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Doctor Who box set gets the thumbs up

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Doctor Who box set gets the thumbs up

Doctor Who Series 2 box set - reviewed by Tim Noonan, Tim Noonan Consulting Pty Ltd, Excellence in Accessibility and Usability.


Recently I was asked by Media Access Australia if I would like to review the Australian Roadshow Entertainment release of the BBC’s DVD box set of Doctor Who Series 2.

Having been a long-term surround sound home theatre advocate, a sci-fi buff and because my household does not include a sighted person, I was very excited to try the new release out!

The irony, frustration and disappointment still remains sharp in my memory from a situation a year or so back, where my vision impaired brother, his blind partner and I decided to ‘watch’ Ray, the Ray Charles movie, on DVD.

We probably spent over half an hour trying, guessing (and no doubt swearing) to actually get the movie, and not the copyright and extra features information to play, but all to no avail.

And so, with a blend of optimism and uncertainty, I was keen to see if this experience might turn out a little more joyfully.

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