The methods of dissolution (how?)

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Acts of Attainder

Crown lawyers developed the doctrine that not only was a community as a corporation subject to the feudal law and so liable to the law of escheat (the return of lands to the king), but that the treason of the head of the corporation, the abbot, constituted valid grounds for seizure.

Immediately following the Pilgrimage of Grace, the heads of five abbeys and one priory were attainted of treason and executed because of the support they had given the Pilgrimage. Their houses were declared foregut to the King – as if they had been their private estates and immediately suppressed.
The 6 abbots were: Adam Sedbar, Abbot of Jervaulx, William Trafford, Abbot of Sawley, Matthew Mackarel, Abbot of Barlings and Bishop of Chalcedon, William Thirsk, Abbot of Fountains and the Prior of Bridlington),

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