The mysteries

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21. Dovetail and Continuity.

113 And look here in the Old Testament, as I've referred to it many times, when the contract was made, it was tore apart over a dead beast's body. And those two contracts had to be come together, contract had to dovetail one with the other.


E-32 In them days, when they made a covenant, they would take a lamb or a beast. They'd write a covenant out, two men between them. They would write it out what it was. And then they would kill a beast. And over this beast, they would tear this thing in two. One man would take one part and one the other. And then, in order to confirm this covenant, that man had to take this same piece of paper and bring it back, and it had to perfectly... Now, here it is. It had to perfectly dovetail with the piece that was tore off from.

Now, God made a Covenant with the Church. And He wrote It out--the Bible. And on the day of the atonement, God killed His Son. You believe it? Tore Him apart, and He took His body up to the right hand of His Majesty, and sent His Spirit back as a Covenant to us. And at that day, unless we have that same Holy Spirit in us, we can't go in the Body.

E-3 (…) Like that light: it isn't the--the lamp that makes the light, it's the--the electricity that's in the wire that makes the light. It heats the wire, and the wire gets hot and makes the light. But it isn't the great wire. It takes the--the current off of it, it's dead. And that's the way it is with us.

And did you ever know, electricity... I've worked in it for years. But there's--there's no one in the world that knows what electricity is. Isn't that strange? No one knows what it is. They can harness it; they can make it light; they can cook with it; they can heat with it; they can light with it. But no one knows what it is.

It's two pieces of material rolling together makes the continuity, and sends out the electricity. And that's the way it is. When those two pieces get to rolling together, that's what brings it off in the generator.

And so that's the way, when a--a Christian gets to working with God, rolling together, that brings an unseen force that does mysteries that none of us knows nothing about. Only we know It's God. Isn't that right? Yes. Take that away from us and we're dead, aren't we?

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