The monumental indian ink painting

The philosophical background of oriental painting

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The philosophical background of oriental painting

Philosophical background

In China a transitional, asymmetric civilisation evolved as a result of the lack of private property of land. This transitional feature was a block to development, and certain distortions occurred as well. As a result Chinese philosophers took service with the mandarin society, or refusing that, they escaped to an idealized other world, to the past, to an unreal world. Basically, at the same time, this is the problem of the Chinese man. This is how Confucianism and Taoism and the duality of Taoism-Buddhism appear in the field of philosophy. The explanation for the appearance and spread of Buddhism in China is that in the different strata of society there existed a desire for consoling teachings. Buddhism was the first apparently redemptive religion, which dealt with life after death and the relationship of good and bad. Buddhism opposed the inhumanity of Confucianism and it was a more developed doctrine than Taoism with regard to its religious and ethical principles.

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