The Mobleys and Their Connections By William Woodward Dixon

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The Mobleys
Their Connections

William Woodward Dixon

Published 1915

Encouraged by Charles Fox in the year 1680, a new sect had arisen in England styling themselves, FRIENDS, but called in derision by all other religious denominations Quakers. William Penn was one of these, a nobleman who had been four times imprisoned. He petitioned for a grant of land in America with the result that history tells. Connected with the first settlement of Pennsylvania is the love story of the first Moberley, now spelled Mobley, who came to this country and from whom our family are descended. He came direct from England with William Penn. It has been thought for a long time that this Moberley was the son of a baronet. He was descended from a baronet Sir Edward Moberley in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This Moberley had three sons, one succeeded to the title and Estates and became Sir Edward Moberley. He had one brother who went into the church and became a bishop; the third bought a commission in the English army. His name was William, went to India, amassed a fortune, returned and bought an estate near Sheffield. His son Edward purchased a large estate in Cheshire and was a country gentleman.

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