The manhattan project

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Many of the scientists and military people who worked on the Manhattan Project are featured in this video.
How did Hitler’s takeover of Germany contribute to the building of the scientific community in America?
Where does the energy come from in an atomic bomb?
Why did the US begin efforts to build an atomic bomb?
What happened beneath a squash court at the University of Chicago?
What element was used in the first atomic bomb?
What element was used to control, or slow the fission in an atomic bomb?
What are the 2 isotopes of uranium? Which one is more useful in a bomb?
In what 2 ways can the 2 isotopes of uranium be separated?
Where was the bomb design site chosen?
Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer?
Why were the efforts to build the bomb stepped up in 1942?
What was the “gun design” in the uranium bomb for?
Why did the plutonium bomb have a spherical design?
What was “Little Boy”?
What was “Fat Man”?
Who was the pilot of the Enola Gay, and what was the significance of the Enola Gay?
What was Trinity?
What were the effects on the test site of the first atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945?
Why was Little Boy untested before it was used?
How high were the winds from the blast?
What percentage of Hiroshima was destroyed?
What bomb was used on Nagasaki?
What country was next to develop a nuclear weapon?
The dramatic decline in human deaths from war after 1945 may be attributed to what?
What other psychological effects did the dropping of the atomic bombs have on society?
After you’ve answered these questions, read pp. 799-802 in your book and answer the Section Assessment on p. 802. Then read pp. 810-813 and do the Section Assessment on p. 813.

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