The Middle Ages/Renaissance Unit Syllabus By the end of the Middle Ages unit, you will be able to comprehend the following topics

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The Middle Ages/Renaissance Unit Syllabus
By the end of the Middle Ages unit, you will be able to comprehend the following topics:

Big Theme Question…3-legged-foundation to the Middle Ages

Big Theme Question…Power Tug of War

Feudalism characteristics (what is it and why is it needed)

Feudal Hierarchy

Peasants and Serfs…how did they live?

What is the Manor and its impact on Europe’s trade?

Power of Catholic Church (a few terms to know here)

Contribution of Monks and Nuns (Think PERSIAGM)

The Crusades…effects on Europe

Magna Carta…why it was made and its importance

Great Schism story and effects on Europe

Black Death causes and effects on Europe

By the end of the Renaissance unit you will be able to comprehend the following topics:

Italian Renaissance date


Why was Italy the birthplace of the Renaissance

Florence and the Medici family




Francesco Petrarch


PERSIAGM Characteristics of the Renaissance vs Middle Ages

Renaissance Artists

Botticelli (Primavera, Birth of Venus)

Leonardo Da Vinci (Last Supper, Mona Lisa) and his other talents

Michelangelo (marble works = Pieta, Pope Julius II, David, painting = Sistine Chapel)

Raphael (School of Athens)

Donatello (Bronze works = Equestrian monument of Gattamelata, Bronze David)

Filippo Brunelleschi (architecture = Cathedral of Florence)

Niccolo Machiavelli (The Prince)

Northern Renaissance

Northern Humanism

Printing Press date and Inventor

Impact of Printing Press

Renaissance art vs. Northern Renaissance art

Northern Renaissance Artists

Albrecht Durer (engravings, Apocalypse, self portrait)

Pieter Bruegel (peasants in art, Tower of Babel, Triumph of Death)

Erasmus (Praise of Folly, satire)

Sir Thomas More (Utopia)

Schedule for the Middle Ages/Renaissance Unit
Day 1: Rules, Grading, Procedures, Who is Mr. Biniukow

  1. Student Interest Survey – 2pts (Due Day 2)

  2. Europe Today and Themes #1 (Due Day 2)

  3. Plagiarism Contract – 4pts (Due Day 2)

Day 2: Opening Question Sheet, Books, Student Interest Survey, Intro to MEH, Europe Today

  1. 8-2 and 8-3 Guided Notes – 12pts (Due Day 3)

Day 3: Middle Ages, Feudalism, Manor, Catholic Church

  1. Europe Map – 12pts (Due Day 4)

Day 4: 4 Crisis Stories before Renaissance (Crusades, Magna Carta, Great Schism)

Day 5: 4 Crisis Stories before Renaissance (Black Death)

  1. 14-1 Guided Notes – 15pts (Due Day 6)

Day 6: Renaissance Day 1 (Why Italy, Florence, Patrons, Humanism)

  1. Machiavelli HW…you might need to read the Primary Source twice to totally get it – 24pts (Due Day 8)

Day 7: Renaissance Day 2 (Artists), Leonardo Paper, Thesis Statement and Directions

Day 8: Leonardo da Vinci Video

  1. Leonardo da Vinci Response Paper – 15pts (Due Day 10)

Day 9: Machiavelli Discussion

Day 10: Renaissance Person Discussion, How to write ID, Geography Tips

  1. 14-2 Guided Notes – 14pts (Due Day 11)

Day 11: Northern Renaissance Day 1

Day 12: Northern Renaissance Day 2

  1. Study for Test – 85pts (Due Day 13)

Day 13: Test on Middle Ages and Renaissance…Tuesday, October 2nd

  1. 14-3 Guided Notes – 16pts (Due Day 14)

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