The Life and Times of Michael Staines’

Michael Staines Political Career

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4.11 Michael Staines Political Career

He was also elected as a Sinn Fein MP for St, Michans and Dublin constituency on 14th December 1918 at the general election He attended Dial Eireann, working closely with the Government, as well as becoming an alderman on Dublin Corporation. He was re-elected in 1921 and 1922 for the Dublin North West constituency He later served in the Seanad.

In the new Free State as a Fine Gael candidate he failed to get elected on three occasions, getting less than 6% of the vote on each occasion[StM15]. He was elected to the Seanad [Diras] at a by-election on 12 December 1930 to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Bryan McMahon the death of Sir Bryan Mahon[iri07].

Figure 10 First Dáil 1918


Figure 11 Staines Election Lapel 1918 [Mic152]

[Mic152] Figure 12 Staines Election Posters 1918

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