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13. God’s Message. [Two signs and a 15-year revival.]

E-54 (…) But see, friends, I can't depend on myself. I have to depend on It. I don't say nothing; It does the talking.

Now, look. When God does something on the platform, all of you believe it. This is nothing but just to show God's attitude. If one time it could be done, ought to prove to you all that Jesus is here to do it. Is that right?

Moses was a prophet sent of God. He had two signs to show to the people that he was--he had God's Message. And when he performed those two signs, the people believed him. He never had to perform it anymore, the people believed him.

And if I come to you like that, and ask those things, should not you believe with all your heart? If I could perform the signs that God promised me to do, then you all ought to believe with all your heart. Isn't that right? That is true.

E-41 And I believe that this universal revival that's sweeping the lands today is a indication of the Message like it was in the days of Noah, while men and women are rioting in sin. And Noah had a fanatic Gospel that he preached. But he called people to an ark of safety.

And I believe that the glorious Gospel of the Son of God, manifested by the Holy Ghost, is sweeping the country today, and bringing people into the Ark which is Christ Jesus, safely secured from all the judgments that's going to come. And when the judgment strikes the earth, and the atomic powers rock the nations, we'll ride above the waves into glory. I believe it.

180 And in Malachi 4, for the church age, He said, "I'll send to you Elijah before that day." Now, that couldn't have been John, 'cause the world wasn't burned up back there and the righteous walked out upon the ashes of the wicked. No. It's this age, a message that'll go forth, that'll what? Restore the faith of the people, the church today that's out of all these different corruptions, and a putrefied, sored body of denomination, back to a living faith in a living God. The Message has been going on for years. That's right. It's time now that we should receive and believe the end-time evangelism is to restore. Joel said the same thing, "I will restore all the years the cankerworm eaten."


27 Now, I have a Message that I'm responsible for. When the Message first started out, it was of course... Everybody was praying for the sick, great signs, wonders, and miracles, that started especially in the Pentecostal people, a universal revival of a healing campaigns that swept the world. For fifteen solid years there's been revivals on every hill there is, I suppose. Revival fires are burning. Literally millions have accepted Christ as their Saviour by that one commission. That inspired from there to Oral Roberts, and so forth, and on and on as it's went around, after the Pentecostal church was laying in its dead slump as it was then.

My intentions and desire tonight is to awaken that church again to the coming of the Lord Jesus at hand. I have to rebuke it. I have to rebuke sin in whatever manner it is. I don't mean it to anybody's denomination. I have a Message.

Now, its hard to get in a church for a sponsorship just as it was with our Lord Jesus, 'cause it's Him; it isn't me. But as He preached at the first, and healed the sick, raised the dead, and cleansed the lepers, and cast out devils, everybody wanted Him. But there come a time where there's a Message that always follows every sign, because the sign has a voice. But when He set down one day, and said, "I and My Father are One." that was more than they could stand.

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