The Monsters We Make

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The Monsters We Make
Study Questions – Set 1
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  1. In Chapter III, Hamilton mentions several races of monsters. Identify them and indicate why they qualify as monsters.

  1. From your reading, explain how you could define two individuals/entities as monsters.

  1. Look at the two online sources for Prometheus (Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound and Hesiod's Theogony).  Does one of the two make you feel more sympathetic towards Prometheus?  If yes, why do you feel more sympathy for Prometheus in one story than the other?

  1. Prometheus was a Titan, but was he a monster?  What reason might one have for classifying him as a monster?  What reason might there be for not classifying him as one?

  1. Zeus seems to change his perception of Prometheus during the course of their interaction.  How and why does his opinion of Prometheus change?

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