The Mary Celeste; An Unsolved Mystery From History by Jane Yolen

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The Mary Celeste; An Unsolved Mystery From History by Jane Yolen

After reading the book about the Mary Celeste explore the following three websites. Read at least two paragraphs in each article, and then navigate around the site to find out about them. You will have to go to the About Us or Contact Us section to find to find out if the site is credible. You should look for things like author’s names and credentials, the name of a trusted institution, or a site with .gov. or .edu. (Mary Celeste Fact or Fiction) (Smithsonian: Abandoned Ship: The Mary Celeste) (Smithsonian Channel)
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edcanvas-uploads -> Review for Unit 3 Test Section I match the quotes with the person who said them
edcanvas-uploads -> Name Date Historical Context: Anglo-Saxons, Norse Mythology, and kennings
edcanvas-uploads -> En grupos pequeños, van a hacer una investigación de alguno de estos diseñadores
edcanvas-uploads -> Page semi-protected
edcanvas-uploads -> Launching the New Ship of State, 1789–1800 A. True-False
edcanvas-uploads -> Singapore International School (Hong Kong) Humanities Department Global Perspectives
edcanvas-uploads -> Document Based Question: Ancient Greek Contributions
edcanvas-uploads -> Kashmir History, Current Issues, and a Proposal for a Brighter Future Smita Joshi Ethics for Development in a Global Environment
edcanvas-uploads -> Marco Polo and His Travels

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