The Life and Times of Michael Staines’

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Census and other records

This involved a visit to Gerald Delaney in the South West Mayo Family Resource centre in Ballinrobe to check the census and get background information on the Staines Family

Chapter 4: Early Life

4.1 Michael Joseph Staines 1885-1921 Early life

Michael Joseph Staines Revolutionary, freedom fighter and politician is best known as the first Garda commissioner; however his contribution is much greater in the period of the troubles between 1913 and 1923, during the struggle for Irish Independence. He was born in Newport County Mayo, the son of an RIC man. His father Edward was a farmer’s son ,and native of County Carlow, he was stationed in Newport at the time, but was transferred to Ballaghaderreen shortly afterwards, the family moved to County Roscommon after Michael was born, The 1901 Census picks up the family in Newport, his mother Margaret is from Newport, Michael is 13 years old at this point, his brother Humphrey is Eight years old, and his father (head of Household) is interred in form H, which is specific for RIC personnel , he is entered as E.S. initials only in Ballaghaderreen station, which was normal practice for RIC census form H. Michael is entered as born in Mayo; the next sibling is born in Roscommon, one year later as is all the rest of the family, suggesting they moved within a year of Michaels birth The 1911 census picks up the family living in Murtagh Road Arron Quay in Dublin. At this point Michael is entered as working as an Iron Monger (Henshaws) his

Figure 2 1901 Census of Ireland of the Staines Family

1901 census form showing the Staines family in Newport, Michael is 15years old and born in Mayo

Figure 3 1901 Census of Ireland showing Edward Staines, Father of Micheal RIC man in Ballaghaderreen (1901 Census showing Edward Staines E.D. interred in form H (RIC) Ballinagare Ballaghaderreen Barracks)

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