The Lost Generation

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The Lost Generation
1. Who were the lost generation? Who coined the phrase?

2. Why did they expatriate? Where did they go?

3. What were their lives like?

4. What famous literary works come out of this time period and place?

5. What were some of their favorite hang-outs that can still be visited today?

6. Other facts of interest.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
1. Basic bio information

2. Describe the nature of the friendship between Fitzgerald and Hemingway.

3. How did life in Paris affect Fitzgerald's work?

4. What excesses "ruined" Fitzgerald?

5. Describe his relationship with his wife.

6. Other works.

7. Other facts of interest.
The Jazz Age
1. How does this era get its name?

2. Describe clothing styles, hairstyles, etc from this era.

3. What was a flapper?

4. Discuss big names in music from this era.

5. Give some examples of slang from this era.

6. Other facts of interest.

Concepts for Understanding

1. Explain the difference between "nouveau rich" and "old money" Which one is regarded more positively?

2. Briefly describe the social class structure in America. How is the wealth distributed?

3. What, besides money, separates the social classes?

4. What is meant by "The American Dream"? Has this concept changed over the past several generations? If so, how?

5. Other facts or discussion points of interest.

The Great Gatsby

(Don't give plot summary)
1. What year was novel published? Who is the author?

2. What is the setting? (Time and place)

3. What "working" titles did author consider?

4. Why is it considered to be such an important literary work? What do the

experts say?

5. Other fun facts.

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