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Menopause or changes of life and hormone treatment

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5. Menopause or changes of life and hormone treatment. [Early healing ministry in 1946.]

E-21 (…) And Rev. Brown come to me, which is one of the sponsors on the meeting. He said, "Brother Branham, when you get finished down at the bottom of the auditorium," he said, "there's a case like you never seen before."

I'd been praying for the sick then about three or four months, seen many things in that much time. And he said, "When you get a chance to take a little breath..." I was going to pray for them all night anyhow. Said, "Come down. I want to show you something like you've never seen before."

And I said, "All right." So after while I went down to the steps. And now, friends, when I got down...

I'm just telling these things for God's glory (You see?), for the glory of Jesus Christ, that you might know some of the things that's happened. Oh, millions of things, oh I wouldn't say millions, but many thousands of things anyhow has happened.

And I went down at the bottom of the steps. And there laid a lady, laying on the floor. She was dressed with like shorts. And she had both hands sticking up like this and her feet sticking right up, laying on her back, just laying there like that.

I said... There was a typical old Arkansas brother standing there, and he...

I said, "Is that your wife?"

He said, "It is, Brother Branham."

I said, "Why is her--her--her leg's bleeding like they are?"

Said, "Well..." Said, "She's from the insane institution." Said, "She was going through the time of menopause. And she had a baby born, and it threw her into a premature menopause. And the doctor give her some shots, and it went to her head. And so she went wild."

And he'd been in the insane institution two years. And he'd heard about from over in Mississippi a--a soldier's mother that'd been healed and taken out of the institution. So, he said, “I brought her."


E-82 And howdy do, sister. I see you're--you're a believer. You been disturbed for some time, haven't you? You have something on your mind that has worried you. Of course, the time of life that you're living in is one thing, if you understand what I'm speaking of; it has got you all, very much upset. You know what I speak of, the menopause. It's made you extremely that way. Satan lies to you. He tries to make you think that you're--everything is wrong with you, that you're not going to get well, and make you think that your time is near, make you think, sometimes, you've crossed the line. But that's wrong.


E-13 And a lady come not long ago, saying that someone told her that she had seven devils. Another person told her she only had five, and she wanted to know where the four went. Poor woman, plumb gone, nearly, set in the room, taking off her stockings, and pulled her feet up in the chair. Said, "I haven't eaten for several days, and I'm not going to eat till I find out what become of those devils. Said, "What are they?"

I said, "I don't know, I never knowed nothing about it."

Said, "Well one minister told me I had seven devils, and the other lady minister said I only had five. Now, there's two of them gone somewhere. Now see? And come... stayed there about two hours in the house, until God begin to speak, and said, "Lady, listen. You come from St. Louis."

She said, "Yes. How'd you know it?"

I said, "Your husband's on the police force."

"That's right."

And I said, "You used to be a lovely housekeeper."

She said, "That's right."

I said, "Recently, your house looks like a hog pen."

Said, "That's right."

I said, "Your daughter's over there now, taking care of your husband."

Said, "That's right." Said, "Who told you that?"

I just kept talking 'cause it was in the vision. And I said, "You went down to a little place. First, you went to a doctor."


"He give you shots."


"Those shots was called hormones."


I said, "You went down to a place, and they told you had devils."


"Because you had a real, funny feeling."


"They sent you to California."


"And some man told you, you had seven devils."


"You went to a woman. She said you had five devils."


"And they told you to come to me."

"Yes, that's right." Said, "How did you know that?"

I said, "The Holy Spirit said so." I said, "You haven't got any devils to begin with. That's right."

She said, "I haven't?"

I said, "No." I said, "Lady, surely you know your mother went through the menopause. It's the menopause, something natural." And I said, "What do you think hormone shots are for?"

She said, "I don't know."

I said, "For the change of life, that's what it is. No devils at all. It's just absolutely a... It's just your condition of life." She begin to relax.

My wife was cooking some bacon and eggs out there. She begin to look through the house. And I said, "Kindy hungry?" She refused to eat first.

Said, "Yes." She went out and ate three eggs, a big bunch of toast, and two cups of coffee, a lot of jelly. And she's just happy as she could be.

She said, "Brother Branham, are you going to pray for me and cast it away?"

I said, "Cast what away?"

She said, "The--the--the thing."

I said, "There's nothing to cast away."

She said, "Well, I never felt so good in my life." Said, "What must I do?"

I said, "Go home. Straighten up your house, cook your husband a nice, big, apple pie, about that thick. When he comes in tonight, throw both arms around him, and kiss him, set down, and get on his lap and tell him you love him, and live like a lady ought to." That's exactly. That's all there is...?...


E-96 I... You understand what it is, sister? How old are you? Now, do you know what I mean? See? It's menopause, sister. It's change of life. See? You just get all kinds of feelings. There's really nothing wrong. Hormones is ceasing in your body, and it don't put out no more. Don't you let a doctor give you any hormones. That's the first case of taking cancer, it's cells they're putting in you. You keep them out. Go right on; believe God. What is cancer but a multiplication of cells. A hormone's just like... What you're doing, just like if you been taking dope, and then take you off of it. My, you don't know what to do. Your body actually puts out hormones, and now it's not putting out hormone any more. See? And that... It's a nature thing. After while, it'll be over. But now, the devil will run you crazy if he can. But don't you let him do it. You look to Christ right now and be healed.


2-1 And now, Edith, Hattie's sister, that we know as the little girl that's been crippled up since she was a--a baby, and she's a woman now; and she's in very bad shape. Now, I... About a year ago I went down there, when she had her first spell, and immediately I found what her trouble was, by the help and grace of God. Now, really, what's the trouble with the child, she's setting; her limbs are hit together and she can't even move them apart. It's because of the tremendous pressure on the--the--the nerve system. But what it is, there's nothing physically wrong with the child, outside of the affliction of infantile paralysis, when she was about six months old. She screamed and cried all of her life, nearly, till we prayed for her many years ago, and--and she's been happy ever since, until about a year ago. And now, it's really menopause, in other words, the changing of her life, and her nerves are in such a tremendous condition. And the little lady has got on her mind that she's dying, she's--she's just not going to live, just from one hour to the other.

And you know, and healthy, strong women have terrible time: sometimes have to take shots of hormone, and--and go into the institutions, and take shock treatments and everything, during that time.

The human being has two changes of life. They have the change from a boy to a--a man; from a woman--from a girl to a woman. About sixteen, seventeen years old they get like a bunch of just fly-by-nights. And--and if you can just suffer with them during that age... I got a daughter in that age right now, Rebekah. Pray for her. And a--Billy... Oh, every one of us, we come through that little frantic age, and--and so we must suffer with them, realizing it's something that--that they--they have to go through.

And now, Edith is just changing of--of the--of the seven years... Every seven years your life changes, so the seven times seven (You see?), it's--and it's--makes it's kinda hard. That's a complete change, and it--it bothers the women. Men usually get a--kind of funny carrying-on during that time and sometimes leave their wives. But women are--are unfertile after that. And we all go through that. We must remember that it's things that we must bear with one another and understand those things.

And little Edith has got in this condition, and she's lost much weight and she looks bad. And--and I tell you... Some night (not all of you together), but just a little trip down... They set up with her day and night. And a--a little trip down there from this Tabernacle and--and the different tabernacles, the--the sister tabernacles here... Some of you people go down and see the Wright family; I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Just go down, set with them a little while, and talk to them, shake their hand, and--if no more than a little friendly visit. We--we forget that so easy, you know. And when it comes to our own home, then we appreciate it; and we must remember, others appreciate it too. And the Wright family, I'm sure, would appreciate that. I--I know you would've done it if you'd knowed this condition existed. But you didn't know it; so there--therefore, I was telling you this morning for it.

3-2 Go and visit the Wright family and try to cheer Edith up. Don't--don't tell her she looks bad; tell her she looks good. She's going to be fine (which she'll be all right) if we just keep holding on for her. That's what we're here for. She's our sister, and--and we're here to hold on in these times for that child; just like I want somebody to hold for me and pray while I was going through my trials, and you want somebody for yours.

1068-Q-326 Brother Branham, I love the Lord, but for the past year I have been--I have been faced with a problem. Seems sometimes I've almost been out of my mind. What is it? Please pray for me and my husband.

Well, if there is no... If this person was on private interview, like you people been in there this morning, it would pull that out what it is, whatever it is. See? The Lord would reveal what it is. But now, that I don't know who you are, and you're not setting here; it just said, "a sister in Christ"...

Now, now, if it is--if there's something that you have done that's wrong, that's bothered you, then check it with the Bible and see what you must do. But if you haven't done anything and you're not condemned of anything, it's perhaps your nerves. See? It could be many things that happened: maybe some trouble back in your life. Maybe it's a--a woman here might be in the menopause time. That's when everything is wrong with her, and there's nothing wrong with her, yet everything's wrong with her. And she's not just putting on; she really feels that; it's just as real. Any person that's nervous is that way. And don't never disagree.

And you husbands to your wives, when they're in that time of life, if you ever--if she ever was your sweetheart, you let her be right then, 'cause she needs you. She really needs your help; she needs somebody to help her and understand her. Talk to her, take her up in your arms like--like--like she was your sweetheart, and she should be. And--and understand her, because she's going through a time that her entire make-up is changing, and you must be good to her at that time.

I think that's why Mr. Rockefeller made a fatal mistake. He was loved by the nation, would've probably been our next president. But when his wife took menopause, and went in menopause, and he left her and married his secretary, you see what happened? That shows there's some real good thinking Americans yet.

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