The Logo Development Process

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The Logo Development Process

for Small Business/Consulting Corporate Identity Projects
The following information will help Stellar Communications develop your logo. Some clients like to take time to fill this out before we discuss the logo, while others prefer that we fill it out during the discussion. The decision is up to you. If you choose to fill it out in advance, please email ( or fax a copy to 1-866-373-5379 before your meeting or phone call, or bring it with you. None of the questions are mandatory.

  1. Who is/are your target audience(s)?

  1. Are there subgroups that should be noted within your target audience? If so, whom?

  1. What can be said about the demographic characteristics (age, income, education, other?) of your audience(s)?

  1. What emotion do you want customers/potential customers to feel when they look at the logo and/or think about your product or service?

  1. How do you plan on reaching your audience (advertising, speaking, mailers, search engine placement, other ways)?

  1. What colors and/or color combinations resonate with you, and do you have any that you'd like to avoid?

  1. Do you envision your logo having an icon or symbol with the type (think AT&T with the ball and the name, or simply type (think Coca-Cola)? There is a price difference between these options if that is a concern. Click here.

  1. List a few competitor’s web sites (or yellow pages ads) where I can view their logos. What do you like or dislike about each?

Competitor #1 name: _____________________________

 see yellow pages category ______________ or  see web site url ____________________


Competitor #2 name: _____________________________

 see yellow pages category ______________ or  see web site url ____________________

  1. Are there any other details I should consider in coming up with the initial logo concepts?

If you would like assistance in answering the above questions or creating a more specific marketing plan or focus, resources to help are available.

Once we settle on these answers about logo, here's how the stationery development process typically proceeds:

  1. I’ll present a written proposal for you to sign off on if we don’t have an agreement already.

  2. Logo concepts (sent as a PDF file) will be presented to you and I'll ask for your feedback and a narrowing of choices. If you have a font or color combination that you'd like to mix up with some of the concepts I propose, we'll do that.

  3. Another, typically narrower set of concepts will be presented for feedback. The same process as above will apply until we finalize your logo.

  4. I'll then design the business card (proof sent as a PDF file) and will seek your feedback. Edits will be made, and once you sign off on that design, I'll design the letterhead, envelope and any other print pieces you desire. Any edits will then be made.

  5. Before we go to press, we'll need to discuss paper and select specific PMS (Pantone) ink colors for each color in your logo if you are doing a spot color logo (vs. full color).

  6. I'll create a CD with multiple versions of your logo (as discussed in the proposal) and will send that to you, and will submit the stationery files to the printer. I'll be available for the printer to address any questions or problems that may arise during the process. A press check can be scheduled, if desired.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have different expectations regarding the process.

© Copyright 2002, Stellar Communications

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