The mysteries

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9. Types and typologist.


For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect.

E-46 Then I look at them. And immediately after that, they needed food to live on. God rained food down out of heaven, manna, type of the Holy Ghost. Every morning they went out and picked it up. It was good. They eat it. It taste like honey. They would just lick their lips and eat it.

I tell you, this Holy Ghost that rains now, which that was a type of and this is the Antetype, It taste like honey. That's right. I seen the saints of God so drunk upon It till they licked their lips, say, "Um, um, so good." There's something about honey. That's right.

9 In the studying of the Scripture, I have been accused, and do a great deal of typology. Which typology is typing the Old with the New. I'll tell you why I do that. It's because of this.

Maybe sometimes the--the great words that scholars and so forth try to give the Bible Its--Its terms or pronouncing... I'm satisfied to take the King James for mine. It's waved the storms longer than any translation yet, and I just believe it that way.

And I just believe it that way. And I believe that all the Scripture teaches that all of the Old Testament was a shadow of the things to come. Therefore, if I am going towards that wall, and my shadow is there before me, it will declare something like I am when I come there. It would show whether I was a four-footed beast, or whether it was a fowl, or whatever it was; the shadow will declare it.

And the Old Testament was a shadow or a type of the New Testament. All the Old Testament pointed to Calvary. I believe, by the help of the Holy Spirit, that through the--the weeks coming (how long, I don't know), but I can prove from every chapter of the Old Testament spoke of Jesus Christ, and everything was fulfilled in Him. And we, in Him, are complete. How simple God has made it. In Christ we are complete.

202 (…) Now, I'm a typologist, and any man that knows the Bible is a typologist

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