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Missionary trip to Finland started April 6, 1950

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15. Missionary trip to Finland started April 6, 1950.

[In England to pray for the King and Florence Nightingale.]


E-34 (…) I remember when Florence Nightingale, when we landed in London, England. I was in Houston when I got her picture. You see it in the book there. Florence Nightingale her--her grandmother founded the Red Cross. She sent many letters and three or four airplane tickets to fly to Durban, South Africa: nothing but a skeleton. Cancer on the duodenum of the stomach. All the best surgeons through out the lands couldn't touch her. It was growed plumb over, covered her stomach over. She'd cried and begged. And I committed it to the Lord, and said, "Lord, if You'll just heal her, I will go down there someday."

And I went over to England; I was going there. The king had sent me a cablegram, to come for his multiple sclerosis, after Mr. Leymond in Fort Wayne had been healed. I told him, "I only could pray and do what the Lord would say do."

Mr. Leymond was setting in the meeting, bed patient for ten years. I looked out there and seen a vision of him, walking. I said, I said, "Sir, the Lord Jesus has made you whole. Stand up!" And a man had been a bed patient for ten years walked down through the building. He was a friend of King George's private secretary. I got his seal, his letter, and everything. Second day he played eighteen holes of golf, after he couldn't stand up the next day five minutes at a time. Amazing grace how sweet the sound!

Look. I heard a page down there at the international airport. And I went in there, and Mr. Baxter, one of the managers went in, while the rest of us was going on. And said, "Florence Nightingale has just flew in a few minutes ahead." Said, "She's dying out here in a plane." Why there was thousands of people had gathered there. I couldn't even get near the place. I told that Anglican minister, I said, "Take her to your parsonage. I'm going down to Westminster Abbey. And after that, I'm going over to Buckingham Palace. I will be to see you." And I didn't get to see her till the next morning.

And they come and got me, and I went into her room. And Christian friends, if you'd have ever seen that sight, a woman almost about five foot ten inches tall, laying there. When I went in, she couldn't move, she was laying like that. Her doctor was there and two nurses, several of the ministers, the Anglican ministers. She was saying something with her lips. I couldn't hear her.

She wanted to shake my hand, so the nurse picked up her hand and laid it in mine. Just like touching that, it was just bones.

Georgie Carter, at Milltown, Indiana, was the skinniest girl I ever saw, she weighed thirty pounds when she was healed. She's my piano player there now, by a vision.

I looked at her. What a feeling, a mortal being like some of us here tonight, we are, all... And holding her hand... So she was trying to say something else. The nurse got down to say what she'd say. She said, "I want Brother Branham to see my body." And they pulled the sheet down. I'm in a mixed audience; you listen to your doctor, so I'm your brother. But as a woman in the breast here had dropped plumb through her ribs. And in here, her stomach was about that flat. The cancer had eat her so, until the ring in her hip, the bone, the skin was sticking together through the ring of the hip. Her legs was about that big around, couldn't move. The veins had collapsed. She said to the nurse to tell me, ask him to let... "Have God to let me die." She couldn't die.

E-38 And I looked. Knowing that square head there, where all the flesh was off, just the--just the skull, tears was coming out of her eyes. I wondered where there was enough moisture to make those tears. I couldn't ask her.

The nurse said, "Rev. Branham," said, "she's a worthy person." Said, "She's read your literature in your books, and she said while she was in Africa, if she could even get where you were at, that God would make her well."

I thought, "Oh, my." And there I was--was... just walking around through England. I said, "Of course, I can only pray for her, but I couldn't ask God to let her die." So I said, "Will you brethren, the doctor and all of you, will you kneel for prayer?" Brother Baxter, Brother Gordon Lindsay, and many of them that you know, knelt in the room. And if any of you has been in England, along in April, you know it's awful foggy there. It was upstairs in a place, the parsonage was down this... Why, the church this way, one of those big Anglican churches. And I knelt down by a window, was about that high from me; I said, "Our Father, who art in heaven," about that time something come flying through the bushes. It was a little turtledove. He sit on the edge of this window, looked right down like that, and begin to walk back and forth, up-and-down the window, going "Coo-coo-coo-coo." I continued to pray. The rest of the ministers stopped.

When I said, amen, in a few minutes, and raised up, the little dove took his flight and flew away. The minister said, "Did you notice that dove?"

E-22 About ten people were present to watch it. And I noticed all the ministers stopped praying, every one. When I said, "Amen," the little fellow took his flight back out to the bushes. Well, I raised up, and of course, was weeping a little, all of us. And the ministers begin to say, "Did you notice that dove?"

And I started to ask if it was just a pet dove. And I had no more that I could say, and knowed no more what I was going to say, but all of a sudden, something burst through and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, she'll live and not die." She weighs a hundred and fifty-five pounds now in perfect health. That opened the way to Africa and started a revival.

In Finland we was coming down off the mountain that day, I'd been fasting for several days. [A brother says, "Just a few weeks ago I saw a letter from that woman, she's well and helping, working hard for other folks."--Ed.] Miss Florence Nightingale. Less than six months, she was well, gained her weight. I've got her picture, it's in the book. Oh, we haven't got any of those books, I'm sorry, called "A Prophet Visits Africa." They're out of print now; we sold several thousand of them. And we just got our finance to go overseas, and we haven't got the finance to put more books out; that's the reason we haven't got them. But we got the other book back there of the story of this little boy.


E-10 Here not long ago, when we met in England (just for a couple experiences), I was in my room one day and I went in told my manager; I said... I was setting in the room and I seen a vision of Satan coming to us... [Blank spot--Ed.] Told them just about how long it would be, somewhere within about twenty-four hours, and there it happened.

One morning, I remember getting up, going down into the city about five o'clock. He woke me up; He said, "Get on your clothes." And I went down into the city, I walked about three miles. I believe that was in. [Blank spot--Ed] And I went under a tree by a river, and I prayed till nine o'clock, from five until nine. Then about nine o'clock, He wouldn't let me go. I knowed they'd be wondering where I was at when they got to the room and I wasn't there. So I was praying; I heard His voice say, "Rise up now." I rose up.

Now, it's just not just imagination friends. My--His voice is just as audible as mine is to you. Just--not--when He stands there, it's not just what you just imagine. I hear Him when He's talking, look at Him, talk to Him like you talk to me or I talk to you. It's a Being, not just a imagination. And I can hear Him when He sets His feet down, walks. When He talks, He just talks like I do. Oh, He's got a--a voice that's very humble in one way, and then very stern in another. His characters, no man could paint that. Just like if He'd speak, it'd turn the world up-side-down. Yet He's so meek when you look at Him, you'd almost cry.

And He said, "Get up."

And I got up, and started walking. And I walked about a mile and... I'm--was going by a store that I seen the day before. I didn't know what to do, only walk; He said, "Walk." I thought, I will just go around this corner. And I got to the corner; He said, "Turn to your right." I went to the right two squares, and then said, "Turn to your left."

E-14 And just in a split second, I seen my interpreter from the night before. And I knew something's going to happen, 'cause He just kept getting, closer and closer. I knew what was going to happen; it's going to be right away. He come up to me and shook my hand. And there he said, "Brother Branham, it's something strange."

I said, "Just a moment," and I begin to tell him.

And he looked at me. And when he did, I seen us in a vision standing there when he was translating the night before. I said, "You just come from the hospital, haven't you?"

He said, "Yes, sir."

I said, "You had one of your kidneys removed."

He said, "That's right."

I just met him the day before. Only thing from the platform that night. I said, "About three or four years ago you were supposed to do something, and you did not do it. Isn't that true?"

He said, "That's right."

I said, "Then you had an operation. And since your operation it's went over into the other kidney. That right?"

He said, "That's right."

I said, "Last night when I was praying in a congregational prayer, didn't you take your hand and take hold of my coat like that, real easy?"

He just started crying. His tear--hands up in the air, said, "That's right, Brother Branham. And I asked God last night, if that was so that He would confirm it. And about a half-hour ago He told me get up and go down on the street."

And in just one second's time and I would've missed him. There it was confirmed of his healing. How God works in mysterious ways.

I went up and met Brother Moore, Brother Lindsay, and them. We went downtown. He's going to walk me around just a little, for the Spirit was still anointing. I just keep walking lots of times that way, 'cause I can't be still then. Went downtown. We was standing, looking in the window, and I said, "Brother Moore."

Said, "Yeah."

I said, "Now, on the road back, there'll be a man with a dark suit on and a light hat, step out of a building ask me to go pray for his wife, only I can't do it."

He said, "When will that happen?"

I said, "On a--sometime this morning," I said, "because when the vision came it's the same morning."

And we'd been gone about a half-hour after that, we turned around a corner, stepping out of a store came a man with a black suit on a--a gray hat. Took his hat on, said, "Brother Branham, I'm so glad to meet you." Said, "I've got my wife upstairs here."

Jack... Brother Moore said, "What about that?"

We went on in.

E-16 Brother Baxter, the next manager. That afternoon we were walking, went downtown, standing there on the street. I said, "I see two women dressed in dark that's coming out of a store, will stop us pretty shortly, Brother Baxter."

And we'd gone just about two squares, and I was looking in a man's store at some ties. And just then coming out of this same store, came two ladies dressed in black and run up to us and begin to holding their hands. They couldn't talk English, but wanted a--a discernment of spirit of what was wrong with them on their hand.

Brother Baxter said...

I--well now, those things happen all the time. But I--I don't mention them, friends, unless it's something that will profit or benefit--something like that.

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