to take a look at the little fellow, and I looked at him and I thought, "Oh, mercy," I turned my head and started walk away. They had the coat over the baby; they couldn't move it. The law in Finland, the parents had to come there first and give orders to move the baby. And they went the country, and I was thinking, "How that father and mother is going to feel now when they come in and that little boy laying there dead. Out of the... come from their field from working."

E-28 And everybody works in Finland, the women wear great big thick dresses, big boots, and everything. They don't have nice dainty clothes that we Americans have. They all... Happen to be this suit come from Finland; you can see how thick and heavy it is, that's summer, winter and all.

And so when we come down, I started to walk back, and as I walked away from the little boy, I felt Somebody put their hand on my shoulder. I looked around; I thought it was Brother Moore, or some of them. And there was nobody around me. And the hand was still laying on my shoulder. Why, I wondered how that was. Well, I happened to think it might... I walked back towards the little boy, and when I started back towards the little boy (I was going away from him), when I started back, the hand got--went off of my shoulder. And I said, "Can I look at that little boy again?" And Mrs. Isaacson asked the man who was given the guardian, the officer. And he pulled the coat back, and I looked at that little boy, and I seen that little foot run through the sock, those little waists, panty waists, we call them, you know and... here. I seen the little brown hair, crock cut like. I looked up, and here come a ridge running down, like that, of lap rock with evergreen trees growing around. I said, "Thank You, Lord."

Oh, you'll never know how you feel. There it was. I said, "Brother Moore, come here. Brother Lindsay."

Said, "What's the matter?"

I said, "Turn to the flyleaf in your Bible and look at that little boy." See, just like this is written right here. And I had it written, in, oh, I guess, thousands of Bibles across the United States and Canada, having people to write it down like I'm having them write this down. And see if it... Just watch it come to pass. I said...

Brother Moore said, "Let's see. A lapland where rocks are laying, evergreen trees, little socks. Why," said, "Brother Branham, there's the boy."

I said, "That's him. There he lays."

Oh, my, when God has spoke it, all devils in hell can't stop it. God's done said so. I turned around; I said, "Now, let everyone know."

E-30 Now, they just fixing the little boy then to put him in this car. I said, "Let everyone know to keep quiet." And the main man of the city, which was the chief man, which was equivalent to the mayor here in the city... I said, "Now, everyone be reverent and just wait a minute."

And I knelt down and prayed, and asked God to confirm His Word which He had spoken. And God Who is my Judge, in five minutes from then the little boy jumped up and was running and screaming on top of his voice, alive.

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