The Manson Murders Notes I. Background

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The Manson Murders Notes

I. Background

A. Mother- was a prostitute and turned her back on him

B. Uncle- influenced him with his racist attitude

C. Childhood- he was in and out of reform schools, then jail

D. Prison- learned how to play the guitar there, was released in 1967

E. Why did girls flock to him? He had the look, played guitar, their background

F. Why did men join the group? All the girls / sex

G. How did he gain control? Isolation (Spahn & Barker Ranch), Role Playing, LSD

II. Notable Manson Family Members

A. Squeaky Fromme B. Tex Watson* C. Susan Atkins* D. Bobby Beausoli

E. Leslie Van Houten* F. Linda Kasabian G. Patricia Krenwinkel*

*participated in the Tate-LaBianca Murders

III. The Manson Murders

A. Where & When- L.A. in August 1969

B. officially known as- The Tate-LaBianca Murders

C. Murder Scenes- 5 killed on the first night, 2 on the second

Words left in blood: Pig, Rise, Death to Pigs, Helter Skelter

D. Who was Roman Polanski? Big time movie director, husband of Sharon Tate

E. Why his house? Manson may have been looking for Terry Melcher, the music

guy who use to live there, and didn’t get Manson a record deal

F. What were the murders going to do? Spark a Race War

G. How? They were going to blame the murders of black people

H. How did they get caught? Susan Atkins bragged about it while in jail

I. Grand Jury Trial- Atkins described in detail the murders, but then would later

Refused to testify against the Family at the criminal trial.

IV. The Trial

A. Bugliosi- He was the prosecutor during the trial

B. Challenge in convicting Manson- He didn’t kill any of the victims

C. Key Witness- Linda Kasabian

D. Verdict- All found guilty and sentenced to death

V. Theory of Helter Skelter

A. What- the name Manson gave the race war

B. Influenced- The Beatles White Album & The Bible

C. what was going to happen? The black man would win, Manson and his Family

would be hiding out, then Manson would come

out and take over the world.

VI. The Manson Family Today

A. They were not executed because the Supreme Court overturned the death

Penalty in 1972.

B. Manson- now 75 years old was convicted of 9 murders in all

C. Susan Atkins- died of brain cancer in September 2009

D. Tex Watson & Pat Krenwinkel- still in prison, have always been denied parole

E. Leslie Van Houten- still in prison, some feel she may to the only one to get out

F. Squeaky Fromme- in 1975 she was sentenced to life in prison after pointing a

gun at President Ford, she was released from prison in

August of 2009.

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