The message [ 1950 1955 ] [Gift of discernment and tape ministry starts.] 1949m December

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The Chronology will place “the mysteries” in the year in which they were first taught by the prophet, followed with the best additional quotes from other messages. I have found that the mysteries listed by Brother Branham, are solved before the end of 1962 as he stated in the above quote.


[ 1950 - 1955 ]
[Gift of discernment and tape ministry starts.]
1949m December
6. “The Deity of Jesus Christ” Jeffersonville, IN Dec. 25, 1949.

[One of first recorded messages after the second gift, discernment started on July 24, 1949 at Regina, Canada.]

[I include this tape because of its depth of teaching and the number of Mysteries it opened.]
7. Teaching on demon spirits. [Demonology of spiritual realm, soul.]

[Covered in Book One & Two for physical realm, the body.] [Mark 5:1-17, Mark 16:17]

MATTHEW 12:43-45

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.

Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

MARK 16:17

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

E-53 While I was setting in the room. Since a boy, I had a calling on me. And I was setting in the room... [] Hitting right on the floor. A supernatural Being come walking into the room. An Angel said He came from the Presence of God. He said, "If you get the people to believe you, would be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even to cancer."

Then you would ask me, "Does everybody get well, Brother Branham?"

Everybody that truly believes gets well. Thousands have been healed. []

You're liberated now. That's your wife, is it? I know how I think, how I would feel if that was wife.

Frankly, one day, my wife laid in a casket. Tubercular. That is right. That's the reason I hate that demon, and he hates me. He's the one who tore my family up, years ago, and took from me the dearest that lived. And that's the reason today, when I have power over him, I--I'd love to see him drove away.


23 Diseases and afflictions are all the results of sin, maybe not in your life, but in somebody's life before you. The devil is the author of sickness and afflictions. Before we had any devil, we had no sickness or affliction. But when Satan came, he brought with him sickness and afflictions.

There's so many times that we refer to them as blessings. I never could think that God could get a blessing out of a sick person, unless it was a sinner, driving him to God, or a disobedient child, bringing him back to be reconciled to his Father. But sicknesses are the results of the devil and of the fall. There's...

Today, we have the best doctors we've ever had. We got the best medical science, best hospitals we've ever had; and more sickness than we ever had. And in the day that when we've got the best medical science we ever had, they're constantly building institutions for the incurable. Right when we got the best scientific work on afflictions and sickness we ever had; building institutions, yearly, for the incurable.

26 But there never was nothing that came before Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but what He was more than a match for it. And He's just the same today as He was yesterday, and will be forever. And He proves that. And you'll see it night after night. And if it isn't so, then you have a right to doubt.

Someone said, "Does the healings last?"

They last as long as faith lasts. But when faith fails, then your healing will fail. Would you say every person that came to the altar and got converted would be a Christian all their days? He could be tonight a child of God, and tomorrow be a child of the devil. It's when he loses faith in God, what sends him back.

E-30 Our heavenly Father, this dear woman has come up here. A deaf spirit has got on her, and she is deaf, only hearing by the aid of this trumpet. But Thou art her aid, Lord, You Who created her, can make her well. I pray Thee to be merciful to her. Grant her healing now, also of this trouble in her back, this rheumatic pains. Dear heavenly Father, heal her also there. See her eyes are getting weak also, and nerves. Grant that she'll be a--a different person, heal her, go out to serve You all the days of her life, giving a testimony, causing others to be brought to this glorious Gospel of Christ. May her testimony be used in a great way for the glory of God. What days she's got left, may they be spent glorifying You. And we're taught that all things work together for good to them that love You. Maybe this come upon her to give her a testimony. You could heal her and let her go out and testify, to win others to You. Help her just now.

Thou demon of deafness, spirit of infirmity that's binding her body, I adjure thee by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, you turn her loose. Come out of her.

Now, everyone just remain with your head bowed just a moment. It did not let loose. Now, please do not raise your head till you hear my voice. Sometimes many people, sometimes you think you believe, you know, you just raise your head, throw it right back on her. See? Now, don't do that. And then you really...?... Now, you be real nice children of God. Believe with all your heart.

Father, be merciful now and heal our sister so that she may be Thy disciple and testimony of Divine healing.

Thou spirit of deafness, leave the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her. Now, just remain here with your head bowed. It's left her. Just a moment now, for the...?...

E-32 You hear me? Can you hear me? Amen. Say "amen." Amen. [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] It's--it's... That's right. Hear me now? [Brother Branham snaps his fingers--Ed.] All right, you may raise your head. It's left you. All right. [Brother Branham snaps his finger once.--Ed.] Hear that? [Brother Branham snaps his finger again.] Hear me? [Brother Branham snaps his fingers and claps several times.] Hear me? Now, you haven't got your ear trumpet in now.

Now, the shrinkage of that, about an hour, maybe two hours, you'll be hearing right real well. And about day after tomorrow, you'll go all the way deaf again. Then about two days after that, you'll begin to get a running out of your ear. Then, come back, you'll be hearing normal and well then. There's a growth on the ear drum (You see?) is what was doing it. God bless you, sister. And your other troubles are gone too. God bless you.


29 A young lady come up to the house here not long ago, been prayed for so much till she had been anointed fifty times, I guess. How that everything had taken place. I'd prayed for her there. But set down in the room one morning when the Angel of the Lord come near, He begin to speak to her and tell her just what she'd done, and something she was harboring back in her soul; she'd had there for eight long years. She wouldn't tell nobody. The psychiatrist couldn't pull it out of her. And she almost fainted, fell on the floor and begin to cry. And I said, "You go make that right, and God will heal you." That's right. She went and got her husband and made the thing right, and come back up. She's healed today. How many knows who I'm talking about, in the building? Many of you do, sure. I think, if I'm not mistaken, the woman may be setting here now. It was a very embarrassing thing, but God did the work.

Now, see, all of the praying, all of the stomping, all the casting out of evil spirits, she was harboring her sin way down deep in her heart, that she didn't want to tell nobody that she had did, but the Holy Spirit revealed the secret of her heart. She went and made that right, then she was clear. God won't bless over the top of sin. You got to clear it up first. That's right.

E-55 You believe with all your heart? Hallelujah. Be reverent. Now, remember, friends, when evil spirits are leaving these people, and they're loose in the building, if you come up in a few days showing some kind of a sickness, remember it's not my fault. For you're supposed to do as I tell you here. Every spirit in the building is subject right now. And demons as soon as they come out, they'll find some place to go.

Remember, they wanted to go in some hogs one time. Is that right? So be reverent. Now, if I didn't know what I was speaking of, you'd take my word. See? Those feelings, I feel them as they're still pressing, moving in the building like that and all at once they're closed, they're gone. I don't know where they went. I don't know. If you're an unbeliever and are disobedient, you're very much receptacle to them. That's right. So just remember, that's true.

E-6 I think tomorrow night we're going to get (or a night or two), we're going to get to a large auditorium or somewhere, brother was saying. And these little church meetings is kinda hard to get to the people. Yet, I'd rather have a meeting in a church than anywhere I know of. Because in a... No matter how lovely the auditorium is, there's always worldly amusements and things go on there, and it's--it's just... You may kinda class me to be a fanatic when I say this, but, it... Absolutely evil spirits hangs in those places. That's right. I don't know whether you believe it or not, but it is the truth. And in churches, you find Christ.


E-19 They went on back down, and the Spirit departed from Saul. He'd backslid and went so far away from God until the Spirit had left him, and a evil spirit took His place, come on Saul. And Saul was all moody and in a bad humor, and--and kicking things around, all out of sorts like some people gets on Monday morning. So they--he was out of sorts all the time. Did you know that's a evil spirit? That's exactly.

So they didn't... The doctors couldn't do him any good. They had a lot of doctors down there, but they couldn't help that, because it was a spiritual condition. So one of the men had passed around and seen a few places, they said, "Well, we know where there's a Divine healer at."

"Why, who would that be?"

Said, "Jesse's got a son back out there, he..." Yeah, he's a Divine healer. Sure he was. He healed by music. Amen. That's what he did. He had a gift of casting out evil spirits. The Holy Ghost hadn't come in those days, so he cast them out by music, playing the words of the Lord. "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside still waters." And it disturbed the evil spirits so much that they left Saul.

Shame on you people don't believe in string music. No wonder, evil spirits never like it. They have to get away. David cast out devils by playing on his string instrument. That's what the Scripture says. That's right. And when David would begin to play, the evil spirit would leave Saul. Is that right? So this little boy was borned in the world for a purpose. You believe that?


E-6 That's why I think America tonight, that our lovely land here is in the confusion, we can't have a revival seem like. Why, there's been enough Gospel preached around America, and God's worked enough signs and wonders to convert a thousand nations this size. Great men has crossed the country, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, and many of the great men in the world today out preaching the Gospel of deliverance and so forth, and great crowds and throngs come out, they listen, go back, set down, and go on their same routine.

If you only knew friend, that's spiritual. You have to realize that every person has a spirit in them. And if the person could only see what kind of a spirit dominated your life, you that act indifferent towards Christ, you'd be ashamed of yourself.

No matter how you're dressed, and how well, how popular you are with put the peoples, yet in your heart if God could only turn the looking glass to your heart...

Many times in dealing with spiritual things, you see them when they move out. Someone was just asking me here not long ago. I was at Calgary, Canada, and a boy come in; they had him in a straight jacket. And they come in the back of the room, and he was cursing and carrying on, and--and I never heard such in my life. And the father was trying to hold him, and when he got on the inside, he looked over to me and said, "William Branham, you ain't got nothing to do with me."

Oh, that father looked up, said, "He don't even know his own name. How'd he know your name?"

I was standing off a great distance from him. Oh, how he was cursing me and carrying on. And he said, "You ain't got nothing to do with me." And I asked the audience if they'd just be reverent. The ushers come to take him out, just then I seen the Holy Spirit move out, the Angel of the Lord. I said, "Now, bring him here just a minute." When they went to bring him, he started kicking, and frothing, and biting. He was in a--a straight jacket, and they brought him up close to... And then when the vision come and told just what it was, a sin that had been committed by his father that caused the child to be in that condition, the father fell down and repented. And when that evil spirit went from that boy, thousands times thousands of people in the stampede grounds there that night, looked, and like a great big spider in a black shadow floating around... Oh, my. It was really quite. And it went around out of the place, out through the building and went away.

E-8 Many times you see them in different forms. Here recently I seen one coming from a woman, that looked like a bat with great big hairs hanging under its legs, and so forth, its wings come right out, right straight up. They're evil spirits. And many times it's someone looking ever so beautiful on the outside, could only look on the inside and see what that is. We're dominated by spirit.


E-25 Be real reverent, please, if you will. Unbelief is one of the most horrible things there is. Let me go any way, but don't let me be a religious unbeliever. Unbelief is the only sin that there is. Smoking, drinking, committing adultery, cursing, swearing, that's not sin. That's the attributes of unbelief. "He that believeth not is condemned already."

And people who claim to be religious, go to church, pious, and still rank unbelievers, sinners, Jesus said, "You're of your father, the devil." And yet they were just as pious and religious as they could be. The worst demon there is to deal with is a religious demon. They are five times more horribler than any other evil spirit.
8. Gifts & Callings. [Music, Romans 11:29, 1 Corinthians 12] [Restoration of gifts to the Church before rapture.]

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