The Manson family and their crimes raise many sociological questions? With the varying stories and the many people involved, questions like

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AKA: Katie, Big Patty, Marnie Reeves, Mary Ann Scott, Cathran Patricia Smith
DOB: 12.3.47
Prisoner ID: W08314
Prison: California Institute for Women(at Frontera)
Order Of The Rainbow color: Yellow

Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel was born on December 3, 1947 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents divorced when she was 17 years old. At the time, Pat stayed in California with her father - an insurance agent - while her mother moved to Alabama. After High School, Pat moved to Alabama to live with her mother and attend a Catholic college. She had taught Sunday school in the past, and had thought about becoming a nun. After only one semester, Pat had enough and dropped out. She moved back to California, where she moved in with her half-sister Charlene, and got a job as a processing clerk. In September of '67, she met Lynette Fromme, Mary Brunner, and Charles Manson on Manhattan Beach. After making love with Charlie, Patricia decided to go with him and the girls to San Francisco, leaving her car and final paycheck behind. 

With the family, Patricia exhibited a quiet but intense personality. She helped take care of the family's children, and was dedicated to Charlie. In the summer of 1968, she and Ella Bailey were hitchhiking in L.A. when Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson picked them up. Wilson invited them to stay at his Sunset Boulevard mansion, while he went to a recording studio. When he came back hours later, Charlie and the others were there, and so began the relationship between Wilson and the family. Later that same year, Krenwinkel was arrested for possession of Marijuana in Mendocino, after she and some other family girls gave LSD to some local youths. 

Patricia, who often went by the name Katie, was heavily involved with the infamous Tate-Labianca murders. At the Tate house, she wrestled and chased Abigail Folger, eventually pinning her down on the southwest side of the lawn, close to the split rail fence. There she stabbed Folger repeatedly. According to Patricia, Abigail pled for her to stop stabbing by saying, "I'm already dead." 

The following night Patricia joined the others at the Labianca home. It was there she helped Charles "Tex" Watson and Leslie Van Houten kill Rosemary Labianca. Although most reports state that Pat was the one that carved the word "WAR" in the stomach of Leno Labianca, Tex Watson claims he was the one who actually did it. However, it is agreed that Pat wrote "Death to Pigs", "Rise", and "Healter Skelter" in Leno's blood in various places inside the Labianca home. 

Patricia was arrested with the family in both the August 16, 1969 Spahn's Ranch and October 10, 1969 Barker Ranch raids. After the latter, her father Joseph Krenwinkel bailed her out of jail, and she went to go live with her mother in Alabama. 

Patricia was indicted on December 2, 1969, for seven counts of first degree murder and one count conspiracy to commit murder. She was arrested and extradited back to California where she would stand trial with Susan, Leslie, and Charlie. After a nine-month trial at the Hall of Justice, she was convicted of all counts and sentenced to death. She and the other women were sent to a brand new Death Row facility built especially for them at the California Institute for Women at Frontera (CIW). In 1972, the Supreme Court briefly abolished the death penalty and all death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment. 

Today, Patricia is living within the general population at CIW. She has a perfect prison record, not once has she received a write-up. Through correspondence classes she received a B.A. in Human Services form La Verne. She is active with many prison programs such as, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and one where she helps other prisoners learn how to read. Patricia writes both poetry and music, plays the guitar, and is very athletic; playing on a Volleyball team as well as giving dance lessons. 

Patricia Krenwinkel has been denied parole eleven times. 

Dianne Lake was born in the early '50's. Her parents were prominent members of Wavy Gravy's Hog Farmcommune. From an early age, Dianne was subject to both group sex and hallucinogenic drugs. In 1967, just before her 14th birthday, Dianne met the family at the "Spiral Staircase" house in Topanga Canyon. With her parent's permission, Lake left to travel with the family. Manson seemed to have it out for Snake (Dianne's alias in the family), often beating her in front of others. When police raided Spahn's Ranch on August 16, 1969, Dianne, along with Tex Watson were hiding out at a ranch in Olancha. It was there that Tex laughed at a newspaper headline about Sharon Tate's murder. "I killed her. Charlie asked me to. It was fun," Watson told Snake. He told her to keep quiet, and she did. 

In October of 1969, Dianne was arrested with the family in the second Barker Ranch raid. In December, Lake testified that she knew nothing about the murders. She remained silent even after LAPD interrogated her for hours, threatening her with the gas chamber. She finally broke her silence when she was befriended by Jack Gardiner - an Inyo County officer - and his wife. Afterwhich, she provided the District Attorney with loads of incriminating evidence against the family. 

In January of 1970, Dianne was admitted to Patton State Hospital, where she was labeled "schizophrenic" due to an emotional trauma. She spent 6 months there, and even began attending high school. She made good progress, and was eventually declared competent to testify at the murder trials. After being released from Patton State, Dianne was taken in by Jack Gardiner and his wife. Dianne went on to graduate both high school and college. Today she is reportedly happily married with 3 children. 

AKA: Kitty, Catherine Lynn Drake, Katy
DOB: 8.14.52

Kathryn Lutesinger was brought into the family through her boyfriend Bobby Beausoleil. At the time, she was pregnant with Beausoleil's child. Manson often threatened her, because he felt she was trying to lure Beausoleil away from the family. Tired of Manson's death threats, Kathryn fled Spahn's Ranch on July 30, 1969. She went directly to a nearby police station and reported her concerns about Manson, and then returned home to her parent's horse ranch. While she was away, Bobby Beausoleil was arrested for the murder of Gary Hinman. Kathryn constantly called Spahn's Ranch looking for Beausoleil, but no one would tell her what had happened to him. Finally, Manson told her over the phone that Bobby had been arrested, however he didn't tell her what for. Manson simply said it wasn't a big deal, and Bobby would be out in a couple of days. On August 15th, Kitty (Kathryn's nickname) called Spahn's Ranch asking for someone to come pick her up. She was apparently having problems getting along with her parents. The next day, police raided Spahn's Ranch, and Lutesinger was arrested with everyone else. 

Later that summer, Lutesinger moved to Death Valley with the rest of the family. At Myers Ranch, she finally got Sadie to tell her what Beausoleil was in jail for. Sadie said it was murder, and laughed. On the night of October 9, 1969, Kitty and Stephanie Schram fled Barker Ranch. They eventually flagged down a passing police car, and asked for protection. Once again Lutesinger started voicing her concerns about Manson, and implicated Susan Atkins in the Hinman murders. 

On February 11, 1970, Kitty gave birth to a baby girl, which she named Jene. During the Tate-Labianca murder trial, Lutesinger floated in-and-out of the family. She was arrested in November of '71, for aiding and abetting the escape of family associate Kenneth Como, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Kathryn was married in 1973.

AKA: Ouisch, Ruth Ann Huebelhurst, Rachel Susan Morse
DOB: 1.6.51

Ruth Ann Morehouse was born in Toronto, Canada on January 6, 1951. She first met Charles Manson in 1967, after her father, Dean Morehouse (a former minister) picked Charlie up hitchhiking. Charlie had been traveling up and down the pacific coast with Lynette Fromme and Mary Brunner. Dean welcomed the three to his home and preached to them over dinner. He gave Charlie a piano, which Manson traded towards a Volkswagen microbus. Meanwhile, Charlie had his eyes on young Ruth Ann, and took her to Medocino. Dean lost it! The angered minister vowed to kill Manson, however Charlie calmed him down, introduced him to LSD, and stayed at his house for a few weeks. While Dean thought Charlie was Christ like, Mrs. Morehouse didn't appreciate her husbands new houseguests, and left to live with her sister. 

Charlie visited the Morehouse home a few more times before he and the girls decided to travel down to Southern California. Before leaving for Los Angeles, Charlie told Ruth Ann she could come with if she was married. A few weeks later, she married a bus driver, left him, and joined the family in L.A. She began living with the family at various residences, including Spahn's Movie Ranch. The ranch's owner, George Spahn, gave her the nickname Ouisch, pronounced oo-WEESH. With the family, she went on garbage runs (various members would dig through supermarket dumpsters looking for food), panhandled, and helped take care of the children. Dean also spent time with Charlie and the girls, and practically worshipped Manson. One of Charlie's music industry connections, Gregg Jakobson, arranged for Dean to live at 10050 Cielo Drive, after Terry Melcher moved out and Sharon Tate moved in. Various family members, including some involved with the murders, would go up to the cul-de-sac and use the swimming pool. 

A week after the Tate murders, Ruth Ann was arrested with the family in the August 16, 1969 Spahn's Ranch raid. Months later at the Myers Ranch in Death Valley, Susan Atkins told Ruth Ann about the murders of Abigail Folger and Sharon Tate. At the time, it didn't bother Ouisch; she later told Barbara Hoyt that she knew of 10 more murders other than Sharon Tate. Months later, she was again arrested with the family in the October 10, 1969 Barker Ranch raid. "Just before we got busted in the desert", Ruth Ann said, " there was twelve of us apostles and Charlie." 

After being released from jail, Ruth Ann briefly lived with her mother. She reconnected with the family during the Tate/Labianca murder trial and became a regular fixture on the corner of Broadway and Temple. While being questioned by authorities, Ruth Ann remained loyal to the family, and maintained that she knew nothing about the murders. In the fall of 1970, she was involved in a plot to keep Barbara Hoyt from testifying against the family. The two girls flew to Hawaii, on what was supposed to be Hoyt's all expense paid trip, in exchange for not testifing at the trial. That all changed on September 9, 1970, when Morehouse flew back to Los Angeles after feeding Hoyt a hamburger laced with 10 tabs of acid. When the drug kicked in Barbara freaked out, ran for several blocks, collapsed, and was brought to the emergency room. 

District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi went after the family members involved with the Hawaiian Hamburger episode; trying to get them on a range of charges from Conspiracy to Prevent and Dissuade a Witness, to Conspiracy to Commit Murder. However, a judge dismissed the latter by the time a pregnant Ruth Ann was arrested in December 0f 1970. After being released, she fled the state to go live with her sister in Carson City, Nevada. A bench warrant was issued, however the D.A.'s office thought it was too much trouble to extradite her and basically forgot about it. 

With the help of her sister and mother, Ruth Ann moved on with her life. She was last reported to be living with her husband and three children somewhere in the Midwest. 

Catherine Share was born in Paris, France on December 10, 1942. Her Hungarian father and German mother were both members of the French underground and committed suicide during the war. Catherine was put into an orphanage where she stayed until she was eight. She was adopted by an American couple (a blind psychologist and his wife) and moved to California. When Catherine was still in high school, her adopted mother was afflicted by cancer and took her own life. Catherine stayed and took care of her adopted father until he remarried. After graduating from Hollywood High School, she went to college, stayed there for three years, got married, and shortly after, divorced. Like her father, Catherine was a Violin virtuoso and had a beautiful singing voice. She spent the next few years drifting around California, occasionally scoring acting roles. 

On the set of a soft porn entitled Ramrodder, Catherine met a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil. She began living with him and his wife Gail, traveling with the couple for about 8 months before deciding to go live with Charlie and the family (whom she met through Bobby) at Spahn's Movie Ranch. Gypsy, as she became known in the family, was the oldest female member, and was very much in-love with Charlie. She recruited new members, including girls like Linda Kasabian and Leslie Van Houten. 

Gypsy was arrested in both the August 16, 1969 Spahn's Ranch and October 10, 1969 Barker Ranch raids. During police questioning, she didn't give any information about the murders, and was eventually released. During the trials, Gypsy joined the other girls in vigil on the corner of Temple and Broadway. She visited Linda Kasabian and encouraged her to lie about her whereabouts on the night of the Tate murders. She also helped convince Barbara Hoyt to go with Ruth Ann Morehouse to Hawaii as opposed to testifying against the family. On January 5, 1971, Gypsy gave birth to a baby boy, which she named Phoenix. 

During the penalty phase of the Tate/Labianca murder trial, Gypsy testified that the murders were Linda Kasabian's idea, and that Linda, Sadie, and Leslie had committed the Hinman murder. This all happened, according to her testimony, because Linda was in love with Bobby Beausoleil, and she wanted to commit copycat killings so the police would think Beausoleil was innocent. 

On August 21, 1971, Catherine was involved in a shootout with the LAPD. It started when Gypsy, Mary Brunner, Charles Lovett, Lawrence Bailey, Kenneth Como, and Dennis Rice were robbing a Western Surplus store in Hawthorne. The group had stolen close to 150 guns, when LAPD responded to a silent alarm. Gypsy fired the first shot, and by the end of the shootout, had been wounded three times. The family members involved were planning to hijack a 747 jumbo jet, in which, they would kill one passenger every hour until Charlie and company were released from prison. Fortunately no one was seriously wounded, but the stunt landed Gypsy in prison for 5 years. 

She was sent to the California Institute for Women in Frontera, where the other Manson girls were serving their sentences. While there, Gypsy and Mary Brunner, together with a group of Aryan Brotherhood members, conspired to break out of the prison using a pair of wire cutters, but were caught at the last minute. Gypsy had fell in love with Kenneth Como (also imprisoned for the Hawthorne shootout) but stopped talking to him after Manson told her not to. Como was in love with Gypsy, and obviously angered with Manson, so he assaulted Charlie in the prison yard. Soon after, Como convinced Gypsy to forget about Charlie, and the two got married; Gypsy eventually divorced Como in 1981. 

In the late '70's, early 80's, Gypsy was indicted and convicted on a range of Federal charges for her part in a credit card scam. She served a number of years, and somewhere down the line became a born-again Christian. She married a man named Patrick Shannahan, a prisoner turned informant. Because of this, it has been rumored that she was put into the Witness Protection Program. According to Vincent Bugliosi's 1994 Helter Skelter update, Gypsy now lives a clean life and is writing a book about her wild past. 

AKA: Brenda Sue McCann, Brindle, Cydette Perell
DOB: 1.1.51
Order of the Rainbow Color: Gold

Nancy Laura Pitman was born in Springfield, Illinois on January 1, 1951. Like many in the Los Angeles area, her father was employed in the aerospace industry, working as an aeronautical engineer designing guidance systems for missiles. Growing up in Malibu, California, Nancy and her brothers were surrounded by the rich and famous. She was first introduced to Charles Manson and the family through her friend Deirdre Lansbury, daughter of the famous actress Angela Lansbury. Deirdre hung out with the family from time to time, and even had a note from her mother stating it was ok for her to travel with them. Nancy on the other hand, wasn't getting along with her parents, and had been kicked out of her house. The family welcomed her to stay with them and she happily accepted. 

In March of 1968, Nancy, who often went by the name Brenda McCann, accompanied Manson and other family members to a party at the home of Harold True (the house was located at 3267 Waverly Drive, right next door to the Labianca house). A year later, on the night of the Tate murders, Nancy was present when Charlie instructed Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian, to go do "what Tex said". After the four killers returned, it is believed that Nancy and Charlie drove to the Tate house and inspected the crime scene. 

Nancy was arrested with the family in both the August 16, 1969 Spahn's Ranch and October 10, 1969 Barker Ranch raids. During police questioning, she stayed loyal to the family, and maintained that she knew nothing about the murders. She returned to her parent's home after being released from jail, but rejoined the family when the murder trials began. She was arrested in 1971 for aiding in the escape of Manson family associate Kenneth Como, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. 

Following the Tate/Labianca murder trials, the family slowly began to break up. Nancy lived with Sandy and Squeaky for short periods, but it wasn't long before they too were going their own ways. Nancy ended up living with a couple of convicts that escaped from a prison in Northern California. She fell in love with one of them; a man named Michael Lee Monfort, AKA "Red Eye". Together with three other couples (James "Spider" Craig & Priscilla "Tuffy" Cooper, Billy Goucher & Maria "Crystal" Alonzo, and James & Reni Willett with their infant daughter Heidi), Nancy and Red Eye moved into a cabin in Guerneville. It was there that Red Eye, Spider, and Billy decided to kill their roommate James Willett. They brought him to a wooded area on the outskirts of town and told him to dig a hole. After Willett was done, Red Eye, Billy and Spider took turns firing bullets into him. The group then buried Willett's body in the hole he had just dug. 

Because she continued to travel with the group, authorities believe that James' wife Reni approved of her husbands murder. However, they would never get the chance to talk with her. Monfort ended up shooting her in the eye, and buried her in the basement of the group's Stockton, California home. It happened, supposedly by accident, but many believe that Reni had found out about her husbands murder and was going to snitch on the group. 

Authorities eventually caught up with the group, and they all went to jail. For the murder of Reni Willet, Nancy was convicted of being an accessory after the fact. She and Monfort had a jailhouse marriage, and stayed together until 1990. Today, she is completely disconnected from her past, and is reported to be living in the Pacific Northwest with her four children. 

Brooks Ramsey Poston was a self-described hayseed from Borger, Texas. When he was eighteen, he dropped out of high school and left Texas to go journey throughout California. He eventually arrived in Los Angeles where he met a man named Dean Morehouse, a former minister that had just been turned on to LSD. Morehouse went on and on about a fantastic man named Charles Manson, and took Poston to meet him at Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's Sunset Boulevard home. When the two arrived, Charlie walked up to Dean, kissed his feet and told him that he could live forever if he was willing to die right then. Brooks, who had just taken some LSD, was profoundly affected by the meeting and felt that Charlie was Jesus Christ. He gave Charlie a credit card that belonged to his mother and joined the family. Brooks ended up living with Dean at Dennis Wilson's house for the rest of the summer; both lived there in exchange for gardening work they did on the property. 

Brooks was a great guitarist and good singer, but he took Charlie almost literally. When Manson would go on with his "death of ego" raps, Poston would walk away feeling like he should actually physically die. He was notorious for his ability to go into a trance on command; according to Paul Watkins, Brooks would become catatonic at times. 

The family traveled around a lot; they spent some time in Death Valley in 1968 but by January 1969, most members were back in the Los Angeles area. However, Brooks and a girl named Juanita Wildebush stayed in Death Valley to look after the Barker Ranch. While staying there, the two met a middle-aged miner named Paul Crockett. Brooks started telling him about Charlie, and Crockett realized that they had been programmed to think as Manson did. With time, Crockett convinced them that Charlie wasn't Jesus and that they should stay away from him. This was repeated with a few other family members that visited the ranch. 

After the murders in the summer of 1969, the family moved back to Death Valley. Manson had heard about Crockett, and was eager to meet the man who was luring members away. Charlie and company did their best to scare Crockett and the others, but the old miner stood his ground (not yet knowing about the murders). However, with time they started fearing for their lives, and went to the police. Brooks, Crockett, and Watkins gave the California Highway Patrol loads of information about Charlie and the family. Brooks even admitted that Charlie had once told him that he should go to Shoshone and kill the Sheriff. 

During the Tate/Labianca murder trial, Brooks testified for the prosecution; helping to explain the Helter Skelter motive, as well as what life was like within the family. After the trial, Brooks and Paul Watkins formed a musical group called Desert Sun, and performed in Inyo County, California. Today, Brooks is reported to be living in a cult in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

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