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Florence Nightingale ask Brother Branham to come to S. Africa

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3. Florence Nightingale ask Brother Branham to come to S. Africa.

E-40 How marvelous. I remember something else happened there when Brother Bosworth come into the room the next day. And he had the picture of Florence Nightingale. How many ever heard of Florence Nightingale? Sure, she's founded the Red Cross.

Her granddaughter from London, England. She's under of the British Crown and in Durban, South Africa, dying which she didn't know about with cancer on the--the duodenal cancer in her bowels. They showed me her picture, and Brother Bosworth, I, and my wife, all wept when we seen it. She was next to the smallest woman I ever seen in my life. Eat up, her limbs up here around the--the thigh wasn't over about that big around and her… (…)

E-42 And Florence Nightingale, very lovely woman, they wanted to send a... They had two airplane tickets that'd already come in for me to come to Durban, Africa. I laid it on the floor and Brother Bosworth and I prayed. I said, "Lord, if You'll heal this woman, I'll go to Africa. I can't go now. Looky here." So I just committed it to the Lord, sent a handkerchief back to her and went on.

Not long after that King George of England when a man by the name of, I forget, at Fort Wayne... You remember the meeting in Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle. The Lord had... It was a businessman of the city. He had multiple sclerosis and had been a bed patient ten years. And a vision come over the man, and he was made perfectly whole. Walked... Lehman was his name. Walked up...

And he was a friend to the king's private secretary, and through there King George of England sent word to me. I have his statements and have his letters of his fields and every... To come pray for him of multiple sclerosis, and so I couldn't go up that time. So I just wired back and told the king that I would pray for him here, that God would hear here just the same as he would over there. And so, then another telegram come through and wanted me to come on over immediately.

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