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11. The 17th Mystery of the “Pillar of Fire” returning to led the Church. [Exodus 23:20]

E-28 For a reading of the Word found in Exodus the 23rd chapter, 20th verse, beginning, God sending His prophet Moses:

Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.

Beware of him... obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.

But if thou will indeed obey his voice... do all that I speak; then will I be an enemy to thy enemies, an adversary to thy adversaries.

For my Angel shall go before thee...

Moses did nothing. It was the Angel of God. Is that right? What did It look like that led Israel? A Pillar of Fire by night, and a Cloud by day. I believe He's still leading on. We know that was Angel of the covenant. Is that right? It was the Logos or the Christ. He's still the same, leading the people today as He was then.


E-53 All right, little lady, you come forward. Now, everyone be just reverent as you can.

If I'm not loud enough, you tell me, 'cause when It comes down over me, the anointing, that... How many seen the picture? You seen the... All of you've seen the picture of It, haven't you? You mean there's people here that hasn't seen the picture of It?

It's been taken and examined by a government examiner. It's at the table back there. Here, I believe it's... Here it is when It was caught in the picture.

Now, that is tested by the G. Edgar Hoover outfit, of fingerprint and photography, and so forth, to be proven that it's perfect. The first time in all the world's history that a supernatural Being was ever--was ever photographed. First time in all the world's... George J. Lacy at--at the Shell Building in Houston, Texas, was the one who had to examine it for two days. If you notice, see how It's licking and blazing and burning? And they... George said, "Well, go before the world."

First, it had to be tested. It's not a trick photography or something. And we got the best that the United States has got, and he kept it two days. And his--his statement's right here. No picture can be given out until the statement goes with it.

And there it is. It whirled right down before thousands of people, right over where I was, a licking, flaming fire, go... [Brother Branham illustrates the sound--Ed.] right around, like...

When I was standing there testifying, I said, "I tell the truth. And if I tell the truth, God will testify of me, for I testify of Him. And if I do not tell the truth, God will not testify of me." And I said, "Through signs and wonders, He testifies." And I said, "He can testify..." And about that time, here He comes. And He testified. And there it is now.

Demons has screamed it out. Unbelievers, scientists have to say it's true.

Mr. Lacy looked at that, he said, "Well, it's been said by hypocrites that those lights that were around the saints and the Saviour, was just artist's work." Said, "They were there because it can't be doubted no more. That is not psychology; a optical lens of the camera won't take psychology. No, it's there." Here's the paper of it. If we had time, we would write it.

That's the way It comes into the meeting. That's the way It's been seen many, many times.

When I was baptizing hundreds down at the Ohio River at the foot of Spring Street in Jeffersonville, where thousands were backed on the bank... At right at two o'clock in the afternoon, I was baptizing the seventeenth person. I started to pray, and thousands standing there looking. And down from the heavens came that green, whirling down like a big star in the distance. When It got close, It was that Light, a Pillar of Fire.

I think It's the same One that led the children of Israel in the days that went before Moses. And It's in the church today. It's here tonight, the same Pillar of Fire.

When He told me, He said, "As Moses was given two signs to vindicate his ministry, so will you be given two signs. And by these signs, that people will believe." And there It is. I believe It's the same Angel of the covenant.

And He came down when hundreds and hundreds standing there, people fainted, and fell, and everything. The papers carried a great article, "Mystic star appears over minister at two o'clock in the afternoon while baptizing." There It was.

Friends, settle yourself down. The hour has come. There's been a lot of "playing religion." There's been a lot of playing church. But the hour has come where God's calling out His people. That's right. And He's vindicating it by signs and wonders. And that's it.

And here's the statement. Anyone's welcome to read it. It's here anytime, and for anybody. And look at it.

E-12 Now, Angels has always been ministering spirits that's sent to the church. Is that right? All through the apostolic age, or apostolic age, they had ministering Angels that went with the apostles, the disciples. Is that right? And most always, they appeared to them in a form of Light. Is that right? A Light shined down upon Paul (Is that true?), blinded him.

Peter was in the prison, and a Light shined in, the Angel of the Lord, and told him. Many different places in the Scriptures refers to Them as a Light through the Pillar of Fire that followed the children of Israel: a Pillar of Fire. And this...

Any Bible teacher knows that the Angel that led Israel was the Angel of the Covenant (Is that right?), which was Christ. Amen.

Notice. Now, as Jesus, or the Christ... Moses suffered the loss of his--the throne that he would've had in Egypt, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. He chose to follow a Pillar of Fire (An Angel of God appeared to him in a burning bush), rather, than to be king of Egypt.

Now, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that true? And if He appeared to Moses in a form of a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel... As He led them in the natural, so could He lead His church in the spiritual today.

They were on their road to the promised land. Is that right? We're on our road to the promised land. Is that right? "In My Father's house is many mansions. If it wasn't so, I would've told you. I go up and prepare a place and come again to receive you unto Myself."

E-45 And God, when He came down and was made flesh, and dwelt among us... You say, "Well, after He--He was here on earth?"

He said, "I came from God, and I go back to God." How many knows He said that? Sure He did. Said, "I come from God, and I return to God."

After His death, burial and resurrection, Paul was on his road down to Damascus, and a great Light (Pillar of Fire) met him in the road, and blinded his eyes. And he fell to the ground, and he heard a voice saying, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?"

He said, "Who are you, Lord?"

He said, "I'm Jesus." Amen. A Pillar of Fire! And here today... Not because It was taken with me; not because It was even taken on this pulpit once, not because it was taken, or not because the scientific world knows it, but the church knows it: That Pillar of Fire is with the church today. If that's the same Pillar of Fire, then It'll do the same works that He did when He was here on earth. And when He was here, He said, "I do nothing till the--I see the Father doing it first." Is that right?

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