The Maturing of Colonial Society Indentured servants and slaves

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Chapter 4

The Maturing of Colonial Society

  1. Indentured servants and slaves

  1. Shipboard conditions for unfree labor

  1. Conditions of labor

  1. Native Americans (epidemics, intensifies warfare, depleting game animals, marker economy and dependency)

  1. France’s inland empire

  1. French and Indian relations

  1. Spanish America and buffer zone

  1. Spanish mission system

  1. Colonial America (farming society of North, plantation society of South, urban society of coastal cities)

  1. Northern farming and climate

  1. Core American values: ambition, individualism, materialism

  1. Women in patriarchy

  1. Women and “deputy husbands”

  1. Slave ownership in the South

  1. Plantation social relations/class hierarchy

  1. The rice coast

  1. The backcountry

  1. Urban corridor

  1. American colonies in Atlantic trade basin

  1. Mercantilism: increased exports, taxing imports, regulation of production and trade, exploitation of colonies

  1. Artisan culture

  1. Gap between rich and poor

  1. Northern class structure/wealth distribution (e.g., In Boston, by 1770, the top 1% of property owners owned 44% of the wealth)

  1. In New York [around 1750], the city almshouse, built for 100 poor, was housing over 400

  1. Supply/demand and community

  1. Enlightenment thought

  1. The Awakeners message

  1. The Quakers

  1. Whig ideology

  1. Crowd action (e.g., impressments riots, 1747)

  1. The looming crisis

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