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NCAM’s on-screen information project

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NCAM’s on-screen information project

In the US, the National Center for Accessible Media is midway through its Access to Locally Televised On-Screen Information project. Due to be completed by September 2008, the project is exploring digital television solutions that will enable local television stations to send messages, warnings and alerts in a form accessible to people with sensory disabilities. NCAM’s website lists some of the project’s activities as follows:

  • Create metadata schemes for linking text with graphics, and for exporting text to speech synthesizers.

  • Develop prototype software utilities that import data from various sources, then extract, transform and prepare it for prioritized text display or for speech output.

  • Create demonstration models within newsroom facilities of partner television stations.

  • Publish accessibility guidelines for local television stations which suggest implementation schemes for various equipment configurations, and provide recommendations for further study.

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