The Life of Pericles (per-ah-cleez) by Plutarch

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Pericles the Man
This is The Life of Pericles (PER-ah-cleez) by Plutarch.
Pericles was of the noblest birth on his father's and mother's side. His father Xanthippus (zan-TIP-us) fought against the Persians and married Agariste (ah-gar-IST-ee), the grandchild of Cleisthenes. It was Cleisthenes who drove out the sons of Pisistratus, nobly put an end to tyranny, and made a government designed for the harmony and safety of the people.

The teacher of Pericles was Anaxagoras (an-ax-AG-or-ras), who was called 'Mind', because of the great talent he showed in science. He was the first of the
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