The monumental indian ink painting

The landscape of the other world

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The landscape of the other world

Besides the landscapes providing pantheistic consolation, the ’Überblicklandschaft’ or the landscape emerging into the world of spirit, the need to delineate in painting the landscape of the other world unwontedly grew up in me. My world of painting could not break away from the ideas of European and Greek mythology. Once the body has lost its form created by God, it returns to the world of the eternal cycle, that is to say into mere materiality, where finally it dissolves. This motif is the most important element of the human course of life. The body and the soul divide at this point. Different people and different cultures view this process, perhaps differently, perhaps similarly. This final journey happens in another space and surely not in a this-worldly dimension. No living man may see Charon’s boat except Dante, who in the third act of The Divine Comedy (The gate of hell) writes about this landscape. According to my understanding of the scene, this is the last journey for the soul, leading it into infinity.

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