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UK expecting new audio description capable TV receivers Introducing the HD Tick

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UK expecting new audio description capable TV receivers Introducing the HD Tick

The purchase of a new TV these days can be a perplexing experience, especially when you add the complication of making sure you purchase one that will display captions.

The Australian Digital Suppliers Industry Forum (ADSIF) has released a new logo, called the HD Tick, that will alert consumers to TVs that are certified to have High Definition screen resolution, but most importantly, have built-in digital receivers that meet Australian Standard 4933.

One of the requirements for Australian Standard 4933 is the reception of captions. Therefore you can be assured that if the product you are interested in purchasing displays the HD Tick, you will be able to receive captions.

Media Access Australia still recommends that consumers view captions on a television set in store before purchasing.

The HD Tick logo is a trademark of the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association.

For a list of televisions that display the HD Tick, go to:

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