The monumental indian ink painting

Delineation of great perspectives

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Delineation of great perspectives

With the monumental picture ’My Wanderings II.’ I had a different intention. I wanted to get a better insight into the inner structure of landscape, and this picture belongs to the category of ’Überblicklandschaft’ (transparent or perspicuous landscape). I made it so that the landscape was seen more from a height and evoked a feeling of infinity. It was also more illustrative than the earlier picture. Mostly this was due to the stippling technique that I used. My intention was also to express duality. On the one hand I wanted a wider view of the landscape, and on the other hand I wanted to send the viewer on his way with the figure of the wanderer in a way similar to a ’moving panorama’. Which landscape is the ’more successful’? The one in which we can travel, live, reside in, or the one which opens up a distant view of nature, of the world? In spite of the huge distances only a very small part is suitable for roaming and living in.

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