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Supernatural photograph in Houston, Texas in January of 1950

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2. Supernatural photograph in Houston, Texas in January of 1950.

[“The Pillar of Fire indicates the voice is fixing to speak.” 64-0313]


E-37 (…) I'm not a fanatic, friends. If I die tonight, what I have said is testified the truth. That picture seals the thing, for one. God is vindicating that I told it...

See, it isn't me, it's Him. Did you see it... Could all of you see it here? We'll have it back on the book table if you will, Brother Lindsay, so they can look at it. And we'll see about getting you some copies of it.

A lady in the hospital recently had one setting on her desk. She was looking at it, not at me, but the Angel of the Lord, in this form of a halo like. And she said, the picture begin to mill, the... come right out and hung over her. She got up and went home, well. So it was a... It was... It's not... It--It's Him. Now, I'm only stating facts and truth.


E-15 (…) Moses, a God called servant, ordained prophet, Pillar of Fire over him, following him, confirming the words that he spoke by signs and wonders, on his road to the promised land with the children, a very definitely antetype, or type, rather, of the journey today. We are on our road to the promised land. And we are being led by the great Holy Spirit. As they was led in the natural, we are led in the spiritual to this great promised land that God made the promise and gave to us. God had promised them to supply all their needs. But their carnal mind had taken them out of the Divine will of God and had given them a desert route.

That's a whole lot of it today. That's what's the matter with many of our churches. They've taken the carnal, intellectual route and's been cut off, the supplies of God's blessings of healing and power, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and have took the desert route. Therefore, we have arguings, and fusses, and stews, and complaints. But those who are still remaining in the way, it's joy unspeakable and full of glory with God, with His Pillar of Fire over them, with power, with joy, with signs and wonders. How that real borned again Church is moving on to the promised land, the promise of Eternal Life, a land flowing with Eternal Life, where there's no more sickness, death, sorrow, nor nothing to harm.


227 (…) The same God that met Paul on the road to Damascus; he was a missionary to the Gentile and a messenger from God to the Gentiles. The Gentile's Message started by a visitation of the Pillar of Fire, and it ends the same way.

445-1 And here we have been seeing Him do that right down along the road. We seen it come down in the scientific research and had His picture taken, the great Pillar of Fire, Who led the children of Israel, Who met Paul on the road. And we know this same Pillar of Fire that led Moses down there in the wilderness, by that same Pillar of Fire he wrote several books of the Bible, for he was anointed with the Word. This same Pillar of Fire coming upon Paul on the road to Damascus, he wrote many books of the Bible, called the Word of God. And now, Lord, that same Pillar of Fire by the evidence of the proof of the Word and by scientific research, we see It here, revealing the Word of the Lord.


E-25 Now, we find that's always been God's way. The Pillar of Fire indicates the voice is fixing to speak. Oh, catch this. How blind can you get? You still remember Houston. Now, there's a voice follows a sign. Moses, a prophet sign to Israel, promised that the Word is ready to be vindicated.

How perfect is God's Word in order each time, just even like the Urim Thummim as I spoke of the other night. The Urim Thummim was there, and unless that sign come on that Urim Thummim, the voice was not recognized. There has to be a sign. The sign vindicates the voice, and the voice vindicates the sign, that it comes from God

22-4 Notice, all these promises have been vindicated and fulfilled by the God of the promise. Look, hanging in Washington, D.C. tonight, the picture of the Angel of the Lord. As George J. Lacy, the head of the F.B.I. fingerprint and document for the United States Government, examined it from Houston, Texas, and said, "This is the only supernatural Being that was ever photographed in all the world." He ought to know; he's the best that's in the world for it.

Notice, there It hangs as the Truth, the same Pillar of Fire that led Israel back yonder in the wilderness. We seeing It again today, the same kind of a message of "Come up out of Egypt...?..." This day this Scripture is fulfilled. You know the Message that He said.

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